12 Ways About How To Grow Thick Eyebrows Naturally

Fully grow and thick eyebrows always compliment the personality of a person. Some says that the eyebrows are an essential beauty feature of a woman that highlights the adorability of face. Thick eyebrows in particular are always in demand because these enhance the actual beauty of your face while thin eyebrows made you look old. Everyone has naturally beautiful eyebrows but over plucking and threading makes the eyebrows thin and dull your looks. Some other means like use of radiations, nutrient deficiency in body, use of poor quality cosmetics can affect the health of your eyebrows and make them thin also.

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From the Hollywood actresses Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightley and Lilly Collins there was one thing common in all these beautiful ladies. These ladies were known for their beautiful eyebrows which were naturally thick and bushy at the same time. The question is, how to get thicker eyebrows? Now a day, thick and bushy eyebrows are a new trend in fashion industry and women like to wear them other than the thin and proper shaped eyebrows. So! If you are looking for some tips to get thick and beautiful eyebrows like these celebrities, we will provide it to you in this article. Apart from the artificial means like drawing your eyebrows with simple eyeliner tricks to make them look thicker, we too have some natural ways through which we can have make the eyebrows thicker without much effort. Some natural and home remedies to make your eyebrows grow thick with time are as follows:


“Thick eyebrows is a new trend in fashion as well as it is a key to look young and cute. Follow some of these mentioned remedies for this purpose.”

12. Castor Oil


Her you’ll learn how to fill in eyebrows using castor oil. Castor oil is an old but already tested method with good results when it comes to the growth of your eyebrows. It nourishes the follicles of the hair of eyebrows and makes them grow well because of its containment of different vitamins, protein and effective antioxidants. Castor Oil is easily available in the market so you can easily try this DIY therapy at home.

  • Take castor oil and warm it in a pan. Now take this warm oil on your finger’s tip and apply it to your eyebrows.
  • Massage the brows gently with that liquid. Keep in mind that do not rub the eyebrows hard as it can pluck the hair and can cause other problems.
  • Repeat this process every night to get good results.

11. Olive Oil


If you want to know how to grow eyebrows naturally, just use olive oil regularly. Olive oil is also a good remedy for the strength and growth of your eye brows. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and helps your brows to grow quicker. Olive oil also enhances the thickness of your hair and removes their dullness.

  • In a frying pan, warm the olive oil for some time.
  • Take this warm olive oil on your finger’s tip and apply it.
  • Massage your eye brows with it for some time.
  • Repeat the process every night and in five days you will see the difference.
  • You can also add honey with olive oil for some wonderful results.

10. Aloe Vera


you don’t need to ask anyone how to get thicker eyebrows, if you’ve Aloe Vera available at home. Aloe Vera is known for its natural moisturizing properties and is a proven remedy for the growth of eyebrows. Aloe Vera has different enzymes which nourishes the hair follicles and stimulates the growth of your eyebrows naturally. Aloe Vera also makes the eyebrows shine and its anti-inflammatory properties helps repair the damages on your skin caused by threading and plucking.

  • Take an Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it.
  • Grind this paste to smooth it.
  • Now apply this paste on the eyebrows and gently massage for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse off the skin afterwards.
  • For more benefits, you can also add honey and oil to this paste as well.

9. Coconut Oil


All type of oil, especially coconut oil is considered best for hair growth and strength. Coconut oil has boosting properties for fast hair growth and it makes the eyebrows thicker.

  • Apply warm coconut oil on your eyebrows with help of your finger.
  • Leave it on for the whole night for better results.
  • Wash your face in the morning.

8. Egg Yolk


Learn how to grow eyebrows using only an egg from your fridge. The beaten yolk of an egg contains nutrients to moisturize the skin and helps the eyebrows to grow thick. Egg yolk is also a great source of protein and improves the health of your eyebrows.

  • Apply the egg’s yolk on your eyebrows with help of cotton.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes until it is dried.
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Repeat the process once in a week for thick hair.

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7. Milk


Milk is an effective treatment if you wan to learn how to fill in eyebrows as it is very effective for the health of your eyebrows. Milk contains all the necessary vitamins and protein to add volume to your eyebrows.

  • Dip cotton in fresh milk.
  • Apply the cotton on your eyebrows and rub it gently.
  • After it is dried, rinse off with warm water.
  • Repeat the process regularly for better results.

“You can flaunt the innocence of your personality with naturally thick eyebrows by following these home remedies.”

