32 Flattering Short Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Short emo hairstyles for girls highlight your person, expression and your modernistic style. Each emo haircut has its own distinction and is superbly good for short hair.

“A carefully chosen haircut imparts you a stunning look. There are many things which you need to consider before going for a haircut. Your age, facial outline, the latest trends and even the event that you want to attend count a lot in this regard. Short emo hairstyles for girls mesmerized a number of young girls for their remarkably distinguished outlook. Moreover the range of styles in this particular haircut suits well with almost everyone. Fine here a list of the most dazzling and show stopper short emo ombre hairstyles for girls underneath.”

32. Rainbow Short Emo Hairstyle


This rainbow pattern is among the showy and funky short emo hairstyles for girls. Complemented with side bangs, rainbow color pattern always creates a bold look. If you have a glitzy personality, then this hairstyle is for you.

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31. Shaggy Asymmetrical Short Emo Hairstyle


Short pointed layers at the back, v shaped front bangs and long pointed dog ears make a shaggy asymmetrical emo hairstyle. Adding up bold colors like red or blue at the bangs gives a fantastic look. This style is perfect for those who do not want a very girlish look.

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30. Violet Stacked Bob Hairstyle


This style is the combination of emo and bob giving you elegance and dashing appearance. This style is loaded with layers especially at the back to create volume. Straight bangs falling freely at the lashes goes well with this style. Straight sleek hair are most perfect, if you want to carry this style.

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29. Jagged Dog Ears Hairstyle


Dog hair gives a variation in short emo hairstyles for girls. Dog ears are actually different length classy layers. Addition of bold colors to styles enhances your personality.

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28. Pop Emo Pigtails Hairstyle


If you are a pop music lover or star, then this style is for you making you prominent and chic personality. You can have a pixie length hair or less than shoulders length.

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27. Brown Emo Faux Hawk


This style takes no time to get ready. Just apply hair spray or hair wax over hair and you are all done. Top of the head hair are cut as little longer than back and sides. Addition of brown color gives it a name of brown colored emo faux.

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26. Slate Blue Short Emo Haircut


This is among the coolest short emo hairstyles. It’s simple an angled bob, but the addition of slate blue color is making it unique. Black and slate blue color contrast also make you look standing. If you naturally have blue eyes, then there is nothing else which can make this style the most attractive one.

25. Green Emo Hairstyle


Green color no doubt is a very fabulous addition to hair. But this color requires care and maintenance. It is up to you that whether you add color all over hair or to only bangs.

24. Bubblegum Emo Hairstyle


This style is one of the fancy short emo hairstyles for girls. It is no doubt considered a fashion statement. This style is known by too many layers at the crown area, adding much volume into it. It is better to avoid many layers at the bottom otherwise it will create a very sophisticated look. Pink color like bubble gum clearly screams for attention.

You can’t actually miss what is in vogue around you. Going for short emo hairstyles for girls will bring you in fashion, imparting you the best trendy look that you always desire. They are easy to wear yet stunning in look.

23. Voluminous Teased Black Emo Hairstyle


This is one of the most wonderful and classy short emo hairstyles. To carry this style, blow dry your damp hair by using round brush. Then backcomb or tease your hair to create bounce. Finish the style by spraying a good hairspray.

22. Curled Blue Emo Haircut With Long Tails

Short Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Curls in emo give it a very girlish look. Combination of dark and light blue shades create a very funky aspect into it. If you naturally have curly hair, then you are automatically done with the style. If not, you can with the help of curling iron can obtain a beautiful appearance.

21. Short Emo Layers With Long Straight Hair


This haircut is an attribute of ultra-short layers which ultimately creates a volume. Emo cut with little long layers is what distinguish this style from others. Sleek, straight hair are best for this style. You can make your locks straight by straightening iron.  The sides of the hair are allowed to slope towards the face till chin or little below than chin.

To create this style within no time, simply comb your hair, separate the bangs and the rest of the hair. You can give a blow dry to your bangs without using a brush, otherwise you will end up with bouncy look on the bangs which does not look very nice. The more sleek hair you have, the easier it is to achieve this style.


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