20 Life Changing Ways To Use Bobby Pins For More Fantastic Look

It would be difficult to find a women who hasn’t used the life saver bobby pins. Every women tries her best to achieve the “wow” factor and bobby pins are one of the few best beauty tools for a stylish hairdo. Whether the hairdo is a 1970’s hair style or a new 2015 trend bobby pins make their way in every style. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals or scalp-burning heat yet they manage to keep your hairdo set. Securing your favorite hair style by using bobby pins is indeed the easiest choice of every girl.

Bobby pin (also known as Kirby Grip) is a type of a hairpin made up of plastic or metal. They are used to secure your hair strands and keep them in place. They are usually black in color but now with increase in their usage they are available in various colors. Their original purpose was to stay invisible in the styled hair but now these bobby pins have been made visible by decorating them with ornaments, glitter and beads etc.
Difference between Bobby Pins and Hair Pins
Do you know the difference between a bobby pin and a hair pin?

Well you can know it now! Bobby pins are “U-shaped” clamped together to hold the hair tightly. One side is flat and the other side is grooved whereas hair pins are not closed from either end. They are U-shaped used to hold light hair styles which don’t need a greater hold.
But do you use Bobby Pins correctly?
First thing is to learn how to use bobby pins in a right way. The right way is to keep the wavy side facing downward towards the scalp and the straight side up. The ridges are made to grip hair and lock them stopping them from slipping away.

These inexpensive bobby pins can do wonders to your hair, check out the following 20 surprising ways for using bobby pins.

20. Spray Your Bobby Pin

Spray your bobby pinBobby pins are used for keep hair in place, in order to keep its grip tight on your hair spray it with a dry shampoo or good spray before sliding them in your hair.

19. Triangle Pyramid Style

Triangle pyramid styleTry giving your usual hair style a new look by inserting bobby pins in different designs. Cross hair strands from both sides of the head to the back and insert the first bobby pin horizontally over it. Then slide one bobby pin each, on the left and right side of the head to form a triangle on your hair.

18. Tag Trend

Tag trendMake a hashtag on your hair using 4 bobby pins. Pull some strands of hair to the right side or left side of your head the way you desire. Slide two bobby pin horizontally and then two bobby pins vertically through the former pins.
Carry the hash tag on your hair now!

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