32 Simple Nail Designs – Creative Trends For Upcoming Year

28. Gradient Nail Art Design

Gradient Nail Art Design

Seeking expert and skilled assistance for designing your nails is not appropriate every time rather one can manage to make a difference utilizing plain home accessories to draw simple nail designs. Strive for change with the help of contrasting paints by starting with the application of lighter tone first and twirling the two paints separately with tooth pick. Partially immerse the sponge in it and carry on its movement backward and forward on the nails. Voila! It’s done!

27. Loofah Lattice Nail Art Design

Loofah Lattice Nail Art Design

Loofah discs are ideal for provision of intricate network style often termed as “fishnet” that can be managed in two colors. The procedure follows the application of an adorable color on your nails till completely dried first and then using loofah as a template to paint the other color leaving beautiful patterns made effortlessly.

26. Stone Cold Nail Art Design

Stone Cold Nail Art Design

Another classy way to try templates is the usage of wrinkled and twisted plastics that can be dipped in desired paints to get suitable color. Touch them appropriately on your nails and get ready for a highly appreciated marbled look. You will love this stone nail art! One of the nail designs that have soft and simple accent and are immensely appreciated!

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