11 Most Exotic Hairstyles for Round Faces

Since the emergence of fashion, hairstyles have always been considered to be of the prime importance. Women have been known to give special care and attention to their hair throughout history. Every age has its own trends and standards. To look beautiful, it is imperative to adorn yourself with a hairstyle that suits your facial characters. In this regard, finding the right hairstyles for round faces can be a painstakingly difficult task, where the common braids, and the simplest of hair-do’s are basically designed for the typical oval faces, round faces demand unique attention, and more care. Although shorter length is the common trend, rather, the trick is to hide the prominent cheeks and roundness, and give the impression of length. Apart from the popular peek-a-boo braid and mixed layers, here’s a list of hairstyles for round faces you certainly will want to wear.

11. Long Waves


The style stands at the top of the list, for it does not require any extraordinary length. Chin length and shoulder length hair can be styled thus. It offers a facial lift perfect for round faces without crowding the appearance. Make sure you don’t have blunt, thick-ended cut before you apply the loose waves.

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10. Short, Sharp Bobs


Perhaps one of the best hairstyles for round faces, the sharp hairstyle immaculately complements the roundness, and adds angular character to round faces. Simply start blow-drying wet hair from bottom, achieving the straightness by pulling hair side to side. Then pull sections of hair from the root up using a brush, and finish by polishing the hair uniformly, once completely dry. Be cautious to eliminate the curls as they would not let your hair stay in the bobs shape.

9. Tapered Pixie Cuts


Not the universally recognized option in hairstyles for round faces, some may condemn pixie cuts on a round face, but quite a few certain styles will complement the round face. If you want to make the neck look longer and diminish the rounded cheeks, the cropped pixie is just fine for you. The shape highlights the cheek bones, thus adjusting the round facial features. It also defies the overlying trend that short hair doesn’t suit the round face. You just have to go with something really defined.

Consider short sides to add softness to your temples and ears. Simply arrange the bangs sideways by using a blow-dryer and brush. Flatten the bangs and separate with your fingers. Once the hair do is finished, the hard work certainly pays off, resulting in a fabulous style, certainly complimenting the roundness of the face.

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8. Bohemian Waves


The perfect choice for a fresh and somewhat free appearance, Bohemian waves are almost never disappointing. The longer length is used to create angularity and produce volume around the neck, thus complementing the round waves. It is one of the most popular hairstyles for round faces. To style, part clean, dry hair right down the middle and brush through, then use a one inch curling iron to curl sections of your hair. After that, straighten up your curls. You may simply use your fingers to do that or use a brush to separate the curls. Make them appear more natural and once you finish spray everything.

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