16 Common Habits That Damage Kidneys

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The two small body organs in the abdominal cavity on either side of your spine in the middle of your back are kidneys. However, kidneys are small but they are able to perform life-sustaining roles. They play a vital role in maintaining your health condition by filtering waste and excess fluid from your body. Many of the human beings neglect the importance of these kidneys in our body and in the end, they suffer with kidney diseases.

Kidneys are rightly called as the essential part of human body as they produce hormones, filter blood, absorb minerals, produce urine, eliminate toxins and neutralize acids. Many of us often ignore this important body organ as kidneys have capacity to perform the functions if it works only 20%. Slow and steady, the silent kidneys can be transformed into damaged kidneys, if go unnoticed. It is the ultimate responsibility of every person to take special care of their kidneys at early stages in view to not catch by major kidney diseases. Some of the major diseases are kidney stones and kidney infections. Serious kidney diseases may lead to kidney failure that needs for a kidney transplant. If you want to have a healthy life, you should need to take care of your bean like organ, kidney, with love and care. At times, we ignore basic habits that are responsible to cause severe kidney diseases. This time, you have to be careful before your kidneys come up with an alarming symbol of illness and you rush for a medical treatment.


The main cause of damaged kidneys is inadequate water intake in the human body. As the main function of kidney is to eliminate the metabolic excess urine and to regulate erythrocyte balances. With lesser intake of water, the blood concentrates and the blood flow will remain inadequate. A human body also observes some pain to the kidney sides and may suffer with some drowsiness. If a human body does not take adequate amount of water, it is surely suffering for some silent kidney disease.

Keeping your kidneys hydrated is one of the essential tasks to keep yourself healthy and well.

  • A healthy human body should drink at least 12 glasses of water a day.
  • Want a healthy life, drink plenty of water.


CONSUMING TOO MUCH SALTNo doubt, human body needs to have proper salt intake in meals to meet needs of sodium in body. At times, the excess use of salt in the meals can be a reason for causing kidney problems. With too much salt, the kidneys are forced to excreting the sodium, which in later causing too much stress on kidneys. Excessive use of salt may also raise the blood pressure, which simultaneously affects the functions of kidneys.

In short:

  • Take adequate amount of salt in meals.
  • Research says that 90% of Americans consume too much salt, causing kidney damages.
  • Studies also concluded that excessive consumption of salt increases the amount of urinary protein, ultimately leading to one of the major risk factors that can cause kidney diseases.
  • It should be noted that daily intake of salt should be within 6g per day.


NOT EMPTYING THE BLADDER EARLYDelaying the urge to urinate due to any reasons can cause a severe problem to your kidneys. If you maintain full bladder for a long time, you can suffer with bladder damage. The reason is simple and clear, the longtime urine is maintained in the bladder can cause bacteria breeding in urine. If the urine refluxes back to kidneys, the bacteria can make kidneys infected and you may suffer greatly with kidney infections. Kidney infections can also lead to urinary tract infections to human body.

  • Remember not to delay to go washroom, it is important.
  • Do not ignore the call of nature; it is beneficial for your health.


drugsMedicines may treat your one health problem but it is one of the obvious causes that affect your kidneys instantly. High dose medicines and antibiotics are serious killers for kidneys. All pharmaceutical drugs have unlimited side effects causing human body suffering with many diseases. Swallowing a painkiller is very easy to relieve pain but it may have serious side effects to your health. Use analgesics when necessary, you can have lots of rest at home instead of putting your body organs in trouble with numerous side affects you intake from painkillers.

Try to take home remedies also besides medicines.

  • With the intensity of pain, go for painkillers; otherwise try home remedies.
  • Most of the people have adopted habit of taking painkillers of high dose while having low-grade pains.


EXCESSIVE USE OF CAFFEINEIt is understandable that we intake lots of caffeine in various forms. Above all other beverages, coffee is most loved. We often consume excessive amount of caffeine in beverages as in milkshakes, hot and cold coffee, tea etc. Most of us prefer beverages to water and juices, resulting damage to our kidneys.

  • Consumption of too much caffeine can raise your blood pressure high, thus affecting your kidneys.
  • Caffeine is most common drug, used by many of the people around the globe but it can be harmful too, if you consume too much caffeine.
  • Excessive amount of caffeine intakes can ultimately affect the risk of getting kidney stones.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant; it can be harmful for blood flow and blood pressure.
  • Studies also have shown that long-term caffeine consumption can result in chronic kidney failures.


TOO MUCH ALCOHOLAlcohol can be a serious killer for many of the diseases, including kidneys. Consumption of alcohol in very lesser quantity has no obvious effects on human body. Alcohol can reduce the functioning of kidneys, causing reduction in filtering the blood. Another effect is that it affects the function of kidneys in maintaining adequate amount of water in kidneys.

  • People who consume more alcohol are more likely to have high blood pressure that causes damage to kidneys.
  • Having more than two drinks, a day can cause damage to kidneys.


