20 Lazy Girl Hairstyles Tips And TricksThat Can Be Done In A Few Minutes

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Hairstyles are of great importance when it comes to girls and their personalities. If you are inspired by your favorite celebrities hairdo and have no idea how to make them in least possible time for yourself then you have landed at the right place. Do you always tie your hair in a simple ponytail because you are too lazy to pick up new style for yourself? If yes, then it’s a time to change your hairstyle and achieve the chic and fabulous hairdos you see in movies, seasons, fashion magazines and celebrities walking on the red carpet in a nick of time.

We have 20 glamorous, elegant and simple hairstyles with simple hair growth tips for you  for your parties, hanging out, movie nights, annual nights and family time. These hairstyles are super easy and less time consuming for all lazy girls.

 20. Ponytails


You are getting late for school and all you can do is to make a ponytail but you don’t want to make the old fashioned one. Here is a different way to make a ponytail and in a fashionable way. Let’s begin! What you need to do take a hair comb and some elastic bands. First, comb your ombre hair so no tangles are left then make a ponytail. Make some room into it and pass the ponytail from that room and tie it with an elastic band. Pull it slightly outward and then repeat this step three times. At the end if you want to apply some hair spray then it’s totally up to you. You are ready within a minute.

 19. A Simple Twist


You have fringes and they won’t hold backplus you don’t want to make some glamorous or attractive hairdos then we have a simple hairstyle for you. It’s a simple twist which you can have in less than a minute. All you need is a hair comb and a cute hair pin. To make a twist you have to follow these steps which are quite easy. Take thefront hair and start twisting your hair upward and keep on adding hair to it till you reach the back of your ear. Pin it with the cute hair pin and it’s done! You can wear this simple twist at your home or if you are going for a walk with someone.

 18. Criss And Cross Ponytails


You have gorgeous layers and you are messing with your beautiful hair because you have to attend some party and you can’t find any hairstyle an easy hairstyle. You are having a difficulty to make those elegant hairstyles for long hair then here is a quick and awesome hairdo just for you. What you will need is a hair comb, elastic bands and hair spray. Bring all your hair to one side, take the bottom hair and cross it from the upper portion. Pull it tight so you won’t get loose ends. Repeat on criss crossing it until you reach the end. Take anelastic band and tie the ponytail. Pull some hair slightly outward so that theycan have a nice look.

 17. Bun With Braid


You want to have an attractive hairstyle for a special day and you are wondering what to do with your long hairstyles. All is set, your makeup, your dress, your shoes, but you are stuck in deciding which hairstyle to carry then this one is quite perfect for you. What you have to do is to take your front hair and start twisting it and take it all the way to the back and tie it with the elastic band.

Take the ponytail twist it and then start wrapping it around the elastic band and secure it with hair pin. Next, you have to start making a braid right from the top of the bun and tie it. If you want to make another bun then wrap the braid around it and will land just beneath the first bun. At the end secure it with hair pins and you are done.

 16. Four Braided Updo


You are a braid lover and you always want to try some different braid hairstyles so that you can have an attractive and a different look. We have a great hairstyle for you, all you need to do it to take your hair comb and divide your hair into four sections. Make four braids out of it. Take the middle braid and wrap it around itself and at the end secure it with hair pins. Take the other braid and repeat the same step by wrapping it around the first one. Now take your side braid and wrap the braid from above and secure it with hair pin. Repeat same step by taking the other side braid and wrap it from beneath the bun.

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 15. Two Side Braid


You are getting late to meet up with your friends to watch a movie and you don’t like to go with your hair all tied up into a ponytail then two side braid is a quick and easy hairstyle in this situation. You can make it within a minute and will also give a soft touch to your personality. Take the front hair’s small section, start making a braid and take it all the way back and secure it with the hair pin. Now take the hair just below the first braid and start making another braid. Take the first pin out and secure both the braids with one hair pin.You are done!

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 14. Classy Updo


You are very much into fashion and follow it through internet, fashion magazines, watch red carpet of every premiere of the movie. You were always fascinated by the black hairstyles carried by the celebrities then we have a hairstyle for you which you will find attractive, classy and easy too. This hairstyle can be worn at any casual as well as any formal party. Start by combing your hair first and bring all your hair to the one side.

Take the hair pins and pin your hair in the midsection tightly in a straight direction. Take the hair which are on the side and start wrapping it around itself towards the pins such that the pins are hidden under it. Now take the hair pins and secure the ends so that the hair won’t fall out. Quick and easy!

 13. 3 Quick Pencil Buns


You are in a hurry and you can’t find your hair chopsticks then you can be your own trend setter and can use your pencils instead of hair chopsticks. It will give a more unique look to your hairstyle plus you want a nerdy look then it is quite preferable hairdo. First, you have to start by making a bun, take your hair and tie it in a ponytail and wrap the bun around itself and secure it with the hair pins so the hair won’t fall out. Take your pencil and insert it either vertically or horizontally, you can also put it diagonally for a cooler look.

You can also make a hairstyle in a completely different way, take your pencil and wrap your hair around it and take your hair all the way up and at the end secure it with hair pins and its done.

Another way to achieve a look with a pencil in your hair is to first make a ponytail then wrap the ponytail around itself in a bun. At the end, place your pencil in a vertical position. Quick and easy!

 12. Fish Tail Ponytail


You are tired of having simple ponytails and this time you want to try something new then here is a tip, try this fish ponytail curly hairstyles and you will not regret having it. What you need to do is to bring your hair to the front so that you can make a higher ponytail. Tie your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band then divide the ponytail into two sections and twist both the sections in the opposite directions. Criss cross the ponytail once and tie it with an elastic band and repeat the same step. To give it a more posh look apply some hair spray to it. Now you can wear this gorgeous hairdo to any casual or formal party.

 11. 3 Ponytail In One Go


Who would have thought that you can have three ponytails in just one go? This hairstyle is quite fashionable and can be easily be worn to any formal party. First bring your hair to the front and make a high ponytail, take some hair from the bottom and wrap it around the elastic band and secure it with a hairpin then take some portion of your ponytail, back comb it and tie it in a ponytail. Repeat the same step twice andat the end tie it with an elastic band and apply hair spray to it for a classy look.

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