11 Tips For Choosing Second Wedding Dresses

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Whether you are getting married the first time or the second time around, or even the third time, choosing wedding dresses can be hard and nerve wrecking. Here are a few tips to consider while choosing your second wedding dresses. These days, more than often, people are getting divorced and tying the knot again, some are even tying the knot for a second time despite already having wife. You think it would be easier to do things second time around. Well, apparently not as people go through the same turmoil over and over again. They do the same silly things and make the same mistakes that they made first time around. The tips given here will ease your tension of selecting what you should wear on an important event of your life. It will also help you to look smart and gorgeous wearing something that matches personality and create and create an impression on people around you on your second wedding. This article mostly focuses on wedding dresses for the ladies. For the gents it’s usually easier.

11. Don’t Go Extravagant Nor Be Frugal

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What this means is, do you remember your first wedding, when you went all out and bought that expensive wedding dresses made by some fancy designer and it cost a fortune? Yeah, don’t do that. How long did it last? Were you able to use it again? No you weren’t. So choose the second wedding dresses carefully, because you never know you just might have to choose dresses all over again.

10. Buy Something That Is Easily Wearable And Comfortable

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Remember how the first time around you saw those wedding dresses that you really liked and thought damn, I will have to go on a diet to lose weight to fit in to that wedding dress. Well when you are shopping for your second wedding dresses just pick those dresses that you can easily fit into with your current body definition. Pick those dresses that look elegant, are easy to wear, and allow you to go about your wedding rituals with comfort.

9. Simplicity And Formality

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Pick a dress that suits your personality but also reflect that it’s a second wedding. Many brides choose second wedding dresses that are more like evening gowns, and are of dark color. They do not go for the traditional white wedding dress or wedding dresses in bold colors or embroidery. A simple wedding dress with some or little beading to maintain the wedding feel is what is needed.

It’s nothing to be bold but still shows youthfulness. However consensus amongst experts and from research states that second time brides usually go for colors that show simplicity and formality. However the colors of the second wedding dresses are not restricted, the bride may wear any color that suits her skin tone.

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8. Silhouettes and Cuts

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For your second wedding dresses, chose robes that suit your body shape the best. Meaning to say wear that will suit you will look best in and will fall right along your curves. Sheaths, A-line dresses, or full skirted dresses, either could work. Then go for a style or shape that you are most comfortable in. Remember weddings go up to seven hours. So get wedding dresses in which you will be able to dance, stand, sit and still be eat ease. It should be a dress which will allow you to breathe and thereby allowing you to enjoy your own wedding.

You have to be careful about the length of the wedding. It should be longer than knee length. Even for a casual wedding, it should be longer than knee length. Anything shorter than that is considered sexual and informal, there by rendering it inappropriate for a wedding, especially a second wedding. Second wedding dresses can usually be of shorter length than first wedding dresses.

7. Design and Embellishments

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As per the second wedding protocol, the bride selecting her second wedding dresses are recommended to choose dresses with light embroidery and embellishments. It is preferred that the gown is more formal and simpler in nature with no extravagant decorations or designs. Most brides do opt for some sort of lacing or the other on their dress just to give it the look of a happy occasion. If the dress is devoid of any decorations it becomes too formal and would be suitable for a sombre affair and not a wedding. Whether is your first or tenth wedding, it is supposed to be a happy affair nonetheless, no? What do you think?

6. Age Factor

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These days, people are getting married at all sorts of ages.  A bride can be in her teens or in her forties. So the age should be given some consideration while choosing the dress for the bride. Some dresses are too bold for an older bride, such as ball gowns. However that doesn’t mean that there are not any sexy and dazzling second wedding dresses for older brides.  There are plenty of wedding dresses that second wedding brides, of older age can choose from that makes them look sexy and pretty.

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