10 Ways To Beat Your Stress Hormone

Your stress hormone, Cortisol, is released by your adrenal gland in normal conditions in your body. Its levels peak up in Flight and Fight responses and way too much Cortisol is unfavorable. It means teaming up with the stress inducers and destroying your body’s comfort zone. We all have been through those conditions where hands tremble as we go though our exam paper and realize, ‘I know nothing Jon Snow’ or when insomnia overtakes our need to sleep as we reach the deadline to submitting our Thesis. Stress is not only encountered by school and college going students but also is faced when we start our career, enter our professional lives and remains with us till death do us part.

Stress is followed by following symptoms faced by our body:

  • Causes weight gain in both women and men around the area of abdomen and waist
  • Leads to loss of muscle proteins.
  • Suppresses immunity.
  • Reduces Calcium stores in bones making the bones weak and prone to fracture. You tend to have more backaches than the usual.
  • Causes forgetfulness.
  • Causes dehydration, leaving your skin hidebound.
  • Welcomes your sleepless nights.
  • Causes more fatigue and crankiness guarantees you a bad day.
  • Dark brown eye circles, bags under eyes appear and the zombie look takes its way in.
  • Induces hair fall.
  • Causes loss of sex drive.
  • Leads to jitters, nervousness, stomach upset, panic attacks, and even paranoia.
  • Inhibits your happy neurotransmitter, Serotonin and you end up being sad and gloomy.

Stress is the ineludible aspect of life that is faced by all but the tricks to deal with it are known by some. If you are truly looking for solution about how to get rid of stress than the key to deal with stress is to remove or avoid the stressors that we face almost daily in our routine.

According to Dr. Joyce Brothers

“No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you find ways to relax for at least 5 minutes every hour, you’d be more productive”

Here are some ways to cheat with Cortisol and take a breather:

10. Let It Go

Let it go

Take a moment out for yourself from your busy routine. Sit, take deep breaths and clear your head out. Whatever is stressing you probably isn’t worth it. Let go of things, the little tasks you’ve taken just because you couldn’t say no, the unrealistic goals that you’ve set out in your mind just to prove people that you’re capable of doing so, doing extra shifts for the Chanel bag you saw at a store while crossing the road, all of these material things are of little value. Let them go! If being in unhealthy relationships is the cause of anxiety and stress, breaking up is a better option than to hear someone complain about your lifestyle or letting them disrespect you. Learn to let go of things you cannot control or change.

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9. Socialize


Socialize. Not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype or any other socializing website on the Internet but with real friends. Catch up with your old buddies, meet up for a lunch or a dinner. Meet new people, initiate a conversation, share laughter and most importantly have fun.

If you’re an introvert like me, talking to people will be a herculean task. Here are some tips on how you can talk to people or be able to carry a conversation with ease:

  • Make eye contact, smile, arms uncrossed, body faced towards the people you want to interact with and look confident.
  • Initiate the conversation with a polite greeting and introduce yourself.
  • Open up about your life, the things you do, the place you work at. This develops the interest of the person talking to you.
  • Wondering what will you talk about after introductions? It is safe to talk about current news and trends. People have a sound knowledge about current affairs or upcoming national games so there are chances that your conversation might extend up to hours.
  • Be a good listener. Listen attentively; ask the right questions at the right time.
  • Show enthusiasm by your facial expressions and the tone of your voice even if you’re bored.
  • Memorize names of people you interact with and address them by their names during the conversation. This leaves a good, lasting impression.

8. Time Management To The Rescue

Time Management to the rescue

Still remembering your mom’s lecture on time management every time you got late for school? Well I still do. As always she was right all along. Plan ahead for your day. Jot down the tasks you have to do on a Post-it and stick it to places that you are frequently going to. Keep a schedule and say no to excessive demands on your time. Prioritize, categorize and rearrange. Use shortcuts. This will give you more time to do things that were left pending on the list, thus de-stressing you.

