21 Attractive Bridal Collections By BERTA

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Who doesn’t know the famous Berta? Known for her unique and eye-catching amazing wedding dresses, this lady never fails to impress the audience with her beautiful collections. Her fame as a designer can be judged from the fact that she has been designing for big celebrities and has earned a lot of international repute and awards.

For those who do not know about her career, she started designing at the tender age of 21 to earn a living. Since then she has been dedicatedly working to enhance her designs and collections every year.

Although she started at the age of 21, she had the designing skills in her since childhood. She was always a fashion conscious person who would criticize her parents and relatives for their bad choices of clothes and accessories. It was this old passion to wear good clothes every time that led her to design beautiful dresses.

Today she has earned so much fame that it would not be false if we say that she is one of the best wedding designers in the lot. Let us look at some of the most attractive wedding designs she has come up with.

21. The Heavenly Frill


Who wouldn’t love wearing this beautiful dress on the big day? This dress is from one of the most famous collections of Berta in which she displayed some amazing glamorous designs. This dress, too, is no less than amazing with the heavy flow at the bottom and the delicate embellishments at the top. The shoulder straps are also subtle and are designed by beautiful beads and stones. This dress will make you look no less than a fairy tale princess.

20. Handmade Laces


This is yet another beautiful and comfortable wedding dress from Berta’s bridal collections which looks good on almost everyone. The highlights of the dress are the deep necklines, an open back, the handmade laces and the long length sleeves. The subtle tail at the end also gives this dress a princess sort of a look. The laces used in the dress are beautifully crafted which look even more attractive in reality. Apart from the laces, the dress is made from pure chiffon which gives a graceful look to the dress.

19. Sultry Vintage


This sultry vintage wedding gown is nothing but amazing. The beautiful dress is made from pure handmade laces which are enhancing the attractiveness of the dress even more. The cuts and the designs of the dress are inspiring as they have the capability to make any bride look beautiful. Thus if you are comfortable wearing a long-back dress made with delicate laces, you must consider buying this dress for your wedding day.

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