30 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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Since the dawn of fashion itself in society, people have tried to find themselves immaculate hairstyles. This process has proved to be particularly difficult, if you have curly hair. Curly hair can be a mess at times, and a real bother. Then came the straighteners: life savers for the maids with curly hair.

But soon they were proved to damage your hair. And now it is said that if you care for your hair’s health and want to preserve your natural look, you must stay away from irons. There are very few curly hairstyles, that rely on their natural appearance, and even hey cannot be personalized to a satisfying extent.

At times it can be really annoying to style your curls. Here is a list of some easy to do, elegant hairstyles for curly hair. You will find them easy to apply. Wear these at home or to work. You will certainly find them flattering.

30. Kicked Up Curls


If you want curly hair, the most obvious approach is to keep them short and consequently manageable. Give yourself the ultimate summer style with this hairdo. The look is massively imposing and is overwhelmingly heavy to look at, however it keeps the face neatly soft. Perhaps that is what makes it so special.

Although it can be worn on all types of face shape, but it best suits elongated faces as it makes the face soft and less edgy. Simply part your hair in whatever pattern you like, and then dry them using a blow drier, forcing the air upwards to raise your hair.

29. Mahogany Curls


This is one of the hairstyles for curly hair for the long haired girls out there who are desperate to get really long hair. The smooth crown with good volume descends into springy curls. Great for all types of faces, especially elongated ones. The style particularly suits mildly curly hair on a heart shaped face.

Towel dry you hair until they are slightly damp. Straighten the hair from the crown are, leaving the ear down lengths curly. Make a side part, and smooth the top by carefully combing it.

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28. Beachy Curls


This amazing summer look makes your hair look healthier and thicker. Make sure your hairs are washed and neat before you style them. The style looks perfect on shiny neat hair. Shake your hair with your hands to break free the curls. Use a large brush to smooth your hair, and fringe them over to one side. Apply a holding spray for extra shine. But if you have manageable softer curls, substitute with moisturizing shine spray.

27. Faux Hawk


No hairstyles for curly hair say seductive like the faux hawk. With its voluminous crown of a forehead and curls behind it, the style makes any kind of face shape fabulous and stylish. Apply holding gel to damp hair, particularly focusing at the crown area, and going light on the lengths at the back.

As you are drying your hair, use a comb to pull your side hair to the back. Back comb sectioned front hair, and elevate them into a poof at the crown area. Gather you hair at the middle of your head’s center and fix at place with a ladder like arrangement of bobby pins. Roughen up your curls to hide the pins and apply a hair spray to set your hair.

26. Soft Side Curlssoft-side-curls

The style focuses on making your curls prominent in all other hairstyles for curly hair by gathering them sideways instead of behind your back. The sides are especially voluminous if you have highly curly hair with irregular curls. Greater the volume, greater the fab, the soft side curls style compliments your facial features. Side part your hair in a line starting from above an ear near the forehead and gradually moving towards the center at the back. You can complement this style with immaculate accessories.

25. Half Up Half Down Do


The style is simply brilliant. You get to keep those showy curls all the while keeping them out of your pretty face. Make any round face look elongated with this quick to prepare style. Then gather the hair from your forehead and above your ears into a half ponytail. Mess up the ponytail hair in order to disguise the binder holding it. You can wear this style to any kind of occasion: be it a prom or a regular day at office. The style fits both occasions perfectly.

24. Braided Headband


Such hairstyles for curly hair require medium to long length. The fussiness actually makes it look great. A little braid starting from one ear ending at the other resembles a hairband in the way it affects the rest of your hair. The style looks natural on oval faces particularly if you have a pointy chin.

Gather a two inch part from your side and braid it across your head behind the other ear. Pin it behind the ear. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and voila! This summer can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

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23. Airy Curls


A little messy sometimes makes you look a lot more gorgeous. The same goes for this simple hairstyle. Defined and prominent curls over your shoulders characterize this style. The lift is produced by dividing your curls into section irregularly sized. Separately and coil the section, and then loosen them to your sides. The lift looks great with shiny dense hair and suits all face types.

