20 Life Changing Ways To Use Bobby Pins For More Fantastic Look

2. Get Funky

Get funky

Add as many bobby pins as you can, to give your hair a funky look.

1. Color Your Bobby Pins

Color your Bobby pins

You can spray or paint your bobby pins to any color you want. Pick seven bobby pins and paint each of them with rainbow colors. Let them dry and slide them in your hair for a chic look.
You can paint the bobby pins and slide them to your hair in any pattern you want like the ones mentioned above chevron, sun rays etc.

Be creative with the bobby pins:

Nail art

Your bobby pins are not just the best tool for your hair but they can be used for nail art too. You can make dots or lines on your round nails by using a bobby pin; definitely making polka dots from a brush is very difficult. Just dab in, its open end in the bottle of the nail color and make polka dots on your nails.

Fake Eyelashes

You can also use a bobby pin for applying glue to your fake eye lashes by using the clean tip of a bobby pin to evenly spread the glue on the base of the false lashes.

Bobby pins will always be a handy tool not just for the above mentioned obvious uses but also few of the not-so-obvious but clever use.

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