  • If you’re starting your day early, keep in mind that you have to end the task before the day ends thus preventing work over-load.
  • Switch off email, social networking notifications if you have increased work load. Remember those websites are designed to keep you updated. It is you who choose where and when to waste time.
  • Estimate time that will be taken to complete a task. Set up a deadline and work your way out till the end of the task.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

7. Take Care Of Your Body

Take Care of your Body

If you have a healthy body, your body will be able to combat stress at ease. Having an unhealthy body will develop internal stress causing body to tire more. Have a healthy diet that is composed mainly of fruits. There are foods that are known to be stress fighters. Kiwis, Strawberries, Oats, Almonds and Dark Chocolate are among them.

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Develop the habit of exercising. It boosts up your immunity, builds up stamina and provides fresh air to your lungs.

Schedule relaxing body massages and pamper yourself. Taking out time for yourself should be your number one priority.

6. Meditation


Meditation is being practiced from thousands of years either for religious purposes or to calm down oneself. Meditation relieves any type of stress and anxiety. It lowers Cortisol levels. It works when we believe we are having a treatment, their symptoms start to improve. It also boosts our memory, heightens moods and increases self awareness. Meditation, if practiced for a few minutes every day helps control stress, reduce the episodes of anxiety, improving cardiovascular conditions and causes relaxation.

  • Sit still till your mind goes blank and the negativity followed by distress goes away.
  • Settle your attention to your breath and imagine your worries vanishing away with every breath you take.
  • Let meditation do its magic.

5. Yoga


Yoga provides inner strength, gives courage to face our fears, frustrations and challenges we daily face.

It regulates breath, relaxes the body, provides brain and the body tissues with fresh blood and nutrients giving the perception of well being.

  • Yoga has many postures, styles and intensities. They vary from lying down on the floor to stretching oneself to the fullest limits.
  • Controlling breathing sounds is an important part of performing yoga. It controls the body and relaxes the mind.

4. Sleeping Early

Sleeping early

Sleep reduces the level of stress aiding in maintained blood pressure. A good night’s sleep helps face up coming stress the next day. A tired person can easily be agitated. Adequate hours of sleep either by having a nap in the afternoon to complete 8 hours of sleep or taking them altogether at night is the basic necessity of a human body. In case if you are facing some kind of sleeping issue than you might want to read out home remedies for sleep.

  • Achieve your targeted tasks before night descends. Reserve your nights only for the purpose of sleeping.
  • Switch off your mobile phone, laptop and television half an hour before dozing off.
  • Sleep with the intention of waking up to a better day.

3. Aromatherapy, Have You Considered It?


Aromatherapy is an excellent answer for many questions related to how to relieve stress. Lavenders, Rose, Bergamot, Marjoram, Lemon, Rosewood, Fennel and many more are famous as stress busters.

This is how essential oils provide healing power to the body:

  • Take a whiff. This changes your focus and helps feel better about a lot of things. When freaking out, take a whiff and relax!
  • Add a few drops of your favorite oil to the floor of your shower. You’ll be immersed in the essential oil steam.

2. Have Some Tea

Have some TeaBlack tea kills stress. Phenols and flavonoids present in tea are responsible for tea’s calming effects while a cup of green tea can also be a good choice.

  • It is proven that having black tea four times a day for six weeks lowered Cortisol after a stressful incident.
  • So next time you go out, make sure you order the finest cup of black tea to treat yourself after a long tiring day.

1. Take Professional Help

Take professional help

Sometimes you are unable to overcome the stress and even the self help tips are ineffective. Do not think about the stigma created by our society and seek professional help.

Stress is inevitable. It is largely because of our unhealthy habits, encountering it makes up our behavior. Whip yourself into shape, clear the decks, systematize and relax!

Tips To Remember

  • To overcome the stress hormones drink a lot of hormones to flush all sorts of toxins out of the body.
  • Never let your personal thoughts over-power your stress hormones, stay calm and count till 10.
  • If you feel stressed out, take a deep breath, inhale fresh air and exhale slowly.
  • Drinking green tea can also work well to kill your stress level. The antioxidant property of this miracle herb lets you stay calm and flushes away harmful toxins out of your body.
  • Exercise regularly for proper blood circulation in the body.
  • Never give up on your nerves; you have to control your hormonal balance with your will power.
  • Eat chocolate if your feel anxiety. This will surely put you in calm shoes.
  • Talk to someone close to you. The more you share the lighter you will feel.

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