22. Sleek and Curly Ponytail


The style is beautifully textured, with straight pulled hair before the ponytail and spreading messy curls after it. Apply a styling product on wet hair. Pull into a tight ponytail, and firmly hold with a band. Then, using a dryer, dry the loose hair, using a brush to adjust the shape and provide a lift. The style can be difficult to master, but once well prepared; can surely be a show stopper at parties.

21. Waterfall Braid


Who says, waterfall braid aren’t the hairstyles for curly hair! It looks great. You only need to start with damp hair. The braid is a perfect casual look. Wear it to outdoors activities for the ultimate glamour. Section hair into three parts horizontally. Proceed with French braids out of the three sections. Exchange strands among the braids to create the waterfall effect. It takes less than five minutes. Let the hair dry by themselves.

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20. Beachy Waves


With medium to short hair it takes minutes to change your natural texture from curls to waves. You can easily wear this cute hairstyle. Scrunch wet hair carefully by using your fingers, into well-defined waves. Sideways part your hair. Don’t make the parting neat, and let the front hair fall across your forehead.

19. Gatsby Curls


This style is a class of its own in hairstyles for curly hair. The shiny hairdo can instantly transform you into something special. Classic yet in vogue this hairstyles has been frequently hitting the red carpet all over the globe. Wear it anywhere you want, the effect is the same: capturing.

Apply holding gel on wet hair. Deeply side part and use a tooth comb to design the waves in the crown area. Apply a holding gel over the wavy curls to hold them in place and enhance the shine. Apply a strong hairspray if necessary.

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18. Curly Q Crop


Try this voluminous crop to enhance the impact of short densely curled hair and make them look more imposing and exotic. Blow dry hair until they attain their lift, then let them air dry. Side part your hair by backcombing gently. This keeps the hair in shape. You could hide the parting beneath curls if you don’t like it prominent. This style is exclusively used on oval hair, but looks great on round and heart shaped faces as well.

17. Amber Waves and Curls


This unique combination of the two textures fits perfectly in weddings and casual evenings and is one of the exceptional hairdos in hairstyles for curly hair. The romantic style particularly suits square faces. But a pointy chin won’t ruin it all the same. Prep hair by volumizing.

Deep side part, pull the hair sideways to sweep them once dried, and then gather the loose ends from both sides into a messy mass on your head. Pin it firmly after setting it according to your taste. Your hair can get a fine hair look and appear very elegant with this style.

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16. Top Knot Curls


Soft tendrils over your face, framing it and a roughened up bob at the back of your head combine to form this cute hairstyle. This elegant style will suit every face one every occasion. It is best suited for typical summer days. Simply air dry wet hair, and create a side part. Sweep the fringes all to one side, tie the knot, and rough up for a messy look. Curl the strands that frame your face. Add a bit of shining spray if you feel like it.

15. Bodacious Curls


In all hairstyles for curly hair, this style is a must if you have dense hair with prominent thick curls. All that bounciness is sure to make you stunning with every movement. There is no limit to occasions it can be worn to. Spray hair with a flexible working spray. Sweep hair over to one side after creating a side part. If the hairs are sticking together, separate them lightly by running your fingers. A light holding spray is necessary to hold it in place.

14. Bombshell Bob


A curly bob for short hair is certainly an admirable look. It looks best on relatively thick hairs, which are relatively easy to hold in place, and the whole feels wholesome and solid. Rake through with fingers to create volume. Lightly separate them using your fingers by creating a side part not very noticeable. A shining accessory will guarantee an enhanced look.

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13. Voluminous Loose Curls


Thinking of a hairstyle that you can wear all day, still not mind it on parties, try these curls. Be sure to apply anti frizz gel to keep your hair manageable. Side part your hair, then add volume to them by scrounging with your fingers. The style is bouncy and messy. You can easy loose it by tying a ponytail if you feel like it or if the time calls for it.

