27 Stunning And Cute Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

Ponytails, loose curls, half ups, fancy braids and colored highlights are in fashion when we talk about cute prom hairstyles for long hair.They are elegant in their ultimate look yet easy to wear and highly compatible to the requirement of the event.

“Perfection is every girl’s dream, regarding the classic attires, shoes, and of course the hair, everything just has to be flawless. All the accessories, once sorted out, can cost a huge amount for attending a single function. Saving money on the hairdos can certainly be a treat, with a confidence to do multiple experiments with the hair as hair styling can either greatly enhance or distort your overall appearance, no matter how expensive accessories you have put on.

If you are an imaginative person and willing to do exciting experimentation with your hair, you are undoubtedly at the right place. Here are some trendy and cute prom hairstyles along with some exclusive hair growth tips for long hair that will help you give an elegant and classy look this year!”

27. Muddled Curled Prom Hairstyle


An elegantly structured messy updo of long curls is quite easy to make and would not bother you at all. Make partitions for the bangs in triangular form and slightly curl them using a small diameter curling rod. To curl the remaining lengthy hair, use a curler of comparatively larger diameter. Once done with the curling, sweep all the hair towards the skull and fix them with the help of pins. Try to use a hair spray for maintaining the hairstyle for long time.

How to Style:

  • Start by brushing your hair and then sectioning them into 2 or more layers.
  • Clip the sectioned layers and choose the area you want to work on first.
  • It is a wise choice to choose the lower section of the head as it easier to section them further based upon styling by the help of a tail comb.
  • For curling, take small strands about an inch wide and wind them around the curling iron. Once they’re curled pin them up and let them cool.
  • Apply the same method to all the sections you’ve made allowing them to cool.
  • Once you’re done, remove the pins and let curls fall in place.
  • Now for the muddled hairdo, pin the curls around the back of your head loosely to give a messy yet a perfectly styled look for your prom.
  • Finish up your hair by applying curl setting spray.
  • Pin flowers or other hair accessories ideally for prom.

Recommended Face Type:

  • Ideal for heart shaped, angular faced and diamond faced ladies.

Recommended Hair Products:

  • Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream by Morrocanoil for crunch free hair.
  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray for finishing.

26. Side Chignon For Prom Hairstyle


Loosely curled long hair accompanying a plain braid presents an ideal formal impression for cute prom black hairstyles for long hair. Divide the hair in two portions maintaining one section relatively bigger than the second. Again fraction the bigger portion into two fragments and plait the 1st segment.

Tease and gently align the residual portion of second division. Organize the remaining portion of hair to one side and try a ponytail. Even curling the end of ponytail will make it look more glamorous.

How to Style:

  • Start with the hair you posses naturally or curl them, it’s totally up to you.
  • Separate the hair at the crown at the sides, wind up the larger section and clip it behind your ear lobe.
  • Take the remaining hair located at your base; turn them to a side you wish for the chignon to begin with.
  • Start tying the hair into knots depending on the length of the hair you have.
  • Once knotted, grab the ends, twisting each strand in various directions, pinning them in a messy way around the head.
  • If small tendrils escape while doing your hair, let them be. They soften your features.

Recommended Face Type:

  • Small, angular, oval faced ladies, here’s the hairdo you can rock at any party.

Recommended Hair Products:

  • Use L’Oreal Paris Studio Perfect Fix Ultrafine Spray, Extreme Hold by L’Oreal Paris for a strong hold.

25. The Cute Side Pony For Prom


Elegant side pony curly hairstyles go with every dress and is ideal if you are having a good hair color. Separate out the bangs, position all the hair to the chosen side and protect them with a hair tie. Try a loose curl option for lengthy hair and adjust them with a fine hair spray. You can also cover the pony with a portion of your hair to give them a sleek look.

How to Style it:

  • Begin styling by untangling your hair using a hairbrush.
  • Separate the bangs/fringes from the rest of hair using a tail comb, gathering them at the nape.
  • Secure them using an elastic band.
  • Now taking a strand, wind it around the rim of the elastic band tucking the end of the hair in the bulk.
  • Straighten out the bangs/fringes.
  • Spray some hair spray to make them frizz free, lasting for some hours.

Recommended Face Type:

  • Avoid this look if you have a round face with chubby cheeks. This hairdo will enhance out the chubbiness more than you can handle.
  • Oval, rectangular faced ladies ever thought about making this hairstyle for prom? Do try it! It will look amazing on your face structure.

Recommended Hair Products:

  • Carol’s Daughter Kizzi is the ketchup to your fries here.

Amongst all the annual events, Prom stands out as the most tremendous and unforgettable experience for high school students, particularly for girls. Cute prom hairstyles for long hair fulfill your dream of looking unique with a signature style.

24. Modern Mohawk Prom Hairstyle


It is amongst quite modern yet easy-to-make prom braided hairstyles for long hair that requires some bobby pins and a good hairspray. Straighten out your hair, and start with the back combing of crowned Mohawk portion. Once achieving preferred height, grab an appropriate section from both sides one by one and secure them with pins after smoothing them out aligning at the back. Level the back-combed Mohawk portion to position it above the pins.

