15 Best And Glamorous Bun Hairstyle Ideas That You Must Make

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We women like to look our best, at all times, as they say women- thy name is vanity, and they don’t say it wrong. Hairdos are probably one of the most essential parts of our get up, but summers, the hot sun, the blazing heat, make it impossible for us to let our hair down-literally.

And simply tying up the hair, just don’t do it for formal and special occasions. In come Bun hairdos to our rescue, they add elegance and glamour, in addition to give us that much needed tidy look, we all need in this heat.

We bring you an amazing guide of 15 fabulous bun hairstyles to go with any occasion, be it a meeting, a picnic in the park, a special trip to the opera. We have got it all covered for you!

So what are we waiting for, let’s begin!

15. The Side Braided Bun


This looks difficult but is deceptively easy. All you need are a few hair pins to secure, a large hair scrunchie and you will be good to go in 6 minutes flat!

Take a section of your hair, leaving out the first portion and start a braid from the top from one side. From the other side, gather your hair and tie them in to a pony, with a large scrunchie. Secure the braid with a hair pin on the side. Take out the hair from the pony, brush them back and loop them over the scrunchie and tuck them safe with hair pins.

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 14. The Sock Bun


The every celebrity’s favorite bun style is now within your reach. Gives a neat look and is perfect for formal events. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Pull up your hair high into a bunch; tie with a small hair band. Take two sections of hair from either sides of the bunched up pony and make delicate braids out of them. Brush out the rest of the hair and tuck them in inside the hair band, finish it off by wrapping around the braids around the top section of the bun.

 13. The Sheathed Bun


A classy hair do for those delicate occasions, adds a special touch to your face and attire and brings out the best in you.

Part your hair from the middle, divide into two equal sections. Gently braid each section and tie them up with small bands. Bring both the braids across each other, so that they overlap one another, secure the left over hair into the braided buns with hair pins.

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 12. The Sock Braid Bun


This delicate curly bun updo that goes well with any occasion. It is quick and easy to fix and extremely handy for days when you are out of time and ideas. Divide your hair in two equal portions. Take top section of  each side and braid them half way. Secure each braid with small bands. Gently gather all the hair and tie them up. Now start rolling up the hair from bottom, into a puff. Tuck them gently into a bun.

 11. 4 Twisted Buns


This hair do is the sassy blend of messiness and sleek! It gives you the perfect look for a lunch or a picnic or just a special day out, pair this with a floral dress and strappy sandals, and there you are goddess from Venus!

Make four sections of your hour, leaving the front strands to tuck in later. Tie a knot of each section, positioning them close to one another. Gather the front strands gently and tuck them back in the curled bun loosely. Now isn’t that pretty!

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 10. The Low Hanging Bun


Women with long hair will love this bun! It takes your entire hair length, keeps it at bay and adds to your beauty. Side sweep your hair to one side and tie a lose pony. Now create a gap right above your band and pull in a section of your pony tail inwards like a knot. Tuck the left over hair inside and pin up with small hair pins. And we are ready!

 9. The  Classy Chignon


The classy chignon is an eternalfavorite. The elegance and glamour that it brings, is unmatched. It requires a little patience and time but the effort is worth it.

Smooth out your hair, from the front and the middle. Make sections and brush them gently into folds, gather these into a pony tail. Now gently take sections of your pony tail and keep tucking them in to your hair band till all the hair are rolled in and placed properly. Aren’t we classy!

 8. The Fish Braid Bun


A funky hairdo not only uplifts your mood, but also adds the extra oomph to your overall appearance. Get ready to rock this hairstyle!

Pull out the front section of hair, flip and start braiding the hair, till you reach the nape of your neck. Gather the end of the braid and hair and tuck up. Roll it inwards and you are done!

 7. The French Braid Bun


This delicate hair do is deceptively easy but adds grace and class like no other.

Simply French braid your hair till the end. Now start from the end of your braid. Roll it in with a light hand and form it into a bun. Secure it in with small bob pins. How easy was that!

 6. The Double Braid Bun


The double braid bun just requires a little time and the end results will blow your mind.

Smooth out hair and take the top section of hair, start the braid from the side, making it come to the other side, secure it with a small band. Now braid the rest of the section of the hair and bring it to the other side too. Take both the braids and tuck those inwards, securing them with hair pins. For that extra special touch add a pretty bow right in the middle of your bun. Pretty you!

 5. The Side Swept Chignon


Every woman with short hair faces the dilemma of styling her hair differently for special occasions. Thankfully we have the solution!

Brush out your hair and make two sections.  Leave the top section, to style later for a smooth swept bang. Comb back your other section from the top of the head and make two smaller sections. Roll the first section of hair inwards and secure with a bubble pin. Repeat the same procedure with the other section of the hair. Smooth out the front section in a perfect bang.  Secure the bun with a pretty hair brooch. Easy and dressy!

 4. The Twisted Bun


There are days, when we want to put in minimum effort to do anything, but looking good is essential too. In comes the twisted bun to the rescue!

Divide your hair from the middle parting. Pull each side like a pony and tie a knot. Now take one end of the hair and wrap it around the knot, secure it with a pin. Take the other bunch of hair and wrap it around in the other direction over the knot. Secure it a pin. And there you! Ready to step out in style!

 3. The Simple Low Bun


This hair style is perfect to carry to work. Easy to assemble and elegant in appearance.

Brush out your hair smooth, gather to one side and tie in to a pony. Now start braiding the hair that starts out from the pony tail. Complete your braid and keep rolling it till it forms a bun. Secure it gently with bobby pins. And off you go!

 2. The Threesome Bun


This retro classic is back in fashion! Although the name sounds funny, it is probably one of the easiest hairstyle around.

Simply section your hairs in to three portions. Make a pony tail of each section. Now roll the middle pony into a bun and secure it with a hair pin. Take the pony from the right side and wrap it around the bun, repeat the procedure with the left side pony too. And Voila!

 1. The Simple Scrunchie Bun


It could not get any easier than this! This hair do is a must for all of us!

Brush out your hair smooth and gather them into pony, securing with a large scrunchie. Now simply comb out thin sections of  hair from your pony and loop them over the scrunchie one by one, secure any loose strands with small bobby pins. See how easy!

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