12 Gorgeous And Tedious Country Themed Wedding Styles

8. Scented and Decorative Candles

Scented and Decorative Candles

Candle décor is always a popular choice for a wedding ceremony. A candle placed in a rustic mason jar or dipped in a country scent such as apple, spice or pumpkin looks tremendously beautiful.

7. Using Family Tree For Country Themed Wedding

Using Family Tree For Country Themed Wedding

Another gem idea is to create a family tree with picture display. It is a sweet way to display family wedding photos at an outdoor location. This family tree would prove to be a central piece of attraction for your country themed wedding.

6. Use of Greenery Leaves

Use of Greenery Leaves Country Themed Wedding

One of the most fabricated ways to make an ideal reception or ceremony to look rustic by using greenery leaves and birch bark. These are surely the best alternatives; similarly, you can also use burlap tablecloths and evergreen garlands to get a country themed wedding style.

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