17 Amazing Homemade Hair Dye Formulas

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Hair dying is inseparable from fashion; with variety of colors and combinations of ombre hair, dying has become a simple way to transform the looks and stay fashionable.  But the problem is that the chemical hair dyes available in the market give you the style but at a higher price; they cost you money and also damage your hair because chemicals always have side effects.

The cost of staying trendy is high not only for your pocket but also for your hair. Homemade hair dye is one of the easiest solutions to get rid of the troublesome chemicals. You can not only avoid the harsh chemicals but get also the looks and at the same time nourishing your hair. So off to get the miraculous formulas!

17. Henna


Henna is widely used homemade hair dye with conditioning properties. The natural version of henna is only that gives a reddish brown tinge and the black henna has added chemicals in it; so black henna will do the same with your hair and skin as any other chemical dye.

Take henna powder and turn it into a thick paste by adding in water. Cover your entire hair with the paste, wrap up the hair and protect with shower cap, wait for at least two hours followed by washing hair. Overnight application will bring more effective results to your hair.

16. Rosemary And Sage


This is effortless homemade hair dye that has a magical restoration power for regaining the natural hair color but this needs patience as results can take weeks to appear. You will need to apply strong tea brewed from rosemary and sage on your gray tresses everyday till your mission is accomplishes.

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15. Hibiscus Tea


This is the perfect solution for those who already have red hair but want a deeper and darker version of red tone. Prepare hibiscus tea hair dye with three bags of the tea in two cups water; wait until it cools down followed by massaging your hair with it. Let the fluid stay for about thirty minutes and wash afterwards. Go for three times application per week to get glossy red hair.

14. Black Tea Hair Dye


Did you ever think of using black tea to dye your hair? Probably never but this is one of the simplest and easy to use homemade hair dye. This is little time taking but there is a cost for everything right? Natural solutions to dye hair always take some time. You just need to brew few cups of super strong black tea, cool it down and apply on your hair for thirty minutes.

This will darken your natural hair color for instance if you have dark brown, you may get more towards black. How many applications do you need entirely depends on the color of your hair and their retaining capability. Twice a week application is recommended to continue till you get the desired outcomes followed by touching up when you feel like.

13. Carrot And Beetroot Juice


This incredible homemade hair dye will give you a soft red touch on your hair. Mix equal quantities of carrot juice and beetroot juice and apply on your hair, allow the juice to stay for two hours and apply heat by sitting under hairdryer; this will aid in fixing the color on hair. Rinse with water afterwards.

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12. Rhubarb Root


The homemade hair dye made from rhubarb roots is a potential natural dye that has the ability to regain the golden gleam of grizzled blonde hairs. You can make this astounding formula by boiling two cups clear water with three heap full tablespoons of the magic ingredient; once they boil lower the flame and keep them on it for fifteen minutes. Leave the mixture overnight and apply on your tresses on the next day.

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11. Homemade Hair Dye With Coffee


Coffee is another nature’s blessing that has dying properties. Triple strength coffee can add hue of reddish brown to the auburn hair. Gals with brunette hair can also get the benefit. You can apply it after every shampoo and you will see the results flowing in soon.

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10. Rosehips


Apart from serving mankind with their enormous medicinal benefits, rosehips also serve to be a natural dying agent. Rosehips intensify the already existing red color of hair and get red haired ladies a vibrant and more visible reddish color. For this homemade hair dye you need to boil one cup dried rosehips in two cups of clear water; massage on the hair after it cools down and leave it for thirty to forty minutes followed by regular hair wash.

9. Chamomile Tea And Lemon Juice


Though a slow process but saves your hair from the damage and lighten them naturally. You need to make a concoction of three cups chamomile tea (should be brewed strong) and one cup of lemon juice; dip your hair in the concoction and sit in a spot with sunlight to get the lightening process work. Rinse off and condition your hair afterwards. Go ahead with two to three times application a week until you get the desired lightening.

8. Black Tea Leaves And Cherry Tree Bark Hair Dye


This homemade hair dye can give cover to your gray hair by darkening the original hair color. Bring three cups water to boil and add in some bark of cherry tree and several leaves of black tea and boil them for some time so that the essence of both the ingredients gets into the water.

Stain and massage to your locks covering all the gray areas particularly. You can make use of this homemade hair dye as often as daily to get the results and then apply once in a week for maintaining the color.

7. Walnut Hulls


Rubbing hulls of walnut on the hair strands is an easy way to get your hair dyed but this might take long time to cover whole hair you have so it works best for getting highlighted tresses. There is an alternative method of using walnut hulls that can cover whole of your hairs and you can make adorable hairstyles.

Make herbal rinse from the hulls by steeping two tablespoons of their powder in three cups water for whole night. Rinse with this water for ten to fifteen times after shampooing to get the dye in your strands.

6. Homemade Hair Dye From Spices


Sounds strange? But this is an effective hair dye to get medium to dark brown locks. You just need to take one cup of water and add in half a teaspoon of cloves and a heap full teaspoon of cinnamon powder and same quantity of allspice and mix well. Soak your hair with the strained mixture to get the desired tinge.

5. Nettles, Sage And Rosemary


Homemade hair dye from the herbal formula helps out lightening brunette hair. The procedure is almost the same, you need to prepare a herbal tea and dampen your hair with it; leave it on the tresses for thirty minutes followed by washing.

4. Honey And Yogurt


Despite of bringing extra nourishment to hair honey and yogurt can also naturally dye your tresses. You will need to blend one and a half cup of yogurt with three forth cup of pure honey to prepare this easy and fortifying homemade hair dye. Massage your tresses with the mix and allow it to remain there for eight hours to get the perfect outcome.

3. Calendula And Chamomile


This is a perfect homemade hair dye for brightening blond hair. You need half cup each of calendula and chamomile flowers; you can take the fresh ones or dried whichever is accessible easily. Bring one quart water to boil and add in the herbs while switch off the flame followed by letting herbs steep in water for half hour. Spray the strained mix on hair after shampooing and let it sit on the tresses for half an hour; you can wash your hair afterwards or even skip it as you like.

2. Elderberries And Vinegar


This homemade hair dye can add a little funk to blond tresses with its blue tinge. You can add blue hued highlights to your brown hair as well. For this formula to work, you will need half cup vinegar, a cup of elderberries and a cup of clear water. Boil them together for five minutes, let them cool and saturate in your locks for an hour. Give your hair regular wash and get your new funky blue hair.

1. Lemon Juice


This is an easily accessible ingredient available in every single household. Spray your hair with fresh lemon juice; be careful not to get it dripped in eyes. Sit in the sunlight for an hour and wash off with shampoo to uncover the lightened hues in your strands.

Homemade hair dye is a time consuming yet effective way to get your strands dyed naturally. You will not only get the style you desire and will also avoid the damaging the natural beauty of your tresses. This does not mean that you can get your hair dyed in any shade, nature has some limitations also. So far no natural hair dye has been discovered to get extreme hues like platinum but the available dye options can serve your purpose of covering gray strands, getting highlights and low lights and some chic ombre hair. Stay green and save your hair from the harmful chemicals to maintain their natural health and beauty.  

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