21 Attractive Bridal Collections By BERTA

Submitted By Jane Sills  

9. A Magnificent Train


You must definitely go and view this dress with your own eyes before buying a dress for your wedding. This dress will definitely steal your attention with its simple and delicate designs. The long train of chiffon and silk will make you look no less than a royal princess on your wedding day. Thus if you want your groom and the guests to stare at you with sheer amazement and awe, try to get your hands on this lovely dress.

8. Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice


This dress is a combination of all the things which a decent wedding dress must contain. It has a long train which has always been an eye-catching element in a dress. The dress is also made from handmade laces, full sleeves and beautifully crafted neckline – the things which are enough to add sparkle to a dress. Whoever wishes to wear this dress on the wedding day will look no less than amazing.

7. The Appealing Back


This dress of Berta is one of the many which has easily managed to catch the attention of a lot of potential brides. The dress is elegant and stylish and can easily make you look attractive on your big day. The highlight of this dress is the unique open back which has a spine-like line of beads joining the top to the bottom. Although the dress has a long open back, it has delicate cut work on the front which can make you steal the show anytime.

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