38 Medium Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

 10. Layered Lob With Thick Bangs Across The Forehead


When thinking about having a haircut, do not forget this flawlessly straight polished bob. It is most pleasant form of medium hairstyles for black women varying only in length and finish for the edges. For twisted face framing and blunt bangs across your forehead, this is the hairdo with all its gorgeous medium angled layers.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Beyonce being the Queen B is very particular about what he wears, endorses or even what haircut she flaunts. This Fringed layered lob is not only giving her a exotic look, but the way she had been carrying it is simply mind-blowing.

  • The fringes need a good setting product and a nice hand of straightening iron.
  • It depends if you want to opt for an inward blow dry to add a thick volume to the fringes.

Recommended Faces:

  • Inverted triangle, and heart shaped are rock stars of this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • A small dab of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste is good enough to lock this look for a long while.

 9. Emediumated Bob Hairstyle For Black Women


This one hairdo is best known for emediumating your face shape. This medium bob hairdo will make your chin visible in a way that it draws attention towards the chin. Thus makes your facial features more prominent in an attractive way.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Black women have particularly difficult hair types to look after and it isn’t easy to form a good hairstyle out of the typical haircuts. The current trend thus, is going for all kinds of classic and crazy bob haircuts and hair styles.

  • The side swept emediumated bob looks very chic with a nice blow dry session.
  • Though it might stay for too long but till it is, it will make you feel really special.

Recommended Faces:    

  • Square and round face types are great at flaunting this hairstyle.

Recommended Product:

  • Water Wax by Redken helps add shine without overloading the hair with extra grease.

 8. Choppy Lob For Thick Locks


This medium bob with a choppy finish casually forms the nonchalant impulsive look with light waves. It helps you get a trendy and smart and spanking new look hence a perfect choice in medium bob hairstyles for black women. The style can be worn for a specific event. If styled with the help of a shine enhancer, this style is sure to get you noticed!

How To Style This Hairstyle: Sometimes some haircuts are defined after they have gone through a good dying session. For pretty ladies who have just got a good two toned hair dye or even an ombre and have particularly thicker, fuller hair should opt for thick locks.

  • An outward blow dry gives a smoothened look to the edges of the haircut.
  • You can eve add medium locks to this haircut.

Recommended Faces:

  • The recommended face types for this haircut are square and oval.

Recommended Product:

  • Mousse by SEVEN is a great option prior to giving the hair a good blow dry.

 7. Shoulder-Grazing Lob With Medium Bangs


If you want to enjoy the silk and sleekness of your relaxed black locks, this gorgeous shoulder-grazing lob is perfect for you. This haircut with bangs and waves complete your look and add an attractive flair.

How To Style This Hairstyle: This haircut is such pleasure seeking for women who are fun loving and just want to be on their own. Specifically cut in a medium length with straight layers let loose on the shoulders is what creates that class and sophistication to the look.

  • This haircut only requires a good hair straightening regime.
  • Always make sure to use good products before straightening to prevent any damage.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval and heart shaped faces along with inverted pyramid are meant to rock this look.

Recommended Product:

  • Don’t Blow by Bumble and Bunble adds a very glamorous shine to the hair.

 6. Jaw Grazing Bob


Want a style that’s not too short and not too short nor too long? Try this jaw grazing bob with a strong bang. It will give you the pleasure of being prominent in a crowd and all eyes will be on you. Oval and triangle face shapes are the best to carry this haircut. Try adding curls to your bobs just to the ends for a fashionable smart look grabbing attention.

How To Style This Hairstyle: If you’re a lady with a sleek jaw bone then you should definitely consider having this haircut. This cut is meant for women who have very well defined jaw bones. The bob resting on the jaw bones elevates the sharpness and adds subtleness to the face.

  • This bob requires a good blow drying sessions prior to any event and later on a good spray for settling and locking the look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Heart shaped, and pyramid face types are perfect for this haircut.

Recommended Product:

  • Pureology’s Silk Bodifier is meant to be a great styling foam, aiding a perfect blow dry.

 5. Classic Symmetric Bob


You should always go for a classic and stylized haircut. This medium bob hairdo comes out to be one of that. This beautiful symmetric bob delicately frames your face, thus it is turned out to be one of the elegant medium hairstyle for black women accentuating its lovely features and ideal proportions.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For the darker souls, the symmetric bob and a great dark and rich black or gray hair color is what will make a number of heads turn anywhere that you go.

