6 Effective Fixes For Hair Loss And Hair Thinning

On average, a woman loses 60 to 100 hairs per day and it is completely normal and new hairs replace these hairs. Normally women are not associated with hair problems like hair loss and hair thinning. But in reality these problemheals are very common among women. If you feel that your hairs are falling more than usual then you’ve every right to be worried and cautious.

Fortunately, whether it is hair thinning problem or hair loss problem, there are always some common reasons behind them and there are also some effective fixes to treat these hair problems. Here are some of the best fixes for hair loss and thinning hair.

1. Healthy Food is Essential for Strong Hair


The first and probably one of the most important fixes for hair loss and hair thinning problem is the use of healthy food. Healthy food not only helps maintaining a healthy and strong body but it also makes hair thicker, shinier and stronger. On the other hand excessive use of processed and junk food damages your hair badly besides damaging your health. Protein, vitamin b12, minerals like zinc and iron are the ingredients that keep your hair strong, healthy and beautiful.

B vitamins are very important for your hair as it is essential for producing new hair cells and hair growth. Vitamin B12, protein and other minerals can be obtained from the protein rich foods like chicken, eggs and fish, leafy greens like spinach, nuts and beans. Make sure you’re getting these essential these important healthy foods regularly in your meals so that you’ll have stronger, healthier, shinier and more beautiful hair. so healthy food and proper care are the simplest answers for how to grow hair faster.

2.  Massage is Very Effective in All Kinds of Hair Problems


Scalp massage is one of the best and effective treatments of hair loss and hair thinning problems. According to experts, massage is one of the best fixes for hair loss and hair thinning problems. Massage improves the blood flow to the scalp, stops the hair falling and stimulates the hair growth. For better results use coconut oil or some other nourishing oils to massage your scalp and hair.

Massage using hair oils strengthens the hair follicles and roots and conditions the scalp and hair. Scalp massage also decreases tension and anxiety and relaxes your nerves. The increased blood flow in scalp and hair follicles is also very helpful in increasing the intake of nutrition in hair.

3. Minoxidil Can Stop the Hair Loss and Increase the Hair Growth


If you’re experiencing excessive hair loss or hair thinning problems, you can use the minoxidil, which has proven very effective in slowing down or stopping hair fall and increasing hair growth. Minoxidil is probably one of the best fixes available for genetic hair loss and hair thinning problems. Moreover minoxidil is also known for treating genetic hair loss. This over-the-counter amazing medicine not only prevents hair from falling but it is also very effective in hair re-growth. Women should avoid the use of minoxidil during pregnancy or if they’re nursing.


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