10 Most Fashionable Black Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

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The season has changed dramatically and the heat is on for both the weather and style. And with new season comes new fashion. The black hairstyles for black women are the perfect hairstyles to rock and show that you have the best fashion sense.

Black Updo Hairstyles for black women are very important because they signify a special taste in style and how to be in touch with the latest fashion scene. The following list will provide you the best hair ideas for various special occasions as per your needs. 

10. Pasty Hairstyle For Black Women


Though pasty hairstyle is quite simple to wear yet it has a classic appearance that can well define your impressive look. Not only does it looks great but is also relatively well-matched with your facial outline. Here is how it is done.

 Styling Technique

  1. Using 2 inch curling irons or hair rollers depending on your preference set the hair in a curly manner.
  2. Use some soft strength hair serum. Apply an adequate quantity on hand and with smooth, soft movements, massage it into hair.
  3. Smoothen the hair into a very loose Mohawk and use hair pins to secure into place.
  4. Use a moderate strength hair spray to finish the hairstyle and secure the hairdo in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This hairstyle for black women is suitable for women with oval shaped faces and medium level textures.

 Hairstyle Tip

This hairdo requires hair to be in good condition; hence a suitable conditioner is preferred. It also needs a moderate level hair finishing spray that does not simply hold the hair in place but allows flexibility as well.

 9. French Roll Hairstyle For Black Women


The French Roll is one of the most flattering black updo hairstyles for black women that remains classic to this date. It is a graceful, elegant and inspirational hairstyle that remains popular in the category of hairstyles for black women. Here is how to achieve this look.

 Styling Technique

  1. Start off by dividing the hair into 3 parts vertically. Next, smoothen out the middle of these 3 portions from the nape of neck to the forehead.
  2. Smoothen out the 2 portions into flat curls that are positioned towards the middle.
  3. Use the remaining hair that is coming towards the face to make a roll.
  4. After the hairstyle has been finalized, use a hair finishing product to secure them in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This hairdo can be rocked for all types of women and looks especially appealing on black women and hence is categorized as one of the most popular of black updo hairstyles for black women. This look suits women who have medium to short length hair and can suits all face types.

 Hairstyle Tip

This hairstyle requires a strong strength hair spray which also sets quickly so pins are necessary to hold them in place while the hair spray does its part. Once the hair is set in place, remove the pins to reveal the beautiful hairstyle for black women.

 8. The Beloved Bun Hairstyle For Black Women


With the advent of new season, many different black updo hairstyles for black women have come to surface and are new and captivating to the eye. One of them is the time tested everybody’s favourite bun which always catches the eye of the audience. It is done in a fairly easy manner.

 Styling Technique

  1. Divide the hair into 2 equal portions from the middle horizontally.
  2. Smoothen out the front hair portion into a light ponytail and from it make a hair bun. Use hair pins to secure it into place.
  3. Smoothen out the back portion and create another loose ponytail from which creates a large ringlet.
  4. Use a hair spray to add both shine and firmness to the hairdo.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This option in hairstyles for black women is best suited for women who have oval faces and hair of medium length which have smooth texture as they are easier to style.

 Hairstyle Tip

Many hairsprays are in market but the Sebastian brand is recommended for this one. When starting off styling this hairdo, use a light hairspray. After done styling, use a strong strength hair spray to hold the hair in place. Also use a spray to add sheen to hair. An ultra hold spray will be effective in securing the look for long time.

 7. The Mohawk For Black Women


Among black updo hairstyles for black women, Mohawks are in trend and this Mohawk style will keep all eyes on you. It is both funky and looks good. It requires some work to be done but the end result is worth it.

 Styling Technique

  1. Make 2 horizontal portions out of hair, leaving the top half more hair to work with.
  2. Out of the 2 sections, make 2 loose ponytails.
  3. Use glue, clips and then weave the front hair into bangs that flow towards the face.
  4. Use glue, clips and pins to secure hair and make a vertical Mohawk roll.
  5. To finish off the look, use moderate strength hairspray to hold the Mohawk look in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This Mohawk black updo hairstyles look is best suited for women with oval shaped face and smooth hair with natural texture. It makes the hair easy to work with and is better in retaining their position.

 Hairstyle Tip

Use the recommended hair product in adequate quantity and cover all areas of hair. Also, use a hair dryer to completely dry out the hair as it will set the Mohawk well in its place.

 6. The Braided Mohawk For Black Women


Among black short hairstyles, Mohawks are in fashion and this natural look is both stylish and good for most occasions. This Mohawk looks ingenious fashion step in hairstyles for black women and suits very well for all kinds of occasions.

 Styling Technique

  1. Braid all the hair into large corn rows and into a side Mohawk.
  2. Make use of bands to keep the corn rows in place.
  3. Finish off by using Spritz spray on hair.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This Mohawk look suits almost all face types, structures and features but it does depend on hair length. This hairstyle for black women works well on medium length hair that can be easily done into dreads.

 Hairstyle Tips

Use some oil on the hair instead of other hair products. 100 % Castor Oil works very well and allows the hair to be done into dreads easily. Castor Oil has been used since ancient times to smoothen out the hair, give them strength and shine and also soften the skin. Rubber bands work very well in securing the corn rows in place while using the Spritz spray to add finishing touches to hair.

 5. The Classic Bun Hairstyle For Black Women


The hair bun is an old favourite in black updo hairstyles for black women edition and can be worn into a variety of shapes and styles, each time resulting in a new hairdo. This classic take on the hair bun can be rocked in any occasion. It is relatively easy to style and is both classy and modern at the same time.

