20 Super Foods To Boost The Fertility

Planning to have a baby? Are you ready for it? Do you know that being pregnant requires a lot of energy and strength? Yes! Having a baby is not only a blessing but also a sign of excitement, enjoyment and happiness that the parents are all ready to fulfill their duties. They are not just alone now. They are having an important and a toughest responsibility now.

To conceive properly, there are many elements that are linked to it. Your diet is intrinsically connected to the process of fertility. If you are on healthy and proper diet, which is rich of proteins, calcium, vitamin, zinc etc., then there are greater chances to conceive. A proper consumption of these things helps the women’s body to regulate the flow of hormones in the body and to increase the chances of conceiving as well. So, it is very important to take care of your diet. Here, we will give you the details of those super foods which are quite healthy and help in boosting the chances of fertility.

“Although the process of pregnancy is a natural process and it all depends on the timings but make that is your responsibility to make it sure that you are doing the best on your behalf. You are not destroying your health and you are well aware of it.”

20. Start Eating Bananas

BananasIt is a sexual super-food that boosts the fertility level. Even some researchers say that eating bananas increases the chances of having twins as well. Banana increases the production of sperms and the chances of fertility.

  • Some other recommendations that the doctor gives in order to get pregnant are: avoid smoking or alcoholic drinks as these badly affects the sperms production.
  • Start taking healthy foods and drinks.
  • Banana shake is very tasty and a good source of power as well.
  • Start taking it, if you don’t like or if you don’t want to eat bananas.

19. Red Lentils

Red lentilsThese are easily available in the market with very cheap price.

  • All that you will have to do is to soak it in warm water for about one to two hours.
  • These are also the essential component in giving boost to the fertility.
  • According to the researches a single mug of lentils will give you around 357 grams of folic acid and as we all know that folic acid is one of the most shining product of a women’s reproductive body.
  • It may also increase the quality of sperm in the body. According to American research institutes, taking a supplement daily of folic acid will decrease the risk of ovulation problems or infertility.

18. Fenugreek

FenugreekThis herb is commonly used by those women who breast feed their child. This herb also increased the production of breast tissues, so that it can look big and firm as well.

  • Fenugreek has a very good and long history regarding its use and a good reputation as the herb that improves imbalanced hormones.
  • It contains the element diosgenin, which is used to make artificial estrogen and has been exposed to promote the growth of various tissues.
  • Fenugreek is available in the market in the form of capsule or in tea form.

17. Saw Palmetto

Saw PalmettoThis herb is used in a lot of medicines and creams.

  • This herb is also used in improvement of imbalanced hormones, which further helps in the production of a baby and are also responsible to some extent in the fertility process.
  • Apart from this it also helps in the enlargement of breast. It allows female hormones to produce, that contribute to breast growth to become more prominent.
  • Saw palmetto is a common ingredient in most breast enlargement pills or creams.

16. Pumpkin

PumpkinAs we put a morsel in our mouth, it goes tote small intestine first and then into the large intestine. If the morsel is full of fibers like beans then you need a strong digestive system.

  • Fibers or food containing fibers are very hard to digest usually. When these pass on to the small intestine, usually it come in the form of bulk, where these all fibers do not break down properly and it proceeds to the large intestine where it is fed by the bacteria that lives in the large intestine.
  • These bacteria produce gases in order to break that fiber down. By doing so, our stomach gets upset and in return need some relief after some time. The solution that comes out for this problem is the use of pumpkin in your diet.
  • Eat a cup of pumpkin with your meal, so that the gas does not bother you. These fruits are rich in many other natural ingredients that will help in the fertility as well.

15. Eat Healthy Fats

Eat healthy fatsThere are easily available things in the market.

  • Addition of things like eggs, milk, avocado, butter, peanut butter, fish etc. in your diet will increase the rate of fats in your body and may increase the fertility chances as the body requires some fats as well along with other proteins, vitamins, minerals etc.

14. Eat Radish

Eat radishYes! The use of radishes another home remedy.

