38 Hottest Trends Of Red Ombre Hair

Hair Coloring is a great way to change your look and style and this trend is getting popular among all women regardless of their age. Variety of hair color ideas, dyes and patterns are followed now a days but red ombre hair coloring is at its peak due to excessive number of options available in this trend. Red is a vivid color and when it is used in hair dye, it over shadows all other colors due to its brightness and energy richness.

Red ombre hair looks soft, stylish, colorful and impressive with endless color choices and schemes. A feeling of vitality and enthusiasm is achieved when red is blended with other colors in the form of red ombre hair extensions. Red ombre suits on every type of hairs and it is a perfect choice for summer fun, be ready to welcome our new hottest trends to follow this season.

In its lexical meaning, the word Ombre refers to creating color shades by mixing two different color hues. You can make hundreds of different tints and shades; from lighter to dark as per your need, using ombre technique. Ombre is an ages-old way to play with colors and is still widely used technique in art, graphic designing, home décor and styling nails and hair to name a few. And. it really doesn’t matter whichever you think is the best oil for hair if you apply it or not.

What is Ombre Hair ?

In hair dying, ombre hair is a quite common and the use of it is on rise in all changing hairstyling nuances. Rather, it is further taking a firm place in fashion industry with the introduction of latest coloring techniques such as balayage and super-subtle ‘sombre’.

The craze to have a winsome look with a personalized and signature style necessitates trying ombre and giving yourself an A-line silhouette appearance. All you simply need to know is how to make hair grow faster.

Ombre imparts an entirely wondrous look to your brunette tresses, turning them into lighter in tone yet stunningly adorable.

Celebrities have a particular enthusiasm to go for ombre hair and this is proved with their lustrous appearances at runways and the red carpet extravaganza, flaunting their curls, layers, bobs and pixies usually layered with numerous stunning ombre shades.

The professional hairstylists suggest dip-dyed hair to pin up a dramatic effect to your locks. There is no reservation of haircuts for coloring your locks. Ombre hair is fairly possible on long, short and even super short hair. Similarly there is no fixation of thickness and volume.

It is your own will what color you go for, golden or red, purple or green and which shade of pantone impresses you. The most popular options taken by models, singers and actresses in the recent hairstyling trends are seen bright red lengths, pastel peach, pop of lilac and cute and saucy rainbow ombre hair. You can devise your own color shade combinations, taking the basic ideas from any gallery of ombre hair collection.

The ready-made color dyes make your task easier to try a few ombre colors.  All you need is to get ready a fine texture of your hair and turn it into one of emo hairstyles for girls that will accentuate the ultimate impact of hair color you select for your own tresses.

If we count on what is the ideal look in ombre hair, the answer is below-shoulder wavy and relaxed lengths. However, there is no restriction to try ombre on even shorter or longer length. The best part of ombre option is that it results excellent on fair, tanned and sun-kissed complexions alike. Thus it is the favorite choice of women of color who have considerably different hair textures.

Before you decide to go for a ombre choice. Check various options in the beauty and fashion magazines and see the ultimate results on faces that have resemblance with your own. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jessie J and Lauren Conrad are the perfect style guide and follow suit! However, novelty has its own place in the fashion world. Thus, it is even inspiring, if you go on generating something that is not seen so far as in the fashion catalogs.

How To Style Ombre Hair

Because Ombre hair already are a fascinating ground on their own, still there are a number of ways in which you can style ombre dyed hair and get a fabulous look out of it But still you can look at these step by step tutorials about how to ombre hair.

Ombre hair look pretty chic, and a classic ponytail would do a fine justice to this change of color.


  • Simply begin with teasing hair from the crown hair, this adds a lot of volume to the crown and your ponytail will not end up looking flat.
  • Next, neat up the teasing area and start developing your ponytail. Make sure you make it a little higher.
  • Now it depends if you are looking for loose or a tight look. Adjust the ponytail accordingly.
  • To make your ponytail standup and not to lie flat, take two bobby pins and insert them under the hair of the ponytail, into the elastic band. This gives a slight bump to the hair tied up.

2. Since Ombre dye lies at the bottom of the hair, you have the opportunity to fake out a very colorful and outstanding set of bangs, with this technique.


