Trendy DIY Makeover For Your Denim Shorts

Sundays are kind of a little too free so instead of wasting your time, we have some fun DIY for you to follow and discover the new creative you.

10. Revamped Pockets


To revamp the pockets of your shorts is the simplest way to turn them into a newly transformed pair of shorts. You can see in the picture how trendy they look with nothing special done to them, only their pockets styled a bit.

To Do This You’ll Need

  1. Denim shorts
  2. Scissors
  3. Stitching needle
  4. Stitching thread
  5. Cardboard sheet
  6. Printed cloth pieces

First you will square bigger than the pockets of your shorts. Measure the exact size of the pockets and cute the printed square accordingly. Cut the cardboard big enough to cover the area you will be stitching and small enough to pass under the shorts. Keep the piece of cardboard underneath the two layers of your shorts so that you don’t end up stitching the two layers together. After doing this you will stitch the printed piece in place with the help of a white sewing thread and a needle. Show them off!

9. Paint Some Polka Dots


First wear your denim shorts plain until you get bored of them. When you are sure that you are finally bored of them. Give them a power boost with the paint and the paintbrush.

To Do This You’ll Need

  1. White fabric paint
  2. Paint brush
  3. Pencil
  4. Marker

Mark some dots with the help of a pencil. Try your level best to mark the dots with equal distance in between. When you think they are exactly where you want them to be, make the rightly made dots prominent by marking them with a marker. Paint on the marked dots with a white fabric paint.

“10 DIYs to make your Sunday fun and give your denim shorts a jazzy makeover that all girls will look up to. Don’t just try them out yourself but also motivate your friends to be more creative with their shorts. Be creative”

8. Add Diamantes To Your Shorts


The collage pretty much explains it all but we will elaborate it some more so that you do not miss out on any details. These shorts can be worn casually as well as formally, depending on the kind of shirt you couple it with.

To Do This You’ll Need

  1. Diamantes
  2. Marker
  3. Glue

At first you will have to mark some specific point where you want the diamantes to be. You can make patterns of diamante or simply stick them with equal distance in between. As you are done marking, start to stick your diamantes with the glue, one by one. You will be surprised at what you receive at the end.

7. Fade Your Shorts


Faded pair of jeans or a faded pair of shorts is always pretty cool to wear. Also, the fading is unbelievably easy to do so this ones sure an easy hack for all of us to try.

To Do This You Will Need

  1. Good quality denim shorts
  2. Cloth bleach
  3. Water
  4. Bucket

Mix the cloth bleach with water in the directed quantities (see the directions on the bleach, it is different for each) in a bucket. Soak half of the shorts into the bleach mixture twice or thrice, until it is faded as much as you desire. Hang it to dry. They are ready to be worn!

6. Hand Printed Shorts


This is the easiest DIY of them all with least number of things required to get it done. You might, however, need to retrace the print after every subsequent wash.

To Get It Done You’ll Need

  1. Black thin marker
  2. Some creative designs

Think of some really creative designs and/or prints to make on your shorts. Trace them on a paper and make sure you like what you are about to trace. Trace the patterns on your shorts and enjoy wearing your new shorts.

5. An Overload Of Sequins


This flashy pair of shorts is ideal for formal evenings or a party night out with your friends. If you think you can carry it without feeling too overdone, then you can even wear them on a casual day. It, again, depends on the top you couple it with.

To Get It Done You’ll Need

  1. Heaps of sequins
  2. Stitching needle and thread
  3. Cardboard sheet

You can get these sequins from the craft store near you. Choose the colour of sequins, buy lots of their packs. Do not worry about having an excess of them. They are useful little things which revamp your possessions in just a few hours. Cut the card board sheet and place in between the two layers of the shorts. Start to stitch the sequins on your shorts as desired.

4. Painted Sunflowers


As you can see this is a high waist top with sunflowers painted at half a side. It is a good idea to be embraced for a casual sunny day as summers are around the corner.

To Get This Done You’ll Need

  1. Fabric paints
  2. Paint brush
  3. Marker

Mark the points where you want your sunflowers to be at. You can also trace the sunflowers to be painted later. You will need yellow, brown and white fabric to make the flowers above. You can make flowers of different colours or trace an entirely different pattern. The idea is to only make it at one side of the shorts. Paint the flowers and let it sit to dry completely.

3. Stud It Up


Above is another easy hack for the pocket of your denim shorts. It can be worn on a formal evening with a formal top or a casual day with a bright and casual top or a shirt tucked it. This is, again, a high waist short.

To Do This You’ll Need

  1. Studs
  2. Strong hold Glue

Stick your studs with the help of glue. Wait for it to dry and rock it short.

2. Distressed Denim Shorts


This is my personal favourite. The distressed pattern goes best with dark blue denim as it shows more prominently. To do this you will have to be patient while making sure not going beyond a certain limit. The best part about this DIY is that your denims will only be distressed from the areas you want them to be distressed at.

To Get This Done You’ll Need

  1. Denim shorts off course
  2. Blade
  3. Tweezers

Cut the area you want to be distressed with the blade. Make straight cuts. The threads of the denim will start showing, pull out the threads with the help of tweezers.

Congratulations! You have homemade distressed denim shorts.

1. Dyed Colourful Shorts


They look so vibrant when worn that you will not believe that you did it yourself. They don’t look like denim shorts, do they?

To Get This Done You’ll Need

  1. Cloth bleach
  2. Denim shorts
  3. Colourful dyes
  4. Water
  5. Bucket

Bleach off the blue colour of your denim shorts. Once they are white. Hang them to dry. Now mix the colour dyes in water until you get your desired colour. You can also mix two colours in one. Dip the shorts in the dye. Hang it to dry.

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