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10 Practical Suggestions How To Boost Up Your Confidence

Self confidence is the best personality feature. It can help you go through difficult times and achieve your targeted goals more conveniently. It also levels your way to become a successful and happy person. Devoid of confidence, you cannot maintain a good reputation or achieve anything. The good news however is that gaining self confidence is not impossible. Consider these 10 practical suggestions on how to boost up your confidence and face ordeals of life more successfully.

10. Body Language

Body Language

Even if you are not saying or doing anything, people can notice your confidence level through your body language. The way you sit, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you listen to others; everything gives a hint to your inner confidence. To boost your confidence, maintain good eye contact when someone is talking to you. People get a perception that you are confident if you take the time to speak. We speak fast when we are nervous so in order to look confident you have to do the opposite. When you are in a meeting, pull your shoulders back and sit up straight. This posture is indicative of good self-confidence. If you have a confident posture and a smile on your face, people will feel comfortable around you.

9. Stay Away From Negative Thought

Stay away from Negative Thought

There are people who put you down and make you feel worthless. Being around them is only going to shred your self-esteem and self-belief. You need to get away from such people and start believing in yourself. Surround yourself with people who admire and appreciate you. This will develop a sense of positivity inside you; you will stop feeling worthless and will see the potential that lies within you. This is perhaps the biggest tip on how to boost your confidence.

8. Think Positively

Think Positively

You need to convert your negative and depressing thoughts into positive and optimistic ones. Positive thinking really is a confidence booster. Stop being hard on yourself, realize that failure is a part of life and that everyone fails at one time or the other. Just don’t let the past experiences define you. Step on the ground with your head up high, a smile on your face and a positive attitude. Believe in yourself and understand that you deserve to be trusted and respected. Know that no one else will trust you if you don’t trust yourself.

7. Find Your Talents

Find your Talents

Find out what you are really good at. Everyone is this world has some talents. You can find yours by trying out different things. Think about the compliments you have been receiving from your friends, this can give you a clue about what your talent really is. Once you discover your talents, take pride in them and feel positive about yourself.

6. Overcome Your Fears

Overcome your Fears

We all have fears. First of all you need to understand that having fear of something is completely natural. If you are afraid of speaking in front of a group of people, it is not because you are a loser; it is in fact absolutely natural. Just accept your fears and then confront them in an attempt to overcome them. Face your fears repeatedly and you will eventually overcome them. This will boost up your confidence and make you strong.

5. Never Go Into Comparisons

Never Go into Comparisons

Comparing yourself with others sometimes throws you into depression. It is only fair to focus on your own life instead of focusing on others. comparison with others is just meaningless because there are always going to be some people better than you and some not as good as you. You can’t do anything about it, if your colleague is prettier so what? Just look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say I am proud of myself. It is perfectly ideal to boost up your confidence. The only thing that matters is that you have to be happy by your own and not by anyone else’s standards.

4. Avoid Perfectionism

Avoid Perfectionism

No one is perfect and no one can ever be perfect. Understand that you can improve and become better than what you were yesterday. If you are trying to do everything perfectly and are trying to become completely flawless then you are only going to end up sad and insecure. Just give your best to everything you do today. Gradually you will be getting positive results and build up confidence in your talents.

3. Be Grateful

Be Grateful

Be grateful on what you are gifted with. This is simplest suggestion on how to boost up your confidence. What makes you feel down and insecure is the notion that you do not have enough. The simple formula of overcoming your insecurities is to observe gratitude. Take time to list down all the things that you feel good about yourself. Think hard and you will end up making a huge list of things that are just so cool in your life. Once you develop a sense of gratitude, this gives you the inner peace and power to overcome your insecurities.

2. Set Small Goals

Set Small Goals

Some of us set unrealistic goals. When they fail to achieve them and they start feeling themselves worthless. If you really want to achieve a big goal, you just can’t wake up tomorrow and achieve it, right? You have to prepare yourself for that big challenge by taking one step at a time. Start by setting small goals. Once you achieve a goal no matter how small it is, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and boosts your confidence. Keep practicing and gradually increase the difficulty level, you will eventually become able to achieve your dream goal.

1. Be Realistic

Be Realistic

Thinking positive is important but thinking too positive has a very bad effect. It is important to maintain a good balance. There is a minute difference between being confident and being over-confident. The latter does no good to the people and just like no confident or low confidence, keeps them from achieving their goals.

Remember, confidence can never be gained overnight. You need to be patient with yourself and practice the above practical suggestion on how to boost up your confidence steadily. It will definitely result into optimum benefit.

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