10 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair For Everyday Styling

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Hair is a part of body that symbolizes both natural beauty and health. Not only that but hair can be fashioned into a multitude of styles to show off both the fashion sense and enhance beauty. Long hair is even easier to fashion and offer a wide range of possibilities for hairstyles. Some of the most famous hairstyles for long hair are given below.

10. Long hair Locks


Among hairstyles for long hair, locks are something that can be done in a variety of ways and look beautiful in all hairstyles. Long hair should not be simply tied in a bun, made into a ponytail. They can be styled into long hair locks which will show your taste in hairstyles.

Long hair locks are the most famous in easy hairstyles for long hair due to its easiness to do and glamorous look. Apply styling cream on hair to bring stability and necessary strength to maintain style. Next, use a hairbrush to brush hair smooth and use a hair dryer to blow dry them. When hair is completely dry, separate hair into portions depending on the quantity and size of curls you desire. Wrap the sections onto clampless curling iron. After they have acquired their shape, take them off the curling iron and smooth them out with a little pressure from hands but do not press them too hard. Use a moderate strength hold spray so the hairstyle will maintain itself and the curls will look shiny.

9. The Simple Do

Simple Do For long hair

This hairstyle may seem to be simple as the name implies but in fact a hairstyle which is suitable for many sorts of occasions. It can be done in the morning to look sophisticated and can be kept throughout the day with no change as it suits well in almost all occasions. Above all, this hairstyle for long hair is very easy to fashion and suits hair very well.

Wash and dry hair, use a curling iron to curl the midsection of hair from the ends of hair and then use a hair binding clip to secure the neckline hair. In case you wish to keep the hair binder out of sight, use some of the long hair to wrap around the binder and then use bobby pins to keep hair in place and the binder incognito. Use a holding spray to give strength to hair.

8. Long Wavy Highlights

Long Wavy Highlights

This hairstyle is very captivating in hairstyles for long hair and if done right, downright breathtaking. It is as beautiful as it sounds but complex, although every bit of the effort is worth it. Wash hair, then apply a small quantity of texturizing spray to hair and then use a round hairbrush to brush and a blow dryer to dry hair. Randomly choose portions of long hair and wrap them around a curling iron barrel. If the hair has too much texture in them, use a little force by hand to straighten them out when they yet have the heat in them from the curling iron. After, that use, a holding spray to keep them in shape.

7. Loose Curls

Loose Curls For Long Hair

Loose curls are a hairstyle that has never been out of fashion and have looked just as glamorous as it was years ago. The large, loose curls combined with voluminous hair and shine and bounciness are excellent hairdo hairstyles for long hair if you wish to go to some festive special occasion.

Apply styling cream and some heat protection product onto hair as this style requires use of heat. Also add root lifting product as voluminous hairs are more suited to this hairstyle. The amount of root lifting product depends upon the natural volume of hair. Use large hair rollers to set the hair and then use hairspray to set them in place. After that, apply heat to make it more permanent. Let the hair cool so that the effect of hairspray can set in properly and then remove the hair rollers. Use a small brush to brush the curls while at the same time curling them around finger to maintain their shape. Use finishing spray to increase volume of hair but don’t use it in excessive quantity as it will end up stiffening the hair too much and the hair curls will lose their bounciness.

6. Side Parted Long Hair

Side Parted Long Hair

For this hairstyle, you don’t need to be of some specific sort as this hairstyle is made to look rough and hence suits everyone. It most suits causal occasions. It combines side swept bangs with random curls, its own texture combined with texture of hair all added to a deep side parting. Curl the ends of hair around a curling iron in random hair portions. After the curls have been done, let them flow free and then roughen them up a bit by using hands. Rub them a little and separate the curls with fingers. After that, use a hairspray to hold them in position.

5. Long and Loose Hair

Long and Loose Hair

It is not necessary for hairstyles for long hair to be sophisticated and long hair to be tended to in intricate detail. With a few touches long hair can be done beautifully. Some carefree curls combined with shining hair are a perfect combination for a free, light-hearted look. Wash hair and then let them dry on their own without towel. Use a hair dryer if the hair have too much natural texture of their own and will not smoothen out if left to dry on their own. Wrap the ends of the hair on curling irons for just a second and then leave them. Use a widely spaced comb on hair when they have cooled to separate them and for the curls to get their bounce.

4. Blown Out

Blown Out

The blow-it-out hairstyle is a great choice to show off fashion sense and to make the best of long hair. But to make it truly work to the best of its effect, it must be done on long hair with blonde color. Wash and fry hair using a towel or a blow dryer. After that, use a curling iron and wrap medium portions of hair around it randomly. Don’t measure out each curl to be like the other one; they are supposed to be of random size and placement. After using curling iron separate the curls from each other after the long hair have cooled.

Do make sure that the curls are not too big. After the hair has been done, use a hair spray to hold them in position. It is a perfect hairdo in hairstyles for long hair.

3. Smooth Layers and Bangs

Smooth Layers and Bangs

Long hair can be styled in simple yet elegant hair with side swept bangs and deep hair parting. This look is glamorous and draws attention towards self. It is best suited for party and festive occasions. Apply some quantity of smoothing gel to hair to even out natural texture of hair. Use a brush to even out and smoothen long hair. Some random waves and curls can be added to hair for a bit of change. After hair has been done, use a soft strength hair spray to hold the hair in place and to give them a shiny look which goes excellently with this hairstyle.

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2. Simple and Sleek

Simple and Sleek

This hairdo is one of the best hairstyles for long hair, particularly for people who have hair that are not affected by changes in humidity and don’t have too much natural texture in their hair which will otherwise interfere with the hairstyle. Just some simple lines make this hairstyle a great one. Apply a smoothing gel or styling cream to hair and then let it dry on its own. Air drying is better if you have time because it does not do the damage or changes in hair texture and feel that blow drying does. Some people have sensitive hair that reacts quickly to heat, so this hairstyle is well suited for those long hairs.

1. Half Up

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Among hairstyles for long hair, this one is an old classic that has stood the test of time and is gorgeous for hair. Style your hair to whatever texture you wish it to be. This style goes extremely well with natural texture as it can accommodate any texture. Do the hair on top of head to make something like a hair cushion and then brush hair back. Use bobby pins to secure them to their place. The hair in front can be left as they are or can be brushed back.

Hairstyles for long hair allow long hair to be styled in a large variety of ways; a few of them are listed above as examples. They add beauty, grace and style to your hair and impart to your personality and exclusively trendy look. Along with hairstyles, there are certain basic hair growth tips which if followed, allow healthier and longer hair which can be styled ever more beautifully.

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