21 Attractive Bridal Collections By BERTA

Submitted By Jane Sills  

6. Another Open Back


Since open backs are always appealing in wedding dresses, you will find them in a lot of Berta’s collections. Here too the back is open and long which is adding to the beauty of this embellished dress. This piece has a shorter tail comparatively but that does not mean that the dress is less attractive in any way. In fact, this graceful dress has been among the top favorites too. Once you decide to buy the dress, you will love the delicacy with which the dress and its cuts are designed.

5. The Lace Work


Laces have always been the in-thing in Berta’s collections. You will find dresses made of laces or unique lace work in almost all the dresses of Berta. Since laces adorn a dress, Berta has used lace in this dress as well. Uniqueness of this dress, however, lies in the design of the back which is quite open and revealing. The straps of the dress are made from beautifully designed laces, the presence of which continues down to the bottom of the dress. As you can see in the picture, the dress is not made up of a plain cloth so you should not worry about it being simple. The dress will definitely attract the attention of your groom if you choose to wear it on your wedding day.

4. The Gorgeousness


This is another elegant wedding dress by Berta. The dress features delicate lace work, sleeveless top and a simple belt around the waist which is enhancing the gracefulness of the overall dress. It cannot be seen in the picture but this dress has a long train which will definitely give you the look of a princess on your big day.

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