Skin Care

You’re Doing It Wrong! Here’s The Right Way To Wash Your Face

1.Cleanser for Various Skin Types


You must’ve heard this statement of using a cleanser which suits your skin type. Well this isn’t just a phrase or a statement but also a vital suggestion that one should focus on. Moreover, one is required to use that particular cleanser which suits their skin type because it won’t cause any sort of harm or an unwanted reaction to the skin but will make it appear much more healthy, glossy and pretty.

  • Normal skin types: Use a light cream cleanser if you have this skin type. Moreover, you can also use a blemish control cleanser in order to get rid of oiliness or breakouts.
  • Oil or acne prone skin: Use an antiseptic cleanser to eradicate bacteria away from your face and keeping the pores clean. Moreover, use a gentle cleanser to protect against breakouts.
  • Dry or mature skin: Use cleaning oils and balms to combat against dry skin and also go for an oil cleaning method which will make wrinkles and lines appear less on your face.
  • Sensitive skin: Use a cleanser which doesn’t include any sort of ingredient which can cause irritation and further keep away from products that contain fragrance within them.


  • Wash your face twice a day.
  • Use a good cleanser for your face.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Designate a separate wash cloth or towel to dry your face after washing it.
  • Splash water on your face twice in order to cross check whether the cleanser has been cleaned away or not.
  • Ice your face if washed with hot water.


  • Don’t share the towel or washcloth through which you dry your face with any other.
  • Avoid rubbing your face in order to dry it, pat it instead.
  • Try not to experiment the use of cheap and new products on your face.
  • Don’t use a cleanser more than once a day.

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