10 Fundamental Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Submitted By Karyn Holmes  

Have you been in an open-relationship for a long while but still aren’t sure whether your relationship is a healthy one or not? Can’t decide whether to stay together or cut your losses and move on? Well here are a few signs of a healthy relationship that will help you in your quest.

10. You Trust Your Partner


Every healthy relationship is based on mutual trust and respect for each other. If you trust someone you have a sense of security when you’re with them or apart. You’re confident your partner wouldn’t betray you, hurt you or be unfaithful to you. You seek them for comfort.

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9. You Communicate Easily


Speaking your mind can be difficult at times. If you can converse about anything with your partner without fear of them mocking you or not taking you seriously, then that is one of the important signs of a healthy relationship.

8. You Give Each Other Space


Healthy couples know the importance of doing things independently. You do things independently and together without stepping over each other’s toes and being clingy.

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7. Etiquettes


This is one of the vital signs of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner make polite conversations, say please, thank you, I love you to each other, express your gratitude, appreciate and complement each then your relationship is green and growing.

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