SLEEP DEPRIVATIONSleeping disorders are the major causes to give birth to several diseases. When you sleep and take rest, your body repairs the damaged kidney tissues.

When your body is deprived of sound sleep, it cause stress on the functioning of the kidneys.

  • Restless bodies are most likely vulnerable to diseases.
  • Sleeplessness can cause interruption in tissue renewal process.


SMOKINGSmoking can take your life away from you. Take it more seriously. Smoking is one of the bad habits that cause severe diseases with time. People who smoke are most likely to cause lung cancers, bladder cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, high blood pressure and many other diseases. Smoking is considered as a serious issue in our society.

  • Smoking has the ability to slow down the blood flows to vital organs.
  • According to National Institute of Health, “Smoking is the most important preventable cause of premature death in U.S”
  • Smoking can mixed up with the medicines to control blood pressure, resulting rise in high blood pressure.


INTAKE OF TOO MUCH PROTEINProteins are the basic need of human health as every cell in the human body contains protein and the basic structure of protein is a chain of amino acids. Human body needs amino acids in enough amounts to maintain good health but over consumption of red meat and other protein rich foods can damage kidneys in many ways. Specifically high protein diet can cause chronic diseases and early death.

  • Low to moderate protein diet is mostly advisable for kidney patients.
  • A research says that diets high in meat, dairy and eggs can be adverse for health conditions as smoking.


IGNORING TREATMENT OF COMMON INFECTIONS QUICKLYAll type of infections should be treated at early stage. Because these infections effects kidney functions. Just like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, flu etc. If these infections are not treated in early phase, they can attack on renal system and cause inflammation. At times, over usage of medicine also badly affects the functions of kidney.

  • If you ignore small infections at early stages, then you are most likely to suffer with major disease later on.
  • Small infections hidden in the organs tend to increase with time.


VITAMIN B6 DEFICIENCYVitamin b6 [pyridoxine] is found in potatoes, whole grains, vegetables, bananas, nuts, avocado, liver, kidney, and fish. Its deficiency can lead to dermatitis, ulceration, conjunctivitis, neuropathy, anemia, angular stomatitis etc. The daily-recommended dose is 1.3 mg/d for adult. Good and healthy diet is very important for smooth functioning of kidneys.Vitamin B6 deficiency can be harmful for kidney stones.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet with sufficient vitamin B6 is necessary.


LACK OF PHYSICAL EXERCISEPhysical fitness is one of the recommended advices by experts, doctors and surgeons. Exercise makes your body healthy and fit, reduces chances of getting diseases. In order to avoid damages to your kidney, one should adopt to exercise daily for maintaining a healthy body.
Physical exercises tend to improve muscle strength and it is effective to control blood pressure.

  • Consult your doctor before going for exercise.
  • On early basis, make routine to exercise three days a week.


SUGAR HABITRefined white sugar is a pleasurable drug taken by many people as a habit. Too much consumption of sugar can cause severe health disorders. High levels of sugar in the blood can cause excess harm and subsequent damage to kidneys. Excessive sugar filtration will compromise the functions of kidney. The soda and cold drinks that contain a huge amount of sugar particles are seriously very harmful for kidneys.

  • Maintaining a proper balance of sugar in human body is extremely important to control major diseases.
  • High sugar levels can damage the functioning of the kidneys, resulting in kidney failure with time.
  • Do you know that one can of coke contain 17 teaspoon of sugar particles.
  • You can imagine how much an average person intakes sugar.


VITAMIN AND MINERAL DEFICIENCYKidney disease is considered as a serious disease associated with many causes. One of the basic causes is vitamin and mineral deficiency that leads to kidney failures and increase risks of kidney stones.

  • There is so much importance of vitamin D intakes in order to reduce the chances to get kidney stones.
  • Proper minerals and vitamins are necessary for smooth running functions of kidney.


 ICED TEAThe chemical oxalate present in black tea can cause severe kidney stones and is harmful to kidney failures. The ingredients in black tea can cause kidney failures in excessive amount. Drinking tea is fine but taking lots of tea is harmful.

  • A food chemical, called oxalate, can inflame the kidneys severely.
  • Tea in limited quantity is not harmful to kidney.


IGNORING COLD AND FLUAmong above common habits, ignoring common cold and flu is another one in the list. Many of the people often avoid the common cold and its symptoms and do not take it seriously. Research also has shown that kidney patients, who have history with cold often, avoid rest when they are sick.

  • If you caught common cold and get symptoms like blood in urine, swelling, vomiting, headache, nausea, you should rush toward doctor and ask for treatment.
  • People with long history of cold and flu may have some effects on kidneys


  • Do drink lots of water.
  • Do take rest when required.
  • Do intake fruits that hydrate your kidneys.
  • Do have proper healthy diet.
  • Do exercise.


  • Do not make smoking your habit…
  • Do not forget to consult your doctor with small infections.
  • Do not take high dose painkillers for little pains.
  • Do not be careless regarding your health.
  • Do not take too much cold drink.

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