38 Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

There is so much you can do with your hair. Having short hair doesn’t necessarily mean to go for the plain old boy cut. You can have several different cool curly hair styles as well short wavy hair styles. There are many different types of short hair cuts for curly hairstyles. Women, now days, have a wide variety of option to choose from and are actually confused about what short curly hair styles to go for. It can be quite nerve wrecking, as once you have cut your hair short, it will take a while to grow back. Following are the thirty nine different short curly hair styles for women, and show you what they look like. Ladies, this will enable you or help you select a hair style without having to experiment it. This way if you don’t like it, you don’t have to wait to get your old hair back.

38. Waves, The Retro Look

retro waves hairstyle

This hair style gives you the old school look. In this hair style, you have soft hair in the form of waves after waves. This roundish shape hair style is meant to manifest and bring focus to your pretty facial features and femininity.

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37. Classic Diva

Classic Diva

For a classic look or let’s say a vintage look that gives you the sophisticated feel of a duchess and the refined feel of a high born lady, then the Classic diva is the best amongst the short curly hair styles for women. This delicate and intricate hairstyle is inspired by the short curly hair styles and wavy hair styles of the past decade. This hair style is meant to bring focus to the individuality of the person.

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36. On The Go Waves


This hairstyle is meant for the younger ladies who are active on the go and are in rush. This hair style makes you look like young, energetic and fun. In fact, this hair style can be taken on irrespective of age. You just got to be young and fun at the heart.

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