  • Brush up your hair and neatly tie them up in a ponytail. But do not completely take out the last round from the elastic.
  • You will have to use these hair as a set of fake colored bangs.
  • Neatly pin up the tip of your hair on top of your head and arrange them in the form of bangs on your forehead. Use a straightening iron to neat them up.
  • For the rest of the hair you can always either neat them up in a classic bun or rearrange for a messier one.

3. Classic Straight ombre hair is always a win-win situation.


  • You can never go wrong with dead straight ombre hair.
  • Simply apply a good hair care product prior to the ironing regime and with the finished product enjoy a very subtle yet, a chic look.

4. The daring but, feminine beach wave look


  • Ombre hair provides a great base for beachy wave look. Since the colors blend in so well with the top of the hair it actually gives the look of waves flowing on top of the sea.
  • For beach wave look, apply some setting mousse on the tips of the hair and wound them up on a curling iron.
  • The key is to curl them well and right after use a wide tooth brush to open up the curls, slightly.
  • If followed correctly, this gives a great beach wave look within minutes.

Recommended Face Types For Ombre Hair

Though there are not many restrictions for ombre hair and face types as the crux of the dyed hair usually falls beneath the face, still there a few specific face types that win in terms of Ombre hair dying. The masters of all kinds of looks are Oval shaped women. But this does not mean we are going on negating the happiness of all different face typed women; feel free to add in a different spark as you move ahead.

  1. To top the charts are the inverted face or heart shaped faces. Because of the gradual formation of a tip towards the chin, gives a highly contoured and delicate look. Hence, a very bold step to go crazy with colors during ombre can really make you stand out from the crowd.
  2. On the lines of inverted face type, next comes the diamond shaped face. The particular face type has an essence of angular dimensions. The cheekbones play a vital role as they are broader as compared to the rest of the face. For this reason, a good choice of color for ombre and a good cut afterwards can add so much more to your already beautiful face. After a good consultation session with your stylist, go for color that enhances your jaw-line and cheekbones to balance out the overall face effect.
  3. For the sharp triangle shape faces it is better to get cuts and color that divert the attention from the chin. This could be tricky but if done well you can be the talk of the town. Go for pixie cuts and make sure that it adds value and volume to the hair on the crown. But don’t forget to add hair to the forehead in the form of bangs or similar and to finish off the look add sweet and small portions of ombre at the sides of the temple or at the sides of the crown, just to look more chic and badass.
  4. And to discuss one of the most common face types, the oval face. You can pretty much play around with any kind of cut and color. But still there are some reservations as to how you are supposed to handle your hair. Don’t mess up with too many layers that try and disrupt the balance of your face. Go for hairstyles and cuts that add in more length. Colors are your open domain, play around as much as you want!

Recommended Products

Ombre hair just like any dyed hair need a lot care in terms of both the color and the texture of dyed hair. Excessive washes and unnecessary products on the hair might affect the color and may cause premature fading.

  • It is a great option to avoid too much water base wash and now, there’s not a big deal managing oily hair because we have got Dry Shampoos saving our back. One of the options can be, “Powder Refresh 01 Aerosol Hair Powder/Dry Shampoo”. This product might add extra stay to your salon-like blow dry at home.
  • For silky haired people it is quite a tensed up situation to make your curls stay and for that if you’re adding too much of setting spray it might cause a shiny and sparkly texture. We recommend you to use, “Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Spray-Wax” in order to make your beach waves or curls stay for a longer while and have a very natural shine to it.
  • In order to protect the ombre looks but also want to finish off a good blow dry, try out the “Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel-Cream”, this will not only smooth out the rough edges but will also reduce the drying time and add volume and dimension to your locks.

38. Brown To Red Ombre Hair


It is a quite stylish scheme that gives brown hair girls a fluffy and vibrant look without overshadow the natural brown color of hairs. Although it is a quite common color yet looks really attractive and appealing. You can also make some beautiful hairstyles of your choice if you have this color.

37. Summery Red Ombre Hair


This fabulous hair color is a blend of chestnut brown to ash blonde that is a favorite tone now days. It gives splendid texture to shorter hair with velvety curls.

36. Cherry Cola


There are no specific rules to follow in red ombre hair; it looks equally beautiful with different color combos like for example, a rich cherry into a dark cola color. Cherry cola ombre hair with straight flicks gives amazing effect. Try this tone for upcoming season!

