5 Best Workout Routines For A Healthy Mind And Body

We’ve all experienced that making your mind for exercise is more difficult than the exercise itself. But according to scientists, exercise not only tunes your body but it also gives your brain a boost. Whether your want to relieve stress, boost energy levels, get rid of anxiety or want to have a comfortable sleep at night, exercise is a perfect solution for you. These workout routines will help you achieve a perfect mind, body and health.

1. Boxing: Perfect Stress Reliever

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If you aren’t very fond of meditation and aggression is the part of your personality: in these workout routines, boxing will provide perfect solution to get relief from physical and mental stress. If you’re having a stressful day at office or upset because of your friends, boxing is the place to take out all your anger and frustration. Boxing provides you a perfect opportunity to take out all your anger on a lifeless punching bag instead of your boss or your ex.

Unlike other exercise like running on tread mill or cycling, boxing requires a lot more mental concentration and attention, so you forget all about your tensions and worries. If you’re new to boxing, only an hour of boxing in a week will be enough for you as it is considered a very intensive workout.

2. Weight Training: Increase Your Concentration


One of the best workout routines for boosting your concentration is weight training. Most of us use coffee or tea to regain our lost focus, but according to experts, caffeine boosts your alertness and focus for a short time and soon you’ll feel roller coaster effect as your concentration levels will start decreasing. Weight training provides constant solution as according to scientist after only six months of work out, your cognitive abilities will grow significantly.

The grey and white area in your prefrontal and temporal lobes actually increases which increases your planning organizing and concentrating abilities. Weight training requires a great deal of concentration on breathing, technique and form and constant training grows the part of brain that provides concentration. According to experts, for newbies one or two 15 to 25 minutes strength training sessions are enough. Try to increase workout time to one hour gradually for best effect.


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