10 Foods That Make You Lose Weight Easily And Effectively

In our daily routine, everyone is short on time, switching over from doing one task to the other. A hectic routine of life with very short intervals leave little room to ponder much on what you are eating and how it will affect your health and physique. Resultantly, most people end up gaining excessive weight that deteriorates the look of the body and causes medical problems. To deal with these problems, people look for easy solutions, for an instance, fad diet, exercise regimes, slimming products such as pills and medicines or in the worst cases, liposuction.

Not only do these solutions work temporarily before the lost weight starts to crawl back on the body, they actually accelerate the rate at which the body gains weight after their effect goes out. Knowing what you are eating is essential if you wish to have an active, healthy lifestyle with a good physique. Below are the 10 fat burning foods that make you lose weight easily and effectively.

10. Eggs

Instead of stuffing yourself on crackers, bagels and donuts in the morning, why not choose to start the day with some fresh eggs? They are the foods that make you lose weight. And there is good reason to it as well. Eggs are nature’s abundant source of proteins, which the body needs to maintain its muscle mass and synthesis and repair of new cells. It takes time for the proteins to be digested into simpler amino acid chains to be absorbed into the blood stream, so the increased time of digestion means you will feel full longer, will stave off hunger and you lose weight.

Proteins in eggs help control the blood sugar levels and keeps them at optimum. By doing so, they reduce the necessity to feel hungry and make it easier for you to lose weight. They are also good source of energy and give more energy than carbohydrates.

9. Beans


In human body, a hormone called cholecystokinin is related to digestion and controls the body’s stimulus for hunger. Among foods that make you lose weight, beans are a good source of getting more of this hormone into your biological system. Beans have a good amount of fiber in them, which fills the stomach and allows you to lose weight more effectively as fiber is undigested and has no calorie count. They are excellent sources of plant proteins and have many kinds of amino acids in them which are hard to incorporate into diet from other sources.

The carbohydrates take time to digest into simpler sugars so they keep the stomach busy and blood sugar at even level. With intake of proteins, fiber and reduced carbohydrates, you lose weight more effectively and beans are a good source of it all.

8. Salads


Usually when we sit down to eat, we pile our dish high with the main course and satisfy our hunger with it. That is not the way to go if you are trying to lose weight. You lose weight by eating food that has lesser calories and fats in general. But if you do that, how will you satisfy your hunger? The answer lies in salads. By substituting a portion of your meal with some healthy salad, you can make sure that you will eat the same and consume lesser calories. Salads have way lesser calories than normal food and since they are almost 85-90% water, you can be sure that you have adequate amounts of water. With that lesser calorie intake, you lose weight easily.

7. Green Tea

Nature is abundant in supplying us with a vast array of green teas to choose from. They have close to zero calories themselves and have a host of other ingredients that help you lose weight. When mentioning foods that make you lose weight, it is imperative to mention the blends of teas. Catechin antioxidants accelerate the rate of metabolism in your body, which acts upon the excessive fat deposits and catabolizes them. It flushes toxins from the body, including bad cholesterol which deposits in the arteries and causes blockages. Not only that, they come with great aroma and taste which make them appealing choice and help you lose weight also.

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