13 Eye Catching Curly Hair Updos

Curly hair are not easy to handle. You have to put some extra effort to keep your curly hair in control and looking good; as you want them. Curly hairstyles have their own charisma and attraction if done carefully and according to the trends which are in. Similarly, when it comes to curly hair updos they can be tricky if you don’t pay the required attention.

Whenever you style your curly hair, one thing should be kept in mind that your curls must not be frizzing up. If they do, then you should use a moisturizer before trying any updo. To make the updos very easy to understand and handy to wear, given below is a list of 15 beautiful curly hair updos.

13. High Bun Updo


The high bun updo is very versatile. It mainly benefits women with long curly bob hair but can also be worn on short curly hair. The reason behind its versatility is that you can adjust the size of the bun according to your own will. Moreover you can also make it messy or simple or in any other fashion you want it to be.

The next interesting thing is that the high bun draws attention to your face, accentuating its beauty and framing your features. You may add more spice to it by adding some bright colored streaks in the bun.

12. Pin Curl Updo


Looking for a retro and classy look? Among all curly hair updos this is the updo you have been searching for. An old styled updo, which makes you look very much the 1980s Hollywood diva. This updo is bound to turn heads wherever you go. It is easy to do and looks pretty. All you need is some bobby pins and a little concentration while doing your beautiful curls. This updo also enhances the apparent volume of your hair.

11. Piled High Updo


A lot of short curly hair updos enhance the volume of your hair and bring attention to your curls but the piled high updo is probably better than all of them. It is very easy to do at the same time. You need some pins and then pull your curls upwards and secure them with the pins. Keep in mind that in doing so you shouldn’t destroy the intactness of your curls because that is what helps this updo bring the beautiful you to the fore. The uniqueness of this updo is unmatchable.

10. Pompadour


This updo works best on voluminous curly hair. It is not that non-voluminous hair can’t wear this updo, but for the best results your hair have to be voluminous. What’s more to this updo is that it takes very short time and minimal effort.

You don’t have to indulge in a fight with your curls as you probably have to do in case of other curly hair updos. You just have to ensure that the front-side of your hair is appropriately shaped and the posterior end of your hair is sleek. Once you have acquired this updo you will love yourself for making the decision.

9. Braided/Twisted Updo


One beautiful way to adorn your curly hair is installing braids or twists or both in them. The number of variations you can do with this braid updo is massive. You can make any sorts of braids and you can create multiple twists into your curly hair. This updo gives you the casual beach look which can be very attractive on a number of events. Minimal effort and time are the added advantages of this updo.

Another variation which can be done is that you create mini braids and updo them into a high and mini buns. It all depends on your creativity and imagination.

8. Curly Side Bun Updo


This updo can be defined in two words: simple and elegant. It gives you a naughty or flirty look which is deemed necessary on parties and other casual occasions. This updo will make you feel blessed to have curly hair because of the beauty is gives to your curls. Collect your hair and pull them to one side and then wrap around elastic to create the side bun. You can add more life to it by putting a flower of some other accessory in your curls.

7. Faux Bob Updo


In the list of curly hair updos, the much talked about faux bob updo is the ultimate name for sophistication and beauty. Even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift have a special liking for the faux bob. It is not as complex as it seems. Obviously it is not as easy as other curly hair updos, but when you want a special look you can definitely pay a little for it.  Gather hair in a loose ponytail at the back of your head and then work your fingers through your curls in order to create a full bob. You will surely love your look once you have done it.

6. Top Knot Updo


If you are in a hurry or are too tired to work on your curly hairstyles then this updo will cater your need of looking beautiful without any effort. You have to pull most of your hair to the top and then secure the base of the pulled hair with the help of a band, making a knot. And there you are with your updo. See, nice and easy.

5. Curly Two Strand Twist Halo Updo


This updo, among other curly hair updos, is a simple and sleek style for your hair. It gives you a fashionable and trendy look abd it doesn’t require much practice or effort either. It gives you a feminine and new look. It reveals the adventurous and audacious you. With this updo your curls look more neat and worked out in contrast to the usual messy look curls give.

You have to create two strands and twist them in the fashion you like the most or a fashion which complements your looks. Use your fashion creativity here.

4. Two Strand Twist Updo


This updo requires a little effort but the result more than justifies the effort. The look your curls will get with this updo is unbelievable. It gives you a really classy and elegant look. This updo is a must wear for formal occasions like weddings or formal dinners etc. First of all you have to make two strands out of a section of your curls.

Then you have to twist these strands on the back of your head. Now what is interesting is that this updo gives you the leverage of experimenting with your curls via it. You can arrange the remaining curls in any manner you like. Furthermore if you want to add spice to this updo then you can make streaks out of the strands! Do the experiments with this updo and you will fall in love with your curls.

3. Twisted Bang High Pony Updo


This updo has a unique and different style; distinguished from all other curly hair updos. It is most suitable for shoulder length curly hair. Gather hair at the nape section of your head and make them into a ponytail and then do the twisted bang. You can add some newness to this style by incorporating your own ideas into it.

For example other than the high pony you can keep your hair side parted or deep side parted or in any other style you like. You must keep on experimenting with your curls in order to be confident about your hair and looks.

2. Braided Ponytail Updo


This style is a combination of the simple ponytail look and the trendy braided look. It is a fantastic combination of both. You can make variations in both things, i. e, the ponytail and the braids. The pony can be high or low or a side pony and likewise the braids can be of any style you like.

You can also make the braids streaked. In short this updo is the most liberty-giving updo in the list of curly hair updos. So it brings out the wild, crazy, trendy and funky person inside you and gives her a chance to manifest and prove herself.

1. Full And Wild Curly Updo


You may have worn many curly hair updos but if you have not tried this one then you probably have not given your curls the chance to be the manifestation of your craziness. This updo is all about letting your curls what they are. It’s letting them loose in whatever direction they go. You just have to take care of small things like not letting the curls frizz. This can be done by applying anti-frizz creams.

Moreover you should also use moisturizers and smoothing creams to your curls. Then wrap up the curls, falling in the top layer of your hair, around your fingers. This will define their shape and give them the neatness and assembly they need. That’s it and you are good to go.

Different curly hair updos are designed for different purposes. You have to know the nature of your curls in order to choose the updo that would best complement your curls. Having curly hair can prove to be a blessing when you couple the curls with the right updo. Moreover you should not stick to internet told updos only. Rather with all curly hair updos you must use your own creativity and fashion sense so that you bring out what you want from your hair.

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