  • Always opt for blow drying slightly damp hair and not completely wet hair as that causes more damage to the hair.
  • The smooth edges add a very mystical and cryptic look.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slightly heavier cheek bones and defined jaw lines, oval shape and hear shaped face types.

Recommended Product:

  • TIGI’s S –Factor Smoothing Lusterizeri is the product to protects your hair from constant straightening and also provides that natural shine to it.

 4. Asymmetric Bob With Uneven Length


This is the best example of a fantastic hairdo in medium bob hairstyles for black women. This hairstyle not only displays the classy haircut with a unique twist, but also the wavy and crippled look in your hair length. Try to style your bob with a side parting. It is of great value that asymmetric hairstyles are more stunning and appealing than the symmetric ones, and most of the celebrities adopt this trick to their advantage.

How To Style This Hairstyle: We know you are the ones who always want to do something different with their lives and this haircut gives you the opportunity to try something different and unique from the rest. The uneven edges ads a mystical touch to the overall personality.

  • Most bobs are great when they are straightened nicely but for medium length bobs, one can also add smaller and shorter curls that are thicker towards the crown.
  • Smaller hair are not only easier to handle but are also trend setters wherever you will be setting your foot to.

Recommended Faces:

  • Round and square face types are best at flaunting this bob style.

Recommended Product:

  • CHI Volume Booster a liquid spray is a great product to keep the style on point but with minimum product on the hair.

 3. Chopped Shattered Bob


As the name indicates the choppy ends of this haircut provide the chic A-line picture and fabulous texture to play with in different hairstyles. Apart from its versatility in style, this can rock bob sleek and glossy or in a bang way with shaggy ends.

How To Style This Hairstyle: Adding a very twisted hand of curls to this shattered bob will give an entirely new personality and life to your persona. The curls wound around the edges of the hair add a wicked charm to the overall look.

  • Use a thin rod curling iron and pick bigger chunks to add thicker curls.
  • While loosening the curls twist the curler in between the straight layers as I you are trying to hide the curls inside.
  • This technique tends to tangle the curl and straight hair together.

Recommended Faces:

  • Oval and triangle can go ahead with this look.

Recommended Product:

  • OSIS Soft n Straight gives a smooth finish to the final look.

 2. Mid-Length Bob With Face Framing


This medium bob hairdo having its own special flair and character boasts of the statement bob. By doing this hairstyle you will fall in love with its A-line silhouette, flattering length and layering for the face-framing locks. These can be finely styled in the form of flicks.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For slightly chubbier older women it is not easy to flaunt excessively short bobs, so hairstylists usually keep the length midway till the shoulders and with women having thicker hair, an addition of a couple of layers gives life to the seemingly dull hair.

  • Blow drying lightens up the curls and give a glamorous look.
  • Curls added with curling iron are more rigid and formal and require more work.

Recommended Faces:

  • Chubbier, square and round faces will look best with this hairstyle.

Recommended Product:

  • Pureology’s Super Smooth provides a great ground for black women who have excessively frizzy and out of control hair.

 1. Layered A line Medium Length Bob Hairstyle


Getting bored of your casual hairstyle? Try to have this medium bob. This exceptional bob looks ideal for medium wavy and slightly messy hair. If you add a touch of razor layering, it will give an effect of irregular streaks which are kept loose to enhance the charm of this gorgeous A-line bob.

Bob haircuts when done on thick hair, look fantastic and suit all face shapes. Throughout this fashion history, the bob hairstyles have always been recreated many times. The need is to only select for the right length and modification. There is no surprise celebrities find attraction in bob hairstyles, and most of the looks in bobs are spotted on famous personalities.

How To Style This Hairstyle: For rock star babes and biker goddesses it is very important to carry a rocking but not so time consuming haircut. The classic ‘A line’ bob is what comes first to their minds.

  • A line bobs can be best styled straightened as they are very closely linked to pixie haircuts and thus curling is not a very suitable option.

Recommended Faces:

  • Slim and on point oval and inverted face types make great ‘A line’ bob babes.

Recommended Product:

  • Piece Works Defining Paste by Eufora is a great product while working with layers and trying to keep a volume.

Many techniques have been developed keeping in mind the various styles of medium bob hairstyles for black women. The best African American hairstyles include a new range of twists, bouncy and curly wavy bobs. Afro hair are considered to be the best hair for the medium bob hairstyles. Above is the list of tremendous medium hairstyles for black women, give anyone of them a try and have a wonderful personality. These bob hairstyles find a true meaning when done on afro hair. Their fluffy curls are now becoming a new season’s trend and are being copied by the girls having straight hair.

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