6. Almond Oil


Here we’ll teach you how to get thicker eyebrows with the help of almond oil. Almond oil is a great source of Vitamin E and is also beneficial for the growth of hair. Application of Almond oil volumize your eyebrows and gives you a different look.

  • Take warm almond oil on your finger tips and apply it to your eyebrows.
  • Massage the brows gently with this oil.
  • Leave it on for a complete night.
  • Repeat this process every night to get good results.

5. Onion Juice


Onion juice is an unexpected home remedies here. Because of its sour taste and smell everyone avoids eating it or use it even. Onion may be a bit stinky but have some wonderful benefits for your overall health which also includes the growth of your eyebrows naturally. It contains sulfur and stimulates the blood circulation in that area resulting in better growth of your hair. Here is the recipe, if you want to know how to grow eyebrows using onion juice:

  • Dilute the onion juice before using it as it may contain some strong nutrient values which may cause damage to your eyes.
  • Soak a cotton ball in onion juice and then gently rub it on your eyebrows.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash your face with warm water to let go the smell of onion.
  • Repeat the procedure at least once in a week for better results.

4. Lemon


Lemon is also helpful when it comes to add volume to your eyebrows. Lemon is full of vitamin C and also contains some other nutrients like Vitamin B and folic acid to help the growth of your eyebrows. It also helps repair the damage skin around the eyebrows. But make sure that the particles of lemon did not go into your hooded eyes.

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  • Cut a lemon into slices. Rub a slice on your eyebrows to make them grow naturally.
  • You can also squeeze the lemon and extract its juice.
  • Apply lemon juice on your eyebrows for their natural growth.
  • Leave it on for some time and then wash off with warm water.
  • Repeat the process every day for a week or two.

3. Orange


Oranges contain vitamin C, which is an important ingredient for your hair and their growth. For thick eyebrows, orange juice is also recommended because of its vitamin C and vitamin A containment. Just increase the amount of vitamin C contained foods in your diet and your eyebrows will naturally grow.

  • Extract the juice from an orange by using a juicer or simply squeezing it.
  • Take the juice on your finger tip and rub across your eyebrows.
  • Massage your eyebrows for 5 minutes and leave it on.
  • You can also rub peel of an orange against your eyebrows as an orange peel has its own nutrient values and benefits for your skin.

2. Fenugreek Seeds


Another good remedy for the growth of your eyebrows can be fenugreek seeds. These seeds have great benefits like they are rich in protein and lecithin to boosts the growth of your eyebrows. These seeds are also helpful for the building and repairing of hair follicles thus makes your eyebrows thick.

  • Soak the fenugreek seeds for a night before use.
  • Grind them to make a paste of them.
  • You can add coconut oil or almond oil to this paste to make it thick.
  • Massage your eyebrows gently with help of this paste.
  • Leave it on for some hours and then wash your face.
  • It is recommended to use it before going to bed for better results.
  • Repeat the procedure for at least a month, twice a week.

1. Petroleum Jelly


Sometimes proper nourishment of the hair can result better than expected. Petroleum Jelly is a product which helps moisturize the skin and helps the hair to grow thick.

  • Apply petroleum Jelly around your eyebrows area and scrub gently.
  • Wash your face with warm water afterwards.
  • Repeat the process twice a day and you will see positive effect in a month.

Thick and bushy eyebrows are a new trend in fashion industry. But the excessive plucking and waxing have disturbed the health of natural eyebrows in these years. You can still adopt the new trend of thick eyebrows by using the simple home remedies and products from above. But, while using these remedies try to remember some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any kind of harsh circumstances. We have listed some Do’s of Don’ts that will help you understand the best and worst practices.


  • Exfoliate your brows to help them grow fast.
  • Eat healthy food with rich nutrients like Omega 3, vitamin B and iron.
  • Moisturize your eyebrows with help of petroleum jelly to help them grow.
  • Take a healthy nap and avoid stress as it can damage the growth of your eyebrows.
  • Drink water to keep the body hydrated.


  • Avoid excessive waxing and plucking.
  • Avoid brow makeup for better growth of your eyebrows.
  • Avoid rubbing and scratching your eyebrows frequently.
  • Avoid getting oil into your eyes.
  • Avoid the exposure of sun after application of lemon on eyebrows.

Just by following few of these tips and techniques you can have naturally beautiful and thick eyebrows like lily Collins. If am definitely going to adopt few tips and will change my look with naturally thick eyebrows. You can also use these tips and remedies at home and can flaunt the stunning eyebrows to look younger and innocent from face.

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