21 Attractive Bridal Collections By BERTA

Submitted By Jane Sills  

3. Those Sleeves Though


Another beautiful bridal dress of Berta is this simple yet stylish wedding gown which is famous for its unique sleeves. The dress is made from plain cloth, a long tail, an open back and some beautifully crafted lace sleeves which will make you look striking on the wedding day.

2. The Majestic Look


What can be more appealing to you than a beautifully adorned dress made out of delicate laces? This full length gown is breathtaking with its stone work, the full length sleeves and the covered neckline. This dress will make you look graceful and attractive at the same time on your wedding day. You must consider wearing this dress if you want to be the head-turner that day.

1. The Statuesque


This dress is perfect for women who are tall and beautiful. This short-tailed dress is made up of chiffon and silk and is adorned with stones and laces. To add to the beauty of the dress, Berta has added a few straps at the back which are all made up of delicate stones. Hence if you wear this dress on your wedding day, these embellishments will make you shine that day.

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