35. Black And Red Ombre Hair


Two dimensional color tones are quite in and when red is shaded with black, it makes wonders for the ones who have it. Black and red ombre hair is a perfect style for all types of hairs including short, long, straight and curly hairstyles.

34. Flamingo Feathers


If you have short hairs with curly thin layers, then flamingo feather is an excelling choice for you. It is a brighter color tone with sizzling red hues, what a daring choice for young energetic ladies out there.

 33. Hot Red Into Peachy


Another gorgeous creation of red ombre hair styling is the blending of deep red into peach. It is slightly a cooler color combo; peachy blossom ends with thick red patches just look wow. Surely one of the smashing ideas and trending color it is.

32. Chili Red Ombre Hairs


Chili red velvety locks mesmerize its viewers from the distance because of its hot brighter tone. This amazing color theme can be used isolated and you can add golden streaks for further enhancement and charm.

31. Rose With Burgundy Petals


Here comes a unique and stunning idea for red ombre hair; elegant burgundy hue looks so bold with reddish brown locks. With this color scheme, you can try artificial extensions too because curly hues looks attractive with long streaks.

30. Deep Red Ombre Hair


A simple yet very common hair color that suits every type of hairs; Red needs no addition as it is mesmerizingly beautiful without any comparison. For this eye catching ombre hairs, use deep red dye without blending and your new look is ready to inspire others.

29. Peek-A-Boo Under Layering Hairs


A stylish creation of red ombre hairs is the use of partial layering with different color schemes. Like in this type of layering, scalp is completely topped with red color and bottom layering is done with light medium brown roots. These blond hairs have simply wow touch.

28. Red Balayage-Ombre


This is specifically done with dark brown hairs; center parting is brown along with tousled red waves falling from the shoulders. Golden blond ombre can also be used for thin lining in un even shade, this will add more beauty to the hairs.

27. Winter Warmer Red Ombre Hair

Winter warmer red ombre hair

Black long hairs with deep red roots are surely a stunning idea for dramatic look in the winter season. Reddish thin layering can also be done along with shoulder lines for further enhancement of brighter effect.

26. Neon Ombre Hair


What a brighter blunt bangs; pinkish red scalp with golden layering long curls looks so astonishing and attractive in a one go. A perfect combination for ombre hairs that simply has no match.

25. Rainbow Ombre


Although in red ombre hairs, red is prominent shade but you can add multi colors too for fun loving cute girls out there. Idea is to blend three to four rich color dyes with reddish streaks that will create a stylish rainbow look.

24. Golden-Red Long Ombre Hair Curls


If you have long shredded hairstyle, then it is an amazing color scheme for you. Dye your scalp with shining golden tone remaining half completely red. Curl your hairs along the roots to create long rounded locks.

23. Red Ombre Hair For Bob Haircut


Exquisite feature about red ombre hairs is that it is equally beautiful for all hairstyle from long straight hairs to curly ones and from shoulder cut to bob cut. You just need to be accurate while choosing exact colors that will match your hairstyle. For bob cut hairs, go for red, black, and brownish tones.

22. Coral Magenta Ombre


Coral magenta and red ombre hairs with a retro curl look awesome in a one go. Magenta and red can be used in simple blending as well as by parting hairs into different layers; it will look gorgeous both ways.

21. Long Wavy Red-Edged Ombre


Another mesmerizing and appealing style that can be done in a number of ways depending on the size and texture of hairs. Any brighter color can be used for upper topping but make it sure, edges should be purely red.

20. Blue Dip-Dye With Red Ombre


Here comes a funky looking red ombre hair that is so appealing and eye catching that one can imagine. Red is there obviously but in a slightly different way; roots are completely blue dipped that is ravishing and pleasing.

19. Red To Blond Ombre Hair


Ash blond shades are always in fashion when it comes to hair coloring; these brownish hues create super chic effect when it is blended with red dye.

18. Morgan Ombre Red Hair


This fascinating hairstyle is just a perfect blending of red and golden that you even cannot isolate both colors in a single glimpse. Result is awesome!

17. Eye-Popping Red More


If you have already darker hairs, then pure red color is not the great option for you. Try out something brighter than usual faded colors. Go for burgundy at roots with reddish blond streaks at the ends; try out flame-colored steaks in the middle for more brightness and charm.

