15 How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags Possible Cures

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7. Comfortable Pillow

Comfortable Pillow

Make sure that pillow is fluffy and flat. Try to elevate the head with a puffy pillow to prevent the buildup of fluid. According to literature available, “Excess salt encourages fluid retention and may lead to puffy eyes. (This cause can by partly alleviated by paying more attention to salt intake and becoming aware of the large amount of sodium in common processed foods)” So try to take a good energetic exercise as exercise helps remove salt through sweat. Limit your alcohol and salt intake as they can lead to severe dehydration.

6. Sitting For Long Hours in Front Of Screens


Tiredness is a major cause of eye bags. We all sit in front of television and computers for long hours without giving our eyes rest. If someone asks you about how to get rid of eye bags, tell them you must relax your eyes when doing an activity. If possible, limit the hours you spend in front of computer if you are really interested in getting rid of eye bags.

5. Allergies And Hormonal Changes

Allergies And Hormonal Changes

There are many contributors to under-eye bags including allergies, heredity, hormonal changes. Genetically you might inherit the weakness of eye tissues from your parents. In such cases, it is highly preferable to consult the doctor especially to an eye specialist!

4. Use Green Tea Bags

Green Tea Bags

The natural properties of the herbs and richness in tannin in green tea are essential if you are still trying to figuring out how to get rid of eye bags. Boil water and dunk two tea bags into the hot water. Soak it fully and then remove to allow it to cool it on a plate .Lie down somewhere comfortable and place one of the bags over one eye and the other one over the other. Relax for 2-5 minutes with you feet up and remove the tea bags after chilling out.

3. Avoid Sun And Pollution

Avoid Sun And Pollution

Our skin withers away partly because of long exposure to pollutants and sun. Environmental pollutants generate highly damaging oxygen fragments, called free radicals that erode skin much like water rusts metal. Free radicals also damage collagen, the protein latticework that maintains the skin’s firmness and suppleness. The result is a condition called photoaging, which includes dryness, loss of elasticity, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Hence try to use antioxidant nutrients including Vitamins C and E and beta carotene which can be found out in spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and carrots. To achieve good results, combine your nutrients with a regular application of skin cream if you would like to get rid of eye bags.

2. Drink Milk Regularly

Drink Milk Regularly

One of the best known home remedies to rid yourself of eye bags is to drink milk or use them as cotton pads over your eyes. Milk soothes the tired eyes and can reduce water retention ability of tissues under the eye lids. You may dip two cotton pads in milk and cover your eyes with them for half an hour. After you rinse your eyes with water, you will certainly see the instant effect.

1. Exercise Always

Abdominal Exercises

Any exercise like yoga, walking, running, jogging or any other physical activity that can keep the blood circulating is essential to get rid of eye bags.

So now you have an idea about how to get rid of eye bags, you can go forward with the tips and tricks mentioned above. Don’t forget to share these suggestions with your friend who would direly want to know to get rid of eye bags.

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