20 Black Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Mostly people adore subtle black lengths. Thus, black updo hairstyles for long hair are increasing in their popularity in the showbiz industry, hence becoming also the preferred choice among common people.

“If you are not so keenly into praising the lengths, and are probably looking for an updo to tuck your long black hair safely behind, you should consider these viable black updo hairstyles for long hair options. Updos are viable options for formal events and for prom nights. They go great with party clothes and are much more versatile than the commons styles.”

20. Chignon Updo For Long Black Hair


The fact that chignon takes the number one spot on this list of hairstyles for long hair should not come as a surprise. This style has been all over the red carpet in Hollywood, and people literally adore it. The look ranges from a very regular and formal chignon at the back to the more chick and funky messy chignon, each piece a favorite for a different kind of occasion.

The other good thing about the chignon is that it can be prepared in less than 5 minutes, great for the morning rush hour before you go to work. For black hair, this style has a special elegance in store which, if you are a brunette, is to die for.

19. Wrap Around Braid For Long Black Hair


Since it is the brunette’s updo category, it would be foolish to ignore the wrap around braid, which has set a new standard in the formal category of black updo hairstyles for long hair. There is absolutely no reason why you should ignore it.

Braided hairstyles are sophisticated enough to wear to even the most formal types of workplaces and events, chic enough to wear to your night parties and comfortable enough to get around in the house. It comes in multitudes of varieties, differing in the type of braiding used and the style of wrapping, but the one thing common is that they all are super awesome.

18. Top-Of-The-Head Bun With Braid


Feel like the princess with this glorious black updo hairstyle which will take people’s breaths away. A tight round bun up top already is chic enough, but creating a braid around it is even more astonishing. Better still, this style will go great with all kinds of face shapes.

Just be sure to straighten your hair well before you go for this bun, and don’t forget to use an abundance of shine serum prior to the styling. This give your long black hair the perfect shine and hold to maintain this style, and keep the look afresh for the entire duration of the party.

“Updos are a lifesaver on the common and unfortunate bad hair days when your hair simply refuse to bend to your will and you are under a time check, and cannot afford to wash and dry them. You can try any kind of hairstyle on black hairstyle, and take good advantage of the lengths.”

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