16. Cherry Red Ombre Hair


Warm toned darker skins usually favor classic red tones but if you have fair skin with cooler effect, then go for cherry red or oxblood instead of simple red. It looks superb and will enhance your fairy tone.

15. Intelligent Red Ombre Hairs


If you are a working lady and want to have a professional look for your hairs, then here comes an intelligent solution for you. Sun toned blondish dye with red ombre will be an astonished choice that will not only elevate your confidence but also gives you satisfaction.

14. Natural Looking Red Ombre


Here comes another spectacular creation of red ombre hairs; blending of deep red at roots with lighter shade of red at edges. It is natural, simple yet really attractive and appealing hairstyle for casual goes.

13. Bright Red To Blond Ombre Hair


A perfect match for shoulder cut hairs; this hair dye is stylish and looks good with short and thick hairs. Red is beautifully layered with blondish shade in this majestic creation of red ombre hair.

12. Straight And Curled-Black To Red Ombre Hair


Variety of different shades and hair extensions are available in blackish red ombre hairs, no matter whether you have straight hairs or curling locks. This color dye equally suits on both hairstyles.

11. Orange And Red Charisma

Orange and red charisma

A red ombre hair does not mean that color will be only red; it is between red and other brighter colors to give natural shine to the hairs. Just see this beautiful design in which red is aesthetically merged with orange to create an ultra-gorgeous look to natural hairs.

10. Two-Tone Ombre


Two-tone ombre hairstyles are very popular that usually achieved by the transition from black to red, orange to red or from brownish shades to reddish shades. You can even use them as spraying pattern to enhance more charm and glory.

9. Red Dip-Dye Straight Hairs


A perfect style for long and straight hairs is to use simple red color on all hairs and leave certain edges with faded red. This beautiful transition from darker to milder tone will create extra blow to overall look. Just try it now!

8. Breezy Red Ombre Hair

Breezy red ombre hair

Another most followed pattern of winter season is breezy ombre hairstyle that equally suits on warm and fairy skin girls. Root hairs kept black with middle streaks blondish red, sometimes half parting is done with two-tone ombre to have classic look.

7. Ombre Fishtail Hairstyle


It is one of the most gorgeous and stunning pattern of red ombre hair that one can imagine. In Ombre fishtail, pink is dominated color with slighter reddish tone that attracts viewers from the distance.

6. Sunny Red Ombre Hair


Ombre that has lightening effect due to sunny streaks is favored in winters because of the brightness and elegance associated with it. Once again a design for all types of hairs and face framing, so have it without a second thought.

5. Red Ombre Romantic Hairs


Another occasional design; romantic red ombre hairs mostly dyed for valentine eves, wedding receptions and candlelight dinners. Silvery zinc deep reddish hairs add more romance and softness to your personality without other accessories, just simple yet awesome.

 4. Black Into Extravagant Red


Although ombre is for everyone but long and straight hairs serve a real paradise for red ombre hairs. We have talked about black and red hairs a number of times, but this unique transition from blackish into extravagant red is just wow.

3. Concise Dark And Light Red Ombre Color


If you want to use only red then great way to use it in a two tones, the darker red and lighter one. It can be used by mixing two shades or just by dividing the hairs into different layers to create separate streaks. Another idea is to dye topper hairs with darker shades of red leaving the lower edges with lighter shades; this looks superb in a single glimpse.

2. Youthful Orange And Red Ombre Hair


Orange plus red together creates great wonders; both provide vitality, life and brightness when used as color dyes on hairs. Idea is quite simple, just blend two colors in balanced proportion and apply it horizontally. You can also add blondish lightening hues to enhance more brightness and charm. Be creative this summer and add style into your life by following these lines.

1. Mainstream Brown And Red Ombre Hair


What a way to get your perfect red ombre hairs! Here goes another lofty pattern of brown and red ombre combination that will spell bound the personality of those having it. Try these two energetic colors and feel the charm.

Ombre is the hottest trend followed these days; and red ombre hairs let you into the trance of another world that is full of life, colors, vitality, enthusiasm, brightness and an unseen passion. The origin of this amazing trend was basically France but now it is practiced in all over the world with different patterns and color schemes.

World famous celebrities and TV anchors dye their hairs into red ombre with classic hues and magnificent styles that appeals their large viewership. Women all over the world try to copy their dream girls and that is the main reason of large fan following of ombre hairstyles.

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