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10 Acrylic Nail Shapes for you to Choose From

Nails are amongst the body parts that serve as an ornament. Just as you need to groom your hair and skin, you also need to take good care of your nails. Apart from maintaining their hygiene their look also depends on their shape. In fact the look of your hands can be modified by wearing appropriate nail designs. This article acrylic nail shapes give you a variety of options to go for without waiting to grow your nails and having trouble when you have a broken nail in the middle. So here you have the list of possibilities:

10. Round Nails


Round nails shape are the simple and easy to manage acrylic nail shapes. Acrylic nails are brittle and easily breakable as compared to the other nail types. Round acrylic nails are mostly short and give the stability to nails making them durable than they would be when shaped in rest of available options.

Round nails shape is a perfect semi circle from the top, the easy way is to cut nails into a square shape and then file the edges to get a smooth circle. This shape is seen as old fashioned by many but due to its durability feature and the length it flawlessly suits those who want short nails.  If you posses thick nail beds than Round nails shape is just right for acrylic nails as it would give illusion of thinning the nail beds.

9. Square Nails


Flawless and completely square nails are the one in vogue these days amongst all acrylic nail designs. You need to have large nail beds if you want this shape as this shape has a widening effect and makes your nail bed appear wider and shorter than before. When coupled with classic French manicure this shape makes your nails ultimate fit for any event.

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Square nails shape is fashionable but the limitation is that it is highly fragile; you can easily get the edges chipped away. To give your acrylic nails this modish form, you need to make the top perfectly at a right angle to the walls of nails. Your walls should also be entirely straight for a perfect finish.

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8. Sharp Corner Square Nails


Yet another trendy option amongst acrylic nail shapes is sharp corner square nails. This is surely an influential contour that makes your hands prominent and noticeable. It does not alter the width of nails so if you want to make a considerable statement than this is the absolutely right choice. This shape also gives you room to try different cute nail designs paints and to accessorize your nails with jewelry.

The shortcoming of getting your nails shaped like this is that the pointed corners are inclined to get jammed in fabrics causing your nails to fragment. It goes well with nails that have strength to withstand this problem. Also if you have a baby around than you should better avoid this shape as it can get the baby soft skins get scratches. Like the square nails this shape works best with long nail beds as it also makes the nails look wide.

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7. Oval Nails


Oval nails deliver you the durability like the rounded acrylic nails along with the breadth of square shape as well the perfectly feminine outlook. Oval nails are not only good for any type of nail bed ranging from short to long. Those who have short nail beds can make their beds look large with this extraordinary shape. This is the best of all the acrylic nail shapes that provides all the features required by an average nail.

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This shape is effortlessly simple and yet very elegant.  The narrowed walls of this form generate a graceful shape for females belonging to any age group. Oval nails shape compliments both broad and slim nail bed, and adds length with a refined top. To achieve this awesome shape you need to file side walls evenly straight followed by shaping the top into an oval. Make sure that the angles of both the sides are flawlessly equal to get the flawless appearance.

6. Squoval Nails


The squoval nails shape is basically a dazzling combination of oval and square acrylic nail shapes. This popular nail shape goes well with any nail bed just like oval shape. To get squoval nails shape you just have to get the straight walls and then bevel your edges of nails into slightly oval shape. With smooth edges it eliminates the trouble of getting stuck with clothes that is problematic about the perfect square shape.

This also gives your nails the feminine look. Although it looks great with most of the fingers but the beauty of squoval nails style is deadly when worn on long fingers with thin nail beds.

5. Stiletto Nails


Stiletto nails is another super trendy amid the acrylic nail shapes. These are extra long and pointed nails, which will make you to rock any event. The length and the pointy tip make this shape very weak and prone to get damaged and to get the others harmed. Stiletto nails is probably named after stiletto heels as this incredible shape resemble them a lot. It makes the fingers appear longer and thinner than they really are.

Stiletto nails can be perfect shape to wear on Halloween party with the fierce version of extra pointy end and dark black or orange color.

4. Almond Nails


For those who want to give their fingers and nails a feminine appearance this is just perfect of the most acrylic nail shapes. Almond nails shape is just like almond that is tapered at the top. You also need to file the sides to get the narrowed top. This shape does not give the strength as the tip is very weak. Acrylic nails however can be shaped in anyone you like. It will make your hands look subtle and delicate with slim looking fingers.

3. Duck/Flared Nails


Duck or flared nails are very unique when it comes to acrylic nail shapes. All you need is to grow nails longer. These nails are wider at the tips and then tapper down on the way to the nail bed. If you are passionate about nail art than this shape will give you the room required for that.

2. Ballerina or Coffin Nails


This incredible shape has an element of feminine look coupled with stable base at the top. To get this exclusive shape you need to taper your sides and then square them at the top just in a form that looks like a coffin. This is shape is also referred to as ballerina.

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1. Lipstick Nails


As the name suggests this shape resembles the tip of a lipstick. It has straight sides and a diagonal straight curved top just like the lipstick.

Acrylic nails give you an enormous opportunity to ornament yourself and enhance the grace of your hands. So decide the shape you want from the above listed acrylic nail shapes in accordance with your natural nail bed and fingers and try on different nail styles to give yourself exclusivity with sophistication. You can also try on the more extreme possibilities like the stiletto and lipstick nails that will give you the trendy outlook you desire. Remember nails are also important element of personality so give them the proper care and time they deserve.

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