10 Great Ways for Asian Eye Makeup

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Due to the increasing globalization of beauty standards, Asian eye makeup has become the center of attention for Asian girls and western girls as well. If your eyes suit best an Asian eye makeup in which you look gorgeous, then here are incredible tips to getting a perfect beautiful Asian eye makeup.

10. Try To Use Small Brushes


Every brush has its own specific characteristic and feature and that is why every brush is different from the other. Avoid using those huge fluffy brushes because those brushes can make you makeup look dull and out of place. Rather choose smaller brushes like the pencil brush that can enhance the appearance and make you look splendid in a party. They will also help you touch and highlight the minute details of your eyes. Asian eye makeup is all about brushes. So choose brushes wisely!

9. Use Dark Colors On Your Lower Eye Lid


For a gorgeous Asian eye makeup, the best way is to concentrate the dark colors on the lower eye lid. The presence of dark colors on lower eye lid can emphasize and round the shape of your eye and hence make it look larger. But if you concentrate the darker colors in your crease with a brush, it will mould the shape of your eye by suppressing and flattening hence reducing the shape of your eye and make it look even smaller. And this is not exactly what you hope to do. Always remember that darker colors such as charcoal, dark browns and plum colors be lined up under your lids. Even if you have a little swollen brow bone, you should not add a white frost or blue color to it.

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8. Use A Crease


Crease is an important bright feature of Asian eye makeup. Typically Asian girls prefer to have a crease in one place. Create a crease with a dark shade than your skin color. You can use brown or even dark gray color as eye shadow for emphasis that goes down below the bottom eyelashes. Use eye shadow primer to avoid eye shadow fading and create a false crease on top your eye balls.

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7. Highlight Your Eyes


In order to give a bright glow for your spectacular Asian eye makeup, highlight your brow bonestarting from your eyelashes to your inner eye corners. This will make your eyes look open, rounder and larger.

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6. Get Asian Almond Eye Looks


To get a perfect Asian almond eye look for your Asian eye makeup, you will have to concentrate the dark eye shadow on the corner of your outer eye. Try creating a V shape on the outer eye corner which will help elongate your eyes further. Start with a dark eye shadow on the corner of your outer eye and shade inwards going below the lower eye lashes at the corner. If this can be done, then you will not need fake creases and it will create a marvelous illusion.

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5. Creating An Outer Corner


The purpose of eye makeup is to mould the natural eye look into a shape that best suits your person. For most of the Asian girls, the almond shaped eye is the most attractive. If you want to get an almond shaped eye too, then add a little color to the outer eye corner followed by a liner for elongation. The basic of eye makeup is to have a dark color combined with a lighter one. The light color is applied all over the eye lids and darker color on the outer corner.

Start with a base shade and then with a dark color at the outer corner followed by shading inwards so that you have a decent looking V shape. Do not go far up because darker colors should be concentrated on lower lid. Later you can blend away. Moreover, because you will try to concentrate the darker color on the lower portion of lid, so use a small brush such as pencil brush and then apply a darker shadow projecting upwards.

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4. Create A Fake Crease

create a-fake-crease

A fake crease can add stars to your beautiful Asian eye makeup. If you feel confident that you can achieve a fake crease then definitely you should give a shot but be careful that eye poking can happen as well. By using a tapered crease brush, close one eye and use this brush to line your upper eyelids. Mix up some color by creating an arc shape that moulds the shape of the top of the eyeball. It will look sharp at first but if you do it on both sides so that their intensity is equalized that the edges will look soft. Be sure to use a medium dark color that can match with the rest of your eye makeup.

3. Wing On The Outer Edge Of Eye


Wing your liquid eye liner on the outer corner of your eye. But be careful that you do not make the wing excessively dramatic. Try to shape in such a way that it fits your eye shape and it projects your eye lash line in smoking upward direction.

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2. Apply A Mascara


Use a mascara on the outer eye lashes on the bottom lids but be careful that you do not get any mascara on skin. Apply mascara only on lashes!

1. Use An Eye Liner


The best eye liner could be liquid or a gel eyeliner because they do not cause smudges on your eyes. For oily lids the liquid eye liners can linger on for long hours. To help open up your eyes, you may combine an eye lash curler with a mascara.

Do not fear to play in front of the mirror and see how these ideas work. Check out with other girls and women whose Asian eye makeup is beautiful with them. You have seen that the way of applying eyeliner, mascara or an eye shadow can really alter the shape of your eyes. The tips mentioned here will help you create the best looks you can achieve ever.

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