How to Style it:

  • Comb your hair and part your hair in three sections that is the area of the crown, the middle section extending from one side of the ear to the other horizontally, the third section being the base of the hair.
  • Spray a volume boost hair spray on your hair and comb your hair backwards to create volume at the top section called as the ‘Mohawk’.
  • Pin down the middle section and curl out the lower section.
  • The Mohawk can be curled before dropping it over the lower two sections.
  • Finish it by spraying hair spray to keep the look in place.

Recommended Face Type:

  • Gives a glorious, enchanting look to square faces. Also draws out a small forehead.

Recommended Hair Product:

  •  L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray for finishing up the look.

23. Sock Bun Hairstyle


Many people are familiar with this hairstyle because of its simplicity and popularity. Try starting with tying your hair in an elevated ponytail and partitioning the tail in two halves vertically. Clip the upper half in the forward direction so that it won’t bother you and start forming a bun by inserting the ends of your hair from the lower hair section towards the pony.

Clamp the ends with bobby pins and fraction the upper portion of hair in two halves again, left and right. Fold the hair ends of both partitions one by one under the bun. Apply bobby pins to set up the bun hairstyle.

How to Style it:

  • Brush through your hair, securing them by an elastic band at the highest point on your head.
  • Divide the pony into two sections that is the top section and the bottom section.
  • Using the bottom section, make a bun and pin it in place by straight pins.
  • Now straight the top section and divide it further in two sections winding them around the bun from each side and locking its position by bobby pins.
  • Spray an ample amount of hair spray for keeping the small hair in place.

Recommended Face Type:

  • This hairdo works for all face types.

Recommended Hair Products:

  •  L’Oreal Infinium 3 Hairspray is used in this look for firm hold to the hair.

22. Soft Wave Sensation Prom Hairstyle


This hairdo has become blockbuster for every hair type, dress and event in cute prom black hairstyles for long hair. The lengthy the hair, the classy it looks! If you are having straight hair, try a bigger curling iron to ensure formation of loose curls and take a portion of your hair to begin with. Apply hair spray once done with each section and gently pull your fingers through the curls to get an even sweet and soft look.

How to Style it:

  • On damp hair apply mousse or root boosting spray later drying them using a paddle brush and a dryer. By doing this, your hair will look voluminous favoring the look you wanted.
  • Divide your hair in the midline forming two sections. Clip one section away so that it doesn’t get in your way when you’re curling.
  • Now using a curling rod of about half an inch or one fourth the inch, curl your hair outward.
  • Let them cool while you work on the other section.
  • After you’re done from both sides, comb them with your fingers so that they break into small waves giving a softer yet a fuller look.
  • Now spray the Finishing Spray on them and enjoy your evening!

Recommended Face Type:

  • This look helps in rounding off angular jaw lines. Rectangular faced ladies, try this for prom this year.
  • As for ladies with a round chubby face like mine, this look makes us look less chubby and we can accomplish an angular jaw line with high cheek bones if contouring is done perfectly.

Recommended Hair Product:

  • Boosta Spray by Unite is used as a root booster.
  • Bumble and Bumble’s Spray De Mode as a finishing spray.

21. The Side Swept Prom Hairstyle


Yet another elegant style to carry at your prom is the side swept hair that would be ideally complementing the formal dress you are wearing. Start with the sectioning of hair and then curling with desired sized curling iron. You can have tight or loose curls depending upon the matching accessories.

If someone wants a headband, that also can be a decent option. Drag your hair all on the same side and either clip the other side with some bobby pins or let them remain loose. Such layered hairstyles are equally attractive for straight long hair.

How to Style it:

  • Tangle free your hair, sectioning them into two.
  • Separate the bangs and pin them on a side at your temples.
  • Take a section that you will be working on at first and clip the other away.
  • Spray the working spray on the hair and let’s begin.
  • Taking a curler having a smaller width, curl your hair through. We’re using a smaller curler as tight curls trend to stay longer than the loose ones.
  • Curl the other section as well and let the curls cool.
  • Spray the Finishing Spray on them having a firm hold so that the curls stay in place.
  • Now for the bangs, straighten them out applying the heat protective serum at first.
  • As you pin them back at your temples, add up some hair accessories to them. A flower would do equal justice as a leaf shaped hair pin would do.
  • Arrange your hair in such a way that the curls fall at your shoulder and some at back, leaving the other shoulder empty.

Recommended Face Type:

  • Round, oval, heart shapes will complement this look. Rectangular, square and angular faced ladies, this hairdo softens the harsh jaw lines you possess.

Recommended Hair Product:

  •  Frederic Fekkai Coiff Styling Gel to style the hair.

20. The Messy Bun Hairstyle


This is amongst the most extensively worn prom hairstyles for long hair by girls where a simple accessory like flower can add up to its grace. To begin with the dry hair and leaving the bangs, start the back combing of front portion to make your hair voluminous.

Make a ponytail towards a single side and form a bun, as the quote goes “the messier the bun, the better it looks”. Randomly pulling out thin sections of hair from the pony tail, re-pin them at another point. Spray them slightly and play with bangs as you want to.

