15 Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

13. Chicken

ChickenChicken can be your meal in so many delicious forms. It could be taken along with pasta or could be sandwiched between your bread. You can also just boil the chicken and season it before having. Chicken is a food which carries proteins in it which are beneficial to gain a muscle mass. Hence chicken could be considered as one of the food items that can help your booty get bigger. Consuming chicken instead of red meat can lead to lesser cholesterol formation in the body.

  • Chicken comprises of 37 per cent of proteins, 23 per cent of fats and 11 per cent fats.
  • It also comprises of niacin 34 per cent, vitamin B6 18 per cent, pantothenic acid 9 per cent and thiamine 7 per cent.
  • Chicken is also found with minerals like selenium 21 per cent, phosphorous 15 per cent, zinc per cent and iron 5 per cent.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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