14 Easy Updos For Long Hair

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Hair is one of the most significant elements which can easily be manipulated to enhance the beauty of your demeanor. Long hair is all time favorite for most of the women as they are a symbol of beauty in many cultures around the world. When it comes to styling, updos are considered to be one of the most wanted styles in vogue.

There is a huge variety of updos available on the web but most of them are very intricate for majority of people. After reading this article you will get to learn 14 easy updos for long hair with comprehensive tutorials that are feasible for almost everyone and will add style and glamour to your personality. So here you go!

14. Quick Twisted Updo


This is one of the simple and easy updos for long hair. Start with parting your hair from the center, dividing your hair into two equal sections and pin or clip one of the sections. Pick up a small portion of hair from the free section near your temple and start twisting it, while gradually adding hair from below until you reach the end of the hair length. Repeat the same on the clipped section of hair and in the end twist the sections together and roll it to make a twisted bun in the center. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

13. Double Bun


To wear this bun hairstyle, first split the hair into two equal sections on from the center of your head horizontally. And turn both the sections into ponytails and secure by rubber band. Start twisting the top ponytail and simultaneously make a bun and secure it to one side of the bottom ponytail.

Repeat the same with the bottom ponytail, twisting it and pinning it in place on the opposite side of the top elastic. Use pins to fix the buns on the scalp and adjust them to give a uniform appearance.

12. Holiday High Bun


This is one of the most adorable hairdo on the list of easy updos for long hair. Begin with a ponytail on the top of your head on the temple area and smooth the hair into a sleek pony. Divide the ponytail into 4 equal sections and clip them. Take one of the sections and backcomb it if you have thin hair. Smooth the top if the hair are backcombed and then roll it upward from the ends toward your head.

Secure the rolled section with pins on the head. Repeat this process with the remaining 3 sections. Join the rolled sections by spreading them to form a complete shape of a bun. Use excessive amount of spray if you want to stay longer.

11. Knotted Buns Hairdo


Knotted bun hairdo enhances your feminine look. It seems complicated but is among the top members of easy updos for long hair. Decide the position of the bun, whether you want it in the center or on side. Section your hair into two equal sections and clip one section away.

Apply a generous amount of wax to the free section and subdivide it into two equal sections and tie a knot with these sections. Continue to tie the sections until you reach the end. Wrap the section around the ponytail to make bun and secure with pins as required. Repeat the same process with the remaining section.

10. Cascade Updo


This is yet another easy updos for long hair that gives a soft and subtle look and works best for any kind of hair texture. Start by a loose ponytail at the crown. Take one inch section of ponytail and create a loop and attach it with the scalp with hair pin. Repeat the process until all the hair are looped and attached to the scalp. Frame your face with few tendrils.

9. Princess Roll Hairstyle


It is a classy and unique hairdo that is also easy to form. Start by adding texture to your hair with any product you like. Then place rubber headband on your head in a way that a flower crown is worn. Now beginning from one side of the head, wrap your hair from below the headband to over it and tuck them in the headband. Continue with wrapping hair till you are at the other side of your head. In the end, secure them with hairspray and bobby pins if required.

8. Braid Wrapped Bun


This bun takes five minutes and is best when you are short of time. Those with long hair, will find this as one of the easily manageable of all the easy updos for long hair. Make a ponytail (lower than normal) and lock it with rubber band. Take a 2 inch hair strand and braid it neatly and clip it aside.

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Make a normal bun by wrapping the loose hair around the base of ponytail.  Use hairpins to protect the bun and then wrap the braided strand around the bun. Give the final touch by pinning the ends of braid to the head.

7. Inside Out Pony Tail Bun


This updo is extremely simple and still gives a splendid appearance. Gather your hair into a high ponytail, make sure that the hair are tangle free and smooth. Gather the lower portion of ponytail and tuck it in the rubber band you used to secure the ponytail.

6. Ballerina Bun Hairdo


Ballerina bun is one of the best easy updos for long hair that adds style to personality. Start with pulling up your hair in a high ponytail. Then brush to make them smooth to give a sleek look. Grab the section of ponytail close to the elastic with your left hand and use your right hand to make a loop by moving the ponytail in circular pattern.

Make a loose knot by passing the end of the ponytail through the loop you made earlier. Now wrap the loose hair strands of ponytail around the knot to form a neat bun while securing simultaneously with hairpins as required. Spray in the end to fix everything in place.

5. High Ponytail


Although this updo is not creative and is simple but this gives a very cute and radiant appearance. Add difference than normal look by making the ponytail higher and righter than you normally do. It works great for the day or night and gets done in less than five minutes.

4. Chestnut Bun


Chestnut bun is yet another on the list of easy updos for long hair that is exquisite and compliments style. Gather your hair into a high and tight ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Make a hole in hair above the rubber band by putting in your fingers and pass the ponytail upside down from the hole.

Wrap the ends of the ponytail around your hand a few times and tuck it at the base. Pin the ends that you just tucked using bobby pins. Then use extra hair pins to secure the sides and the lowest portion of the bun. Spray your hairdo at the end to add more protection.

3. Bow Tie Hairdo


This looks complicated and looks like you spent hours on making it, but is extremely easy to form. Grab your hair in a ponytail, leave a 2 inch strand and make a simple loop bun with the rest of the hair. Then divide the bun into two equal sections that look like a bow and clip them in places. Bring the loose hair string and wrap around your hair tie between the two sections and secure it under the hair tie.

2. Braid Ponytail


This is super simple and is one of the sleek and easy updos for long hair. Commence with a French braid and make till the part of your head where you want the ponytail. Secure the braid with few pins and make a ponytail. Smooth the pony tail by brushing the strands and you are done with a finished sleek look.

1. Infinity Bun


Grab a rubber band and make a ponytail (normal position not too high and not too low). The trick of this updo is to make a horizontal 8 shape. Pull the hair from one side and twist it upward to make a circle on one side. Secure with pins as you go and then twist the left hair to make a circle at the other side to complete the 8 shape. Don’t forget to secure the shape simultaneously.

Lock the end of hair under the infinity bun with small hair pin to hide it. Look around and add extra hairpins if required to keep it all set. In the end, smooth hair using hairspray and a fine tooth comb. Make sure that both the circles of 8 shapes are balanced.

With the help of the above listed easy updos for long hair you now have considerable options of hairdos for any occasion that are easily manageable. Try these and look fabulous every day of your life. You can also play around with your hair by adding little bit of creativity and imagination by trying slight variations and combinations of the choices you now have.

This will not only enhance your beauty but will help improve your self-esteem by elevating self-confidence as once you are satisfied with your outer self, you have more contented inner self. Enjoy experimenting with your hair discover the ones that suits you the best and add style to your personality!

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