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What To Do When Bored? 37 Useful Tips That Can Help You Kill Boredom

Battling against boredom? Well there is no need to scratch your head in this condition. Sitting around and saying ‘I am getting bored’ is not a solution to it. It is indeed in your hand that how you spend your time; you make it memorable or let it convert it into boredom; it’s all up to you. If you are getting bored it means you have some free time with you. You can take advantage of the opportunity and make best out it. This article is all about on ‘what to do when bored’ will introduce you to a number of ways to spend your time positively in number of ways and avoid boredom.

37. Try Dressing And Makeup


The best and exciting thing you can do is start playing with yourself. It sounds interesting. Well this is actually very exciting and wonderful way to change your mood. You can try different types of makeup, like different colored eye shadows, eyeliners, and hairstyles. In other words you can create a different look out of you.  Go through your wardrobe and accessories as well. At the end, you would be able to plan what to wear, and how to style for your next week or party etc.

36. Start A Scrapbook


For all those who are fun lovers but do not know what to do when bored, so this is the wonderful answer to it. Making a scrapbook is the fantastic thing to do. You can gather all important memorable pictures on it. Scrapbook is a cute way to tell your friends that you love them and care for them.

35. Take Up Fabric Crafts


This is the excellent way to pass time. You can make your own clothes or sweaters, caps etc. or you can make them for your friends and cousins as well.

34. Watch A Movie


Watching a movie alone or with your friend is always a wonderful option for what to do when bored. It actually makes your day and glam your mood. If you are interested in movie making or fond of photography, then this is the best time for you to go with your ideas.

33. Fix Your Household Objects


You can keep yourself busy by this way, like fixing the objects at home or replacing them. This will eventually give you the best feelings.

32. Spend Time With Your Pets


If you have pets at home, you can spend your free time with them. You can clean their shelter home and can take them to doctors for their regular checkup. This is a great way to come close with them as well as keep you busy and help you avoid boredom.

31. Doodle


This seems a childish way to convert your bored time into cherish time. But this is actually fun filled activity and answer to what to do when bored.

30. Meditate

This is the freshest thing you can do when you are getting bored. You can do yoga, and other type of exercises to keep yourself calm and composed. In fact taking deep breaths in fresh air is very good for your mind, body and health. If you have enough time, you can go for running, jogging, swimming and gym also.

29. Read


Reading is always entertaining. Reading will always give you something new to learn. You can read your favorite writer book, or can try something new which you have never read before. Or at least you can go for newspaper to keep yourself aware of what is happening around.

28. Go Online

If you want to amuse yourself, and you have computer in front of you then you can do this by internet surfing. You at the end will get up by learning something new and of course this atleast that what to do when bored.

27. Chat with A Friend Or Coworker

The best way to relax yourself is talk to someone who is very close to you. Sharing your routine and problems etc. to someone can make you feel relaxed and your time will be best utilized. The other way to this is talk to someone whom you are not familiar much. This will helps you to learn about each other.

26. Listen to Music


Listening to music gives you new energy and spark. You have a lots of choices in music to try like jazz music, rock, pop etc. If you are fond of singing by yourself, you can compose a new song or a new tune as well. Going to your favorite music artist concert is not a bad idea though.

25. Cook And Eat


It seems little chubby but this is actually very amusing thing to do when bored. You can try new recipes and can surprise your family and friends. Having a fun filled food together can manage your bored mood perfectly.

24. Create Something Amazing


What to do when bored? Creation of something new is one of the incredible ways to come out of your boredness. There is no need of expensive raw material to create something. You can use recyclable material from your house,

23. Plan An Event


If there is something in your mind or you want some get together party, then it is the best time to plan things out. Make invitation cards; send them to your friends. Plan the menu and other activities, this will keep you busy and relaxed at the same time.

22. Go For Picnic

Getting out from the same boring and dull routine is very essential to maintain you freshness. Going out for some hang out with your friends or family will helps you to come out of your irritating feelings. Going to shopping is also a very good thing to change your mood. And it is the best idea for what to do when bored.

21. Start A Writing Project


If you are interested in writing, or you have good writing skills, then there is no question of getting bored. Writing may lead to a form of a story, a script or poems, song lyrics etc.

20. Bake Cookies or Cake


You can bake a cake or some dessert for your friend’s surprise birthday party. Baking is what most people loved so it the good way to deal with your stressed and dull mood.