Quick Link: French Braid Hairstyles

How to Style it:

  • Brush through your hair ensuring they are tangle free.
  • Gather your hair at the top of your head and make a loosely tied ponytail.
  • Now divide the ponytail into two sections, back combing them till the elastic band.
  • Now combine the hair together, making them as one and wind them around the elastic band.
  • Tuck in the end of the strand within the bun, securing the bun with straight pins.
  • Straighten out the bangs if you have, to complement the look.
  • Use hair spray in the end to ensure everything is in place.

Recommended Face Type:

  • This hair style works for any kind of face. Be it round, angular, rectangular or diamond shaped.
  • This bun will look its best when your hair are dirty. But if they’re clean, use a dry shampoo to add up some texture to make them a bit rough to achieve this look.

Recommended Hair Product:

  • Super Clean Spray by Paul Mitchell is used to achieve dry, crispy hair.

19. The Half Prom Hairstyle


This one is an effortless hairdo, done in no time giving you a classic appearance. Initiate the curling of hair with a curling iron, sequentially. Split up a 4-5 inch Mohawk portion of hair and start back combing. At the desired elevation of Mohawk, clip up this portion at the back using bobby pins.

Smooth out the remaining hair portions on both side of the Mohawk and tie them at the backside. You can cover up the pins by loosely fixing the curls over them and maintain a messy form.

Quick Link: Wavy Hairstyles

How to Style it:

  • Brush your hair and divide them in three sections. One at the crown, the second from the hair left at the base and third at the back of the second one.
  • Separate the bangs from the crown and clip them away. You’ll be using them to add up the glam factor to your hair.
  • Back comb the crown adding up a bit of volume.
  • Smooth the hair and pin them at the back of your head.
  • Taking the middle section, divide it further in two strands making braids of each. Pin them along with the previously pinned hair.
  • Now curl the remaining hair from the middle section.
  • Take the third section; divide it further into two sections and start curling with a small curler so that the curls remain tight and in place.
  • Spray a firm hold spray on the hair to keep the curls in place.
  • Straighten out the bangs and let some tendrils loose. Congratulations you’ve achieved the most awaited Taylor Swift inspired look.

Recommended Face Type:

  • This hairstyle draws out the attention from your plumped cheeks, talking about round faced people here.
  • Oval faced ladies, rectangular faced people with angular jaw lines, flaunt yourself with this hairstyle.

Recommended Hair Product:

  • Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo for adding crisp to your hair.

18. Braid Hairstyle For Prom


Braids are a sophisticated and classic style to tie up the hair retaining the fashion statement. Take out fragment of hair around the face and fix the remaining hair at the back. Divide your hair as preferred, and start making braid on both sides of the division using small portions of hair. Tie up the braid ends with any band and curl the hair other than the braided ones. Pin up the braided portions on both sides and cover the bobby pins under the curls.

Quick Link: Hairstyles For Oval Faces

How to Style:

  • Before beginning, make certain that you have dry hair.
  • Sweep away the side bangs and tie them at the top of your head.
  • Now make two sections out of your hair, the first section being less voluminous than the other one.
  • The third section is your main area on which you will make a chignon.
  • Take the third section, curl it, taking single strands and arranging them loosely at the nape, pinning them up.
  • Once you’re done, take the second section and tie it up in a braid and wind it around your head, tucking the strand in the chignon.
  • Straighten the bangs and pin them at the back of the ear on one side.
  • Spray up the finishing spray and let’s rock the party!

Recommended Face Type:

  • It works on all faces having all sorts of hair types. People with a small forehead, no need to be conscious anymore. This hairstyle is up to rescue.

Recommended Hair Product:

  • Spray and Play by Big Sexy Hair to add some grit so that the braid stays for a while.

17. The Curled Pony For Prom


Start with the backcombing of top hair portion to give volume and suitable height and fix the hair in a lower ponytail. If your hair is frizzy, apply a small amount of serum to smooth them out.  Split small sections taken from ponytail and begin curling them. With the help of bobby pins, pin up the curls over or toward the sides of pony. It is simple and one of the cute prom ombre hairstyles for long hair.

How to Style it:

  • Comb your hair and divide it in three sections that is the top most section also called as the crown, the middle section that is the sides of the hair are separated from the area close to the ears, and the bottom area making up the ponytail.
  • Separate the fringes from the crown and clip them up. Now taking the top most section, using a tail comb, tease your hair backwards making up an enlarged crown. Now using a bristle bush, smooth down the hair pinning them at the nape.
  • Keeping the middle section for the last to work on, tie the remaining hair in a ponytail. Curl them using a wider curling iron to get fuller, thicker curls. Spray them with a firm holding spray to lock them at their place.
  • Now take the middle section, braid it, circuiting it around the crown, ending it by tucking the remaining strand in your ponytail.
  • Now proceeding with the bangs straighten them, drawing them outwards on either side of the margins of the face.
  • End the look by spraying an ample amount of hairspray.

Recommended Face Type:

  • This hairstyle with suit oval faced dolls having medium to long lengthed hair.

Recommended Hair Products:

  • Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell will reduce the occurrence of frizz in your hair.

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