11 Trendy Bun Hairstyles

If there is one group of hairstyles that will never go out if fashion, it’s the bun hairstyles. This hairstyle first appeared in ancient Greek civilization. Since then, the hairdo has been influencing women. While it has evolved into many forms and has been regarded as symbolic to many things in different civilizations, it is a true style staple; a polished look that works if you want to disguise a bad hair day.

There are a million ways you can style a bun: from flirty to elegant, from formally tightened to messy and loose, you can always find new bun hairstyles. Currently, the bun is undergoing constant and gorgeous updates.

The following bun hairdo’s are comparatively easy to prepare at home, however they will mistake anyone with their air if complexity and rich pattern.

11. Braided Bun

braided -bun

This is one viable option for you if you are not a genius in terms of hairstyling, or you want to keep yourself at the basics. It is just the perfect choice for proms and weddings. This style stands out because of the thick braid, which wraps around the bun and makes it stand out in an unusually posing way, thus adding a little more of style to the classic old bun. Messy is another option if you have curly hair. Just pull out random strands after completing the bun, or make the ponytail. You may also curl up strands from the hairline to frame the face, thus adding more glamour to the bun.

10. Waterfall French Braid Bun


This hairstyle is so rich, that you must beware of envy when you wear it. It words great with long wavy hair. Won’t hurt any other texture either. Simple part your hair, grab a small section at one side and split into three parts to proceed with a French braid diagonally across the head. Secure the braid with an elastic band, and roll it up to make a small bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. Remember to begin with partially wet hair, to deal with the frizz, and apply shine and holding spray after finishing the bun. This hairstyle suits all sorts of faces especially oval and round faces.

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9. Low Hanging Bun


Here is another sophisticated look that comes rather unexpected in terms of the bun’s shape and position. However, the result is always highly satisfying. The hairstyle is very popular among celebrities and is constantly hitting the red carpet. The style can be reproduced at home without much of a frustration. However, this one is a particular for extra-long hair. The medium length hair will show similar results without the prominent loop. You must have straightened blow dried hair to begin with.

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8. Knotted Bun Updo


It’s always great to appear as if you’ve spent a lot more time on your hair then you really have, while simultaneously making your hairdo look effortless and comfortable, and this hairstyle does exactly that! Start by making hair smooth; make a side part.

Split it in two, and tie the thicker part in a half knot, then a full knot right about your ear. Separate a second section of hair a few inches thick and add it to the knotted strand closest: tie another half knot. Repeat the process. Take the last bunch of hair and, twist it gently over itself towards the head, and combine it with a knotting strand. Finish by making continuous knots to the end and securing with an elastic band.

Twist the trail backwards make sure to hide the band under the hair. You are done!

7. Side Bun


Side bun hairstyles are perfect for formal events and proms. They simply never go out of vogue. Classic and least time consuming, side buns are versatile and you can personalize them according to your flavor. They are relatively easy to make then the high buns or the back buns.

Keep them rough and messy for a funky yet neat impression, or accessorize them however you like. It leaves your neck free, and makes the eyes prominent. Make a low loosely pulled side ponytail, secure it with a rubber-band and wrap into a messy bun. Secure with pins, and apply any accessory you feel like.

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6. Fishtail Bun


This fancy and astoundingly elegant yet casual hairstyle is unique in all bun hairstyles. It has complicated appearance, yet it is easy to reproduce by yourself. You can finish the bun in under three minute’s tops if you know how to make a fishtail braid. You can wear it to all types of events, including proms and formal dinners, and it will prove to be s how stopper.

Owing to the complicated appearance, people tend to overestimate the time and effort required to achieve it. Prepare a French fishtail braid, starting at the top and going downwards, adding more free strands to the sections of braid at each step. Be careful to leave a section of hair free below the fishtail braid. Taking the lower section, twist it upon itself to form a small bun at the back of your head.

Wrap the braid around the bun and secure in place with bobby pins and clips. Make sure you hid the tip of the braid somewhere within the bun.

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5. Double Braided Bun


The double braid into bun style is absolutely adorable. It keeps your long hair away from your neck and face; great for hot seasons and for outdoor parties. Although the effort is more and it takes more time then the common buns, the end result is satisfying.

Divide the front half into two sections, making a braid out of each section. Pull the lower hair into a ponytail. Gather it into a messy bun using hair-tie or bobby pins. Make an inside out French braid out if the upper section. Wrap the double braids underneath the bun; fasten with pins to complete this look.

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4. Ballerina Bun


Here is another style for the girls out there with short hair. That doesn’t mean, you can’t have yourself a ballerina bun if you have long one. Simply comb your hair to make it frizz free, then gather it from both sides of your head, and divide into two sections. From the upper portion, make a tight bun at the top of the back of your head. Divide the lower section into further sections twisting each of them and attaching them to the bun with bobby pins.

3.Twisted Low Bun


Low bun hairstyles are great to disguise your short hair; more make them look longer than they actually are. This bun is rapidly growing in popularity as a wedding hair for those with medium to short hair. The bun creates a pouf to the hair above it, thus adding volume to the hair, and making them look more imposing.

However, it is equally common as a daily use hairstyle, especially for work hours. Simply gather all of your hair to the back, twist the hair in order to roll it upwards to approximately the middle of your head’s back. Secure the bun in place by using bobby pins. If it looks loose, then substitute with a brooch.

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2. Nape Bun


Up front, this bun looks very similar to the ponytail; however, the low bun is rich in its looks. You can wear this bun at proms. It works great with strapless gowns. Particularly suitable for elongated and oval faces, the nape gown particularly brings out the eyes. You can personalize it by altering the size and the symmetry of the bun, and can make it messy.

1. Messy Loose Bun


Mostly bun hairstyles are characterized by the overall tight updo, with a regular shaped ball of hair somewhere on your head. In fact tight buns are a cliché these days on account of the likeness of the people for them. Making it messy gives you the advantage of a unique updo, which, despite the disposition, can be worn to formal parities and proms as well as at home.

As a matter of fact, their popularity has no boundary limits and the buns are equally popular in many parts of the world. It takes much less time, and the end results are always artfully gorgeous.
Having your hair tied in a bun certainly has its perks. You don’t have to bother about them all the time. The bun keeps your neck and shoulders mess free, thus making it perfect for the hot summer days. Bun saves you from bad hair days; and when adequately designed and managed, a bun will certainly earn you praises both at work and parties.

With the mammoth array of bun hairstyles out there, sometimes a choice becomes both difficult and annoying. With this list at hand, that’s one less problem, you have to worry about! The above mentioned bun hairstyles are both gorgeous and easy to make. They demand neither an unusual skill, nor pricey hair appliances. Make sure you pick the right one for your hair, and don’t forget to practice.

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