 Styling Technique

  1. Braid all of the hair into corn rows and fashion them into a ponytail.
  2. Take the corn rows and braid them further into 4 plaits.
  3. From these plaits, make a fashionable hair bun and use hair pins to secure it into place.
  4. Use a light hair spray product on the bun to add sheen and firmness to it.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

The classic hair bun is most suited on hair of medium to long length and which incorporate smooth texture as wavy or curly hair are relatively harder to make a bun of and they don’t hold their place in the bun shape either. It goes well for all textures and face types.

 Hairstyle Tips

Remember to braid the hair properly as this hairstyle for black women requires the hair to be evenly braided. Some recommended products to be used are Xpression X braid.

 4. The Mohawk Bun For Black Women


This combination of Mohawk and bun was initially a fashion risk but has paid off tremendously as people have loved it and it is among the top of hairdos in category of black updo hairstyles for black women. The addition of a bun to the Mohawk makes it even more captivating and daring, expressing the rebellious and fashionable taste of the wearer. It also requires work to be made perfectly, but all of it is worth it.

 Styling Technique

  1. Braid all of the hair into corn rows carefully, making sure their length is right and are not too thick.
  2. The ends of the braids are to be twisted in such a way that they are coiled firmly together.
  3. Using bands or pins to secure these braids together and then use hair spray to secure them into place.
  4. Repeat the same steps (about 3 times) until buns are in place.
  5. Use a medium strength hair spray to secure the buns in place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This is one of the black updo hairstyles for black women that work well on all hair types and textures. Not only that, it sets extremely well on all sorts of facial features and skin tones.

 Hairstyle Tips

Do not add too much hair extensions, if going for them. This will make the head feel too heavy and the added hair will seem too unnatural. Using too much hair product will result in the same thing. It is recommended to use KaneKalon as it is relatively lighter than the rest and works extremely well in achieving this hair style.

 3. Fro Hawk Frenzy Hairstyle For Black Women


This hairstyle makes the best of long hair and is among the most favoured of hairstyles for black women. For black updo hairstyles edition, this hairstyle boasts the ability to set onto any hair and making any woman seem fabulous and feel confident.

 Styling Technique

  1. Partition the hair into 3 even portions in vertical sections.
  2. Use the left and right sections of hair to make cane rows starting up from the forehead to the middle, all in the shape of a u. Then braid the hair to straight back to the head.
  3. Make a Bantu Knot from the middle partition of hair to give the hair a curly texture.
  4. Use bare fingers to give the hair an even curlier look. Run the fingers to and fro to curl up the hair.
  5. Use a hair product such as hair sheen spray to add shine to hair.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This hairstyle for black women goes very well on all facial features but as far as hair is concerned, this black updo hairstyle for black women goes extremely well with women who have curly or wavy hair.

Hairstyle Tips

This hairstyle has even more attractiveness to it with added hair accessories such as jewels and hairbands. To make the curls natural and refined, use Shea Butter products. They work beautifully for this purpose. Also, make sure that the hair have completely dried before adding serum to the hair. Apply serum to the hair using hands. Massage onto hair with fingers, untangling any curls in the process.

 2. Pearls And Curls


This elegant look is both great for family occasions and to rock when going out with friends. This hairstyle is goes well for sophisticated looks and in black updo hairstyles for black women, it is quite popular.

 Styling Technique

  1. There is no restriction this time, the hairstyle starts with parting hair in wherever area you desire
  2. For this hairstyle use a large barrel iron as ringlets have to be created.
  3. Keep some of the curls to frame the face. This creates a unique look.
  4. Sweep the remaining hair to one side and then use hair pins to secure them into place.
  5. Use a light strength finishing hair spray to keep the hairdo in its place and to add shine to the hairstyle.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo

This hairstyle for black women is best suited for face features which are slender and long. It can be styled easily with hair that have smooth texture absent of curls and locks.

 Hairstyle Tips

It must be kept in mind that bleaching or using some other strong hair product can greatly alter the texture of hair. Be careful about using hair dyes and shampoos when rocking this do. Use hair product that makes hair shiny and lustrous to achieve maximum potential of this hairstyle.

 1. Twisted Over Black Updo Hairstyles


This revolutionary hairstyle combines traditional braids and twists together to create a whole new look. It is new and very much in hairstyles for black women. It is definitely worth a shot.

 Styling Technique

  1. To start off, part the hair into 2 equal sections horizontally. From the top half, make 3 more equal sections.
  2. From the top half, braid corn rows from the sides to the middle of head. Use 2 strands and then twist the ends to achieve kinky hair twist.
  3. From the top half, kinky hair twist the middle portion towards the front.
  4. From the bottom half, corn row the sides, working your way to the middle of head using the same kinky hair twist.
  5. Next, pull the ends of the corn rows into a tight bun positioned at top of the head. Use hair pins to secure them into place.
  6. Use a hair finishing spray to secure the hairdo into place.

 Suitable Face And Hair Types For This Hairdo:

This kinky look goes fittingly with any facial structure but as far as hair goes, it is favourable try this with medium to short hair as it yields desired results.

Any face shape with medium to short length hair of any texture suits this style.

 Hairstyle Tips

Among hairstyles for black women, this hairstyle suits everyone well as it goes well with all kinds of facial features as well as hair.

“Fashion is an ever evolving trend that keeps coming and going. To know about it, it is important to stay in touch with it at all times. These top 10 black updo hairstyles for black women are among the most in and coveted by all ladies. Not only are they fashionable and most in of the hairstyles for black women styles, they are also now available with these easy styling techniques to rock. They are suitable for any event and can be styled both by a professional and an amateur alike with these easy steps.”

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