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15 Nail Art Ideas for Different Fingernail Shapes

Nails give you plenty of options to accentuate your hands. Little creativity can make your nails look amazingly striking but you need to be careful about the shape of your nails as there are art works that compliment certain fingernail shapes and others that ruin their appearance. Here are some ideas with their compatible nail shapes:

15. French Manicure With Glitter


Simple nail art is subtle and enhances splendor of nails. It goes well with square and modified square fingernail shapes. You just need to apply glitter in the style of French manicure to get the perfect image.

14. Net Nail Art


An absolutely gorgeous and enormously simple nail designs art with perfect feminine look that works well with almond and oval fingernail shapes. After dark colored base coat, place on the net and apply the nail color to get the net like nail art.

13. Fade Away Nail Art


This works best with all the fingernail shapes. You can make use of sponge to get the look. Just take two shades of same color and dip the sponge them and dab on the nails to get the finished art.

12. Feather Nail Art


This is the easiest yet splendid feminine nail art, which works well with oval, almond, rounded and coffin fingernail shapes. You just need to apply coats of color that compliments the feather’s hues and then stick the feather on wet nail color and shape it in accordance with your nail.

11. Striping tape


You can create variety of cute nail designs with stripping tape. Horizontal and vertical lines will work best with oval, square, almond, squoval and round nails. Diagonal lines are best for coffin, stiletto and almond nails.

10. Cuticle Nail Art

Just as you make different French manicure tips you can also try different colors and ornaments on the cuticles. You can do for little stones all around cuticles to give a different look. This looks perfect with each one of fingernail shapes.

9. Adding Spice With Glitter

You can add spice to the nails by adding glitter to your nails in any manner you like. It can be on the half part of nail in vertical, horizontal or diagonal partition or you can have it sparsely spread all over the nails.

8. Owl Nail Art


Sounds complicated right? But it is extremely simple and easy to do; you will just need a smooth flow of your fingers. This nail art is just perfect match for square and squarely rounded fingernail shapes. Start with a translucent base coat to give nails shine. Now cover the lower one third part of your nail with tape that is cut in a semicircle. Apply a pink or purple nail color on the nails and remove the tape.

After it dries apply white circles at appropriate position to make the eyes; you would definitely know where the eyes should be. Make the ears, nose as triangles and wings as semicircles and you are done.

7. Smoky Marbled Nail Art

This incredibly beautiful nail art is one of those which fit with all square like fingernail shapes. You need to apply a light color of your choice preferably a tone of gray to begin with. Then apply a coat of black gently to cover the tips only (only one third of your nail) followed by making waves with a tool as simple as a tooth pick by taking black onto the gray and gray onto the black to get the look.

6. Lady Bug Nail Art

You can easily do lady bug nail art with little carefully applied strokes. Star with applying bright red nail color followed by a black stroke in the middle starting from the cuticle and tapering towards the tip of nail. Using half moon techniques apply black nail color at the tip of nail forming a curve that covers the upper one third area of the nail.

Complete the lady bug with black dots on the red areas and give the glow with top coat. This nail art goes flawlessly well with square, squoval and squarely rounded fingernail shapes.

5. Turquoise Gold Stone Art

This is a very simple to create nail art that looks utterly awesome and you can enhance the beauty further by wearing turquoise jeweled ring. This art works well with any of fingernail shapes you have. Begin the look by applying turquoise nail color; take a plastic paper (can be a shopping bag) and put on some golden nail color in scattered position and apply on the nails to finish the outlook.

4. Cheetah Nail Art


This is another one among the nail art that compliments almost all fingernail shapes. You can create cheetah nail art easily with permanent markers outlines around randomly placed small irregular shapes on the color of your choice.

3. Zig Zag Nail Art

Zig Zag is also amongst the best option for almost any of fingernail shapes. You can go for horizontal simple Zig Zag with uniform or varying widths, you can have Zig Zag tip or bottom; a diagonal Zig Zag partition will also serve the purpose. You can add in your imaginative powers to create new forms.

2. Bow Nail Art

You can make use of bow shapes to dress your nails. This is perfect for all fingernail shapes but you need to be careful about their positioning. Diagonal position will work best for stiletto ad almond nails, Horizontal for square like shapes.

1. Triangle Nail Art

You can play around with your nails by making triangles at different position, one simple triangle in the center of nail at the bottom or at top is best for every shape. Two overlapping triangles at the bottom will work well with square like shapes.

Adding nail art makes your manicure exciting and appealing. There are endless variations of nail art that give you personalized outlooks for every occasion. You can change the color combinations for every specific event to get the event specific outlook. With the detailed information on the nail arts for different fingernail shapes you can select arts that will accentuate your outlook.

14. Net Nail Art


An absolutely gorgeous and enormously simple nail designs art with perfect feminine look that works well with almond and oval fingernail shapes. After dark colored base coat, place on the net and apply the nail color to get the net like nail art.

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