19. Play Games


This is one of the excellent ways to engage your mind somewhere. Games whether indoor or outdoor strengthen the mental ability and physical growth. There are plenty of options with the games like for indoor games, you can play chess, snooker, cards, puzzles etc. and for outdoor cricket, football, etc.

18. Use Your Imagination


This option might seem strange to you. But yes, this is one of the coolest plans for what to do when bored. As imagination has no end, no boundaries, so you can drive it in any way to any extent. You can not only think of the best moments of your life but also devise new plans about the current issues of your life that need your attention.

17. Create A Bucket List  


Bucket list is what you want to do in your life. Making a bucket list is very important as it will keep you focused towards achieving your goals. Setting a target and prioritizing it will keep you concerned and oriented towards it.

16. Learn A New Language


This is indeed making your time useful when feeling bored. Start learning a new language either by internet, or from your friend. You can also join a language institute. By this you will be able to learn about others people traditions and norms.

15. Create A Grocery List


You can make a grocery list and can go for buying it as well. Look for newspapers for grocery items sale. Making a week meal plan by considering others likes or dislikes is also a good way to spend time.

14. Clean Out Your Purse Or Wallet


At the end of the week, your purse or wallet will be a messed up place having receipts, credit cards etc. Wasting unnecessary things from them and placing other things in a proper way is a good thing to do for those who ask what to do when bored.

13. Plant A Tree


It is everyone’s responsibility to plant a tree. Planting one tree means fulfilling oxygen requirements for the present or future generations. Take care of your lawn. Discard weeds and other unnecessary plants. Give water to them.

12. Watch TV


Watching TV is the easiest thing to do at home. TV is the source for learning or amusement. You can watch your favorite TV shows at your free time.

11. Make Cards


You can greet Christmas to your friends or colleagues by sending them cards. Making cards is all about playing with colors and trying new you can have the best time with a little effort.

10. Have A Water Balloon Fight


To add life and youthfulness, this is the most fulfilled thing to do. You can play with your friend or tease someone special by this. Everyone will love this definitely. Games for water fighting can also be played by making teams.

9. Clean Your Room


In your daily routine, it is difficult to take time out for complete and detailed cleaning of your room. So it is the best time to do such kind of activity. A clean room will give you positive energy and the best answer to what to do when bored. Apart from your room, there are other places at your home which you can work upon.

8. Do Nothing At All


Sometimes you do not want to do anything. Like do not want to talk to anyone or meet someone. So if you are in such a mood then it is good to do nothing. What you can do in such a situation is to sleep and keep yourself relaxed.

7. Rearrange Your House


You can make your time good by changing the setting and pattern of your house able objects. Look for new colors and contrasts and add new things to your house and mend the old things. This will give you fresh and positive feelings.

6. Paint Your Old Jewelry


It is very much necessary to take care of your jewelry to save it from wearing off. Applying clear nail polish will save your gold and silver jewelry from damaging out. This is an amazing activity which will let you stop asking what to do when bored.

5. Attempt Some Intricate Nail Art


Nail art is very much in fashion now-a-days especially acrylic nails. Nail art is all about practicing and mixing colors. In your free time, you can try new designs and tattoos for your nails.

4. Spend Time With Your Family


Your family should be as much important to you as your friends. You should spare some time out for your family. There must be a lot of things which your family members want to discuss with you.

3. Go For A Long Drive


This is one of the good ideas to people who always ask what to do when bored. Going on a long drive with your partner or friend, always gives you the feelings of liveliness and freshness. Putting on some good music adds more to it.

2. Write Your Feelings


Some people are not very good in sharing with their friends or family. So the best way to do is to write it on. Some people have the habit of writing all their daily routine. This will give them relaxed feelings.

1. Visit Some Familiar Place Of Your Past


Going to places where you grew up and meeting your old teachers and colleagues is something very fantastic. This is the thing which gives life to your memories.

With these highlights, you have an enormous range for what to do when bored. There is no one except yourself who can do things to change your mood or to create good time and save yourself from creeping into boredom. Go for options which you think will give you sparked and charged feelings. Every one of us feels bored at some times, but we can make that time memorable by little effort. So don’t wait, explore yourself, enjoy and share these cool ideas with your friends as well.

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