20 Health Benefits Of Carrots You Must Know

Carrots are one of the root vegetables which are known for their ultimate health benefits. Carrots are known as World’s Healthiest Food by The George Mateljan Foundation. Carrots are available in different colors in the world but most common color you can see in a carrot is orange. This is a regular ingredient in your lunches, breakfasts and dinners. You can have them in your salads. The carrot soup or stew including carrots is good appetizer. You can refresh yourself in summer with a carrot smoothie or carrot juice. On breakfast table, carrot jam is always present. Use carrots as sandwich fillings and rejoice yourself.

Carrots can be stored for several months in a cold place that is why they are always available in markets throughout the year. But the actual growing season of carrots is summer when we can have garden-fresh and tasty carrots. Now let’s talk about some of its nutrient values. According to the United States’ Department of Agriculture, one carrot provides:

  • 25 Calories
  • 6 gram Carbohydrate
  • 3 gram Sugar
  • 1 gram Protein

Just image consuming one carrot in the morning and it will fulfil all your nutrient needs of the day. The benefits of carrots are really amazing which make them necessary for everyone. But, unfortunately the diet of our children these days are more on junk and unhealthy food. Being mothers all the blame of a child’s health is on us because we are not able to develop that habit of having healthy food in them. But the time is not past yet, we still can make them lean towards healthy food by relating healthy food with their favorite characters i.e. for example in case of carrots you can ask them to take carrots because it is favorite food of bugs bunny. Bugs bunny is their favorite cartoon character and they will start taking carrots in their food because of the relation with bug’s bunny.

Once you start taking carrots, there health benefits are unlimited, you will see. In this article I have come up with just 20 health benefits a carrot provides. These are not just benefits of carrots but our actual shield against the health disorder of all kind. Let us have a look to these health benefits of carrots.

20. Heathy Vision


Human Vision is the most important component of human system. It helps us see the world and its wonders. But this system of human can be affected by many things including excessive exposure to sun. Carrots are very useful for healthy vision. They contain Vitamin A, which is needed to improve your vision and positively impact the eyesight. Thus, start consuming more carrots in your diet from now onwards. Carrot juice is also very helpful in this regard.

19. Best Antiseptic


Our environment is full of bacteria, germs and other viruses which can affect human health in many ways and causes infections to different body parts. The open wounds are more expose to all these germs. Doctors recommend different antiseptic medicines and injections to fight against these germs in order to protect human health. The antiseptic quality of carrots are one of the best health benefits of carrots.

Carrots are the natural medicine to fight against germs containing some excellent antiseptic properties to prevent infections to wounds. You can consume carrots daily in your diet or make a paste of carrots to apply on these wounds.

18. Shield Against Cancer


Cancer is always considered as a harmful disease, in our society, which can take human life easily. People diagnosed with cancer always loose hope for betterment. But let me tell you that cancer is curable and before that preventable. Again carrots help human body to fight against cancer. Its cancer fighting ability is one of the best benefits of carrots. Carrots contain carotenoid antioxidants which provide a shield to human body against cancer. Research from different parts of the world has also shown that phytonutrient contained in carrots which is named as polyacetylenes has power to prevent cancer from growing in human body. To prevent your body to get effect by cancer, you need to start consuming carrots. Carrot juice has significantly positive effects on human body other than consuming carrots raw.

17. Fights Cardiovascular Diseases


Carrots fight cholesterol with its antioxidant and carotene containments. Cholesterol is the main reason for all the cardiovascular diseases so once it is controlled everything