12. Asymmetrical Curls


Most asymmetrical styles end up making you lose your elegance in name of vogue. But with this unique hairdo, both go hand in hand. The style is satisfyingly formal, yet stylish in hairstyles for curly hair. The style suits all except the round faces. Simply diffuse your hair, and arrange the curls by using your fingers. Hold the style in place by using a medium holding spray.

11. Accessorized Waves


These are especially designed to suit any accessory for example a stylish hat or head band. Just style your hair the regular curls with a side part. Pull them back from the forehead a bit more to allow for a prominent accessory. Wear this style to your parties and proms and steal the show. The style best suit oval faces and mildly dense hair.

10. Frizzy Voluminous Curls


This is one of the most apt choices for naturally frizzy and unwelcoming hair in the range of hairstyles for curly hair. The style takes advantage of the frizz, and transforms the mess into a reformed soft finish. Diffuser dry hair, and wrap random hair in the curling iron. The style is soft and in vogue. It suits elongated faces more than others.

9. Textured Wavy Bob


This style works equally well with frizzy hair, but shorter in length. You must have a very prominent textured dense hair for this style. Still a bit of volumizing mousse is essential. The volume is what makes this asymmetrical hair do an unusual appearance. This party look certainly stands out for the natural feel that the frizzes present.

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8. The Curly High Ponytail


Just like every ponytail this style is only more exotic in appearance when well prepared. What you need is a volumizing mousse to add shape and texture to this rough ponytail. Take care to begin with wet hair. Pull them back tightly and let the end curls fly freely for a messy look. A little shine will do you no harm.

7. Oversized Bun


Instantly forget your curls with this classic hairdo. The style is so elegant and versatile that you can make it suit any face type you like, Apply holding spray to hair. Gather into a tight high ponytail. Twist it upon itself for the bun. You must texture hair thoroughly for enhanced impression.

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6. Naturally Curled Layers


Try these thematic hairstyles for curly hair. Layers require slightly more care and time than most other styles. Centre part your hair and then style them into layers on both sides. Let the layers add to the volume and then run your fingers through for the ultimate messy imposing look.

5. Side Ponytail


No prep no haste and no additional products. That’s what makes ponytails the easiest hairstyles for curly hair. The low ponytail was born to look messy, so no compromise there. Frizzy hairs don’t need any conditioning. Simply gather your hair to one side over a shoulder, and tie with a pony or stylish prominent accessory. Wear it wherever you want. It will not disappoint.

4. Messy Bun


Messy Bun proves of course the everlasting bun. Nothing says simplicity like the bun. Make it messier an instantly transform yourself from office to party. With the right facial shape, a well-executed bun can be immensely cute. Tie a ponytail, twist it upon itself into a ball and keep in place with bobby pins and band. Your fringes will do the style justice if you feel like it.

3. Corkscrew Curls


This style best fits shoulder length hair in rest of the hairstyles for curly hair. The corkscrew shape gives a patter to the otherwise wild curls. With the right amount of shine, you will surely look like an angel. The trick is to apply curl cream to individual small sections, and wrap them around your fingers in the direction of the natural curls to add volume and uniformity to them. Flatter yourself at parties with this hairdo.

2. Layered Curls with Headband


The headband gives the hair an entirely new class to the commons style. Finger the forehead hair back for the headband. Wear it to match your costume and look gorgeous at work or at home.

1. French Twist


A textured braid particularly looks great on less dense hair with day-old curls. Ease out teased portions of your hair as you French braid your way to the shoulders. Finish the braid with an elastic band and twist it upon itself for the particular knot. Carefully shape the teased hair according to your face and the occasion.

Hopefully, you found the hairstyles for curly hair you were looking for in this list. Bear in mind that the curly hair are not misfortune. With some time doing research and practice, you can discover a ton of awesome and fabulous hairstyles without even bothering to bring out the straightener.

No need to empty your pockets on creams and additives. Keep it simple for yourself and your hair. Make your hair’s health the first priority for you.

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