12 Gorgeous And Tedious Country Themed Wedding Styles

Wedding ceremony is a union of people and wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. When you start your wedding planning, there is so much to take into the consideration. Choosing a unique theme for your wedding not only makes your event special, but it also provides elegance and charm to the whole atmosphere. A themed wedding is a lot of fun and many people are choosing it due to its excitement and uniqueness. Your wedding theme can be just about anything you wished for or having dreams about it. Country themed wedding is one of the stunning choices from themed wedding decorations. These are often held in unique locations, such as barns, fields, empty buildings, or other large spaces.

Country themed wedding is an easy and relatively inexpensive theme to pull off, providing tremendous fun for you and your guests. If you are thinking about country themed wedding decor, here come 12 tedious decorating possibilities to make your event stand at highest profile.

12. Barn-themed Wedding


If you love all things country, a barn country themed wedding can be classy choice for you, as you will find a venue with plenty of space for dancing except usual decorations. Barn-themed weddings are usually outdoor weddings in open localities with every shape and size.

11. Glitter Tea Lights

Glitter Tea Lights

Another awesome looking country themed wedding décor is using glitter tea lights. Make fabulous glitter tea lights in just seconds with little to no mess due to use of glitter tape instead of sprinkling it. Grab your glitter tape and tea lights and get started making your own elegant wedding centerpiece and receive maximum likes from your fellows and family.

10. Mason Jars Country Theme

Mason Jars Country Theme

Mason jars are always a great idea for a country themed wedding. You can use them to hold flowers and wheat for centerpieces and you can fill them with sand or barley, place a votive in them, and use them as lanterns. This country themed wedding décor is simple but superb; as mason jars look so versatile and great for adding sweet and budget-friendly touch to your special day celebrations.

9. Sugar Petals Cake

Sugar Petals Cake

Wedding decorations cannot be complete without a cake and design matters a lot in the selection of a lovely country themed wedding cakes. Cup cake style is very popular these days and creamy topping will add more charm with yum taste. Serving items should also b country themed in order to maintain sequence and beauty. have a look at these beautiful wedding cake ideas.

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