  • Radish has been linked to naturally treat the factors that are involved in the infertility of both men and women.
  • In several studies and is known to contain potent astringent properties that would help improve the blood flow to the local tissues, including those found in the breasts and the reproductive tissues as well.
  • Increased blood circulation to body would increase the proper hormonal changes to work in a regulated and assigned manner.

13. Start Eating Estrogenic Foods

Start eating estrogenic foodsAs discussed earlier, the phytoestrogens produced in the body are really important in increasing the fertility level and to assist women in conceiving.

  • Every human body is different from the other body. The set up in it is also different. All that you will have to do is to search for yourself properly.
  • Study well and consult a doctor that what are the requirements of your body.
  • Estrogenic foods are the requirements of each single lady to get the desired result.
  • These are not only helpful in the process of pregnancy but these estrogenic foods are also helpful in giving you relief from different pains and to give you a boost from other stress and tensions as well.

12. Increase The Use Of Water

Drinking water early in the morningKeeping your body hydrated means that your tissues and organs are getting enough water to keep on working and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • This will not only keep your body healthy but it will also help in improving your tissues. Water is the essential part of a human body. Keep on drinking the required amount of water that your body need.

11. Whole Milk

milkIt is a general perception of the society that despite of the fact that it gives you energy and nutrition, it makes you fat as well. Well, this perceived image is wrong. According to the researchers, milk does not make you healthy in fact it helps in various other factors as well if it is taken on regular basis. According to the studies, this result was revealed that milk is the main source that is essential in most of the human activities. It gives you strength, it gives strength to the bones so that they can perform its activities easily, it helps in regulation of the hormones which helps he women to gain health for the production of a baby.

In 2007, it was recommended to the women who are trying to conceive to get the full fat dairy products regularly. This will help them in conceiving and may also reduce the risk of ovulatory infertility. High fat whole milk increases the chances of pregnancy whereas the low fat milk decreases the chances of fertility and increases the chances of infertility. So stop embarrassing by keeping full fat whole milk and start drinking it, in order to get the good results.

10. Salmon

salmonThe production of Omega 3 in the body also helps to regulate the hormones of productivity and gives the blood flow a boost, by triggering the hormones level in the women body. Salmon is one of its kinds. Salmon fish contains omega3 in it. This fatty fish is full of omega 3 ingredient that will help the female productive organ to conceive properly without giving the chance of infertility.

  • Salmon fish can be used in combination with many other dishes like it can be served with tasty or yummiest salads or it can be served with rice or vegetables as well.
  • If you don’t like to eat fish or you do not like its smell, there are many supplements that contains omega 3 in it or you can have walnuts or flax seed oil.
  • These also contain omega 3 in it.
  • There are many other alternatives to it as well.
  • All that you will have to focus is the intake of omega3 in your body.

9. Avocado

avocadoIt is one of the complete packages, which contain energy rich ingredients from folate to vitamin K and omega 3 as well. So it is the best combination to take. You can take it in many forms like the shake of avocado tastes yummy, or if you don’t like shakes than you can use it with salads or with vegetables that makes a good combination with it.As long as you are having a check of your diet chart it is okay to take one avocado day, despite of knowing its various benefits.

Quick link = Health benefits of Avocado

8. Broccoli

broccoliGetting more proteins from plants and avoid ignoring consuming less protein from animal source is yet another achievement to reduce the infertility factors.The researches that have been conducted had revealed that those women who consume proteins from animal source are likely having the chances of ovulatory infertility, if it is compared with those ladies who had consume fewer amounts of proteins from animal source. If the plat protein intake among ladies is more than the chances of fertility and low chances of infertility takes control.

  • Examples of protein plants may include broccoli,nuts,almonds,pistachio, oats, flax seeds, hazel nuts, cashew nuts etc. green and leafy vegetables such as broccoli are full of nutrients and helps in the production of hormones that may cause you to get pregnant.

7. Egg

Egg Yolk RemedyAlthough girls avoid egg, the reason being it may pump up the pimples on the face, but there are many essential uses of it. Egg is very nutritious as it contains vitamin b12, vitamin E and protein. The yolk of this egg is full of such energy boosters. Egg is also enriched in DHA which is a mono-saturated fat. The fat that is essential to conceive. If you face any problem in the market regarding choosing the correct form of eggs, then go for the one with the label as DHA or mono saturated there are many products of eggs available in the market.

6. Soy Products

Soy productsA healthy diet is crucial in order to gain pregnancy, yes a successful pregnancy and to remain healthy throughout the pregnancy and to have a healthy baby. Soya beans or products relate to soya are very effective in achieving the fertility. These are the key source of proteinaceous plant. As it is the plant product, so it contains phytoestrogen that not only helps in conceiving but it has also some really good effects on the body.

  • Considering your diet, it is good to make a diet plan because excessive consumption of everything is it is good to maintain a balanced chart.
  • Researches have led to the conclusion that increased intake of soya bean May decreases the level of fertility.
  • So it is better to take it in normal manner.
  • Soya produces high number of estrogen in the female body. These estrogen are very helpful in leading to the fertility.

5. Olive oil

olive oilBefore getting any other knowledge to get pregnant, you should be aware of the fact that what actually your body is made up of and what are the basic parts that are involved in the fertility of eggs. The follicle part is rich in fluids in a women body. This is the portion where a woman feeds or regulates or you can say it nourishes the eggs. Follicle requires vitamin E for its growth and nourishment. Olive oil is one of them that contain Vitamin E. Olive oil is made up of mono-saturated fats that are a good form of fats as compared with the fats that are used in baking or junk food stuff. These fats are very useful that helps in reducing the rate of inflammation and increases the rate of insulin sensitivity in the women body. That will help the body to get fertile.

4. Almonds

almond1Eating seven nuts a day may improve the fertility of male’s sperms. These almonds may increase the quality and the production of male of sperms. The sperms play an important role in the fertility process. If there is no power in man’s sperm than how could this procedure takes place. That’s the simplest fact that we all know. So in order to get good sperms, it is better to work on your man’s power. That’s the biggest source to get pregnant. Some groups added even seven types of nut s to increase the level and chances of pregnancy.

3. Black Beans

Black beansAttainment of more proteins from plants and evading or intensively less protein from animal source is yet another achievement to reduce the infertility factors. The researches that have been conducted had revealed that those women who consume proteins from animal source are likely having the chances of ovulatory infertility, if it is compared with those ladies who had consume fewer amounts of proteins from animal source. If the plat protein intake among ladies is more than the chances of fertility and low chances of infertility takes control.

  • Examples of protein plants may include black beans, green vegetables, broccoli, nuts, almonds, pistachio, oats, flax seeds, hazel nuts, cashew nuts etc.

2. Oysters

OystersIt is rich in zinc and a healthy diet especially for women. Deficiency of zinc or low consumption of zinc in the women body may lead to the disturbance of menstrual cycle and may also slow down the production of eggs in the body thus reducing the chances of fertility among women. There are many other diets or products that contain zinc in it as well like legumes, beef, poultry, nuts etc. but these all are not that much rich in quantity as compared with the oyster. A women’s body need a bit more amount of zinc.

1. Kale

KaleThe dark greeny leaves or vegetables like kale, spinach or any other similar to this are the highly influential fertility ingredients. They are rich in iron, folate, manganese and calcium. Iron is essential for the blood streaming in proper manner whereas manganese is a mineral that is known as the fastest pregnancy factor. Wash the green vegetables well before eating it in order to get rid of any pesticides moving in there. Kale also consists of the Vitamin that is the requirement of the body per day. By eating even half of it will fulfill your vitamin A need.


  • Start taking proper diets as soon as possible.
  • There are many solutions mention, if you do not like one, opt another one.
  • If you want to conceive, just have a complete checkup of yourself and your partner.


  • Do not eat unhealthy stuff if you want to conceive early.
  • Restrict yourself from the things that are not good.
  • Consult your doctor if you felt any reaction.

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