21 Gorgeous Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hairstyles are becoming popular nowadays. Especially the women with long hairs are enjoying wavy hairstyles and wavy hairstyles are their hot favorite. From Hollywood celebrities to top elite socialites, wavy hairstyles are appearing everywhere. Several of the celebrities are having wavy long hairstyles which make them look beautiful and gorgeous.

If you have long hairs then a wavy hairstyle can enhance your beauty to a staggering amount. Whether for a party look or for a simple look the stunning curls and waves can make you look seductive amongst the people. Here are the few of the best long wavy hairstyles that are inspired from beautiful celebrities.

21. Shakira’s Flattering Wave


Shakira is always full of life and lively. But her liveliness is also shown by her flattering long wavy hairstyle. Her long thick wavy layer with brownish texture, her hairstyle brightens up her face and adds to the glow of her smile. Shakira’s hairstyle is one of the splendid looking and shinning long wavy black hairstyles.

20. The Glamorous Garcelle Beauvais’ Wavy Hairstyle


If you want to have a look of a movie star, then this is the easiest one to try out. Take your unwashed hair and spray them fully with a style spray. If they look greasy , apply a little amount of dry shampoo in the root zone of hairs. After the application of styling spray, using large hot rollers, roll your hairs a little upwards and spray slightly. Later take out the curlers and let your hair hang loose. However if you are bent on achieving the same long wavy curly hairstyle as Garcelle Beauvis then utilize a deep side part of your hair.

19. Wavy Hair Of Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle is popular among the long wavy braided hairstyles. To do it, use a big bent brush after a deep shower. Now by using a blow dryer along with the brush pull the hair upward. The waves in your hair will fall themselves according to the style. The style will be more pleasing if you have thick hairs. After drying your hairs completely, utilize a deep side part so that you can divide the hair. Using hair rollers, roll it with only those sections that can be managed. Later on use a little spray and apply it so your hairs remain bouncy all day long.

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