10 Hair Growth Tips To Make Your Hair Longer And Healthier

Scalp hair is an important part of body that adds immensely to the beauty, boost self-confidence and is a good indicator of the health of the body. They can be managed and beautified in a variety of ways to add to the looks. Women usually take care of their body more than men, but both genders are equally conscious about their hair. So knowing about hair growth and taking care of it is important. Most women prefer long hair so hair growth tips come in handy. Below are some great hair growth tips that will help keeping hair long, healthy and strong.

10. Use A Hair Mask


Among all great hair growth tips, hair masks are always included. They are one of the best ways when you seek the remedies regarding how to make your hair grow faster with nutrients critical for their growth and repair. They make hair shinier, healthier, smoother and silkier and make them beautiful and manageable. An easy but effective homemade hair mask to encourage hair growth is to break an egg and separate the yolk in a bowl. Add in it a tablespoon each of vodka, virgin olive oil and honey. The honey is rich in nutrients for hair which enables hair growth to continue, the olive oil for hair makes the hair silkier and shinier, the vodka acts as a cleansing agent against the impurities, sebum and toxins excreted by the skin and the yolk helps hair growth tremendously by supplying the hair and scalp directly with a high amount of proteins.

Make a mix of these ingredients and massage onto hair and scalp. Put on a shower cap to help manage hair. Let the mask sit for about 30 minutes, after which wash and condition the hair as normal. Repeat twice a week and the results will speak for themselves.

9. Say Yes To Proteins


For faster hair growth, start adding more proteins into diet. All hair growth tips ask for increased protein intake as hair itself is composed of proteins. Hair masks, massages and beauty products are essential but the real change comes from inside the body and diet is critical in that sense. Hair growth increases with more proteins in diet as they are building blocks of hair. Good sources of proteins are nuts, fish, animal proteins, eggs and milk.

8. Remember To Trim The Split Ends


Trimming off the split ends keeps the hair ends in good condition and help them growing, instead of growing on the damaged ends which results in fragile, unappealing and rough hair. Ensure well-nourished and healthy hair. It will ultimately result in long lasting, healthy and fast growing long hair to get perfect hairstyles.

7. Brush Your Hair For 2 Minutes Every Day


Remember to brush your hair every day to get rid of dead hair and to keep them manageable and untangled. Along with that, massage hair and scalp to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp which provides hair with more nutrients for hair growth and it spreads sebum evenly across hair. Remember that hair growth tips ask you not to brush your hair hard as it will pull out them and damage them. Brushing them hard damages hair growth by causing split ends and damaging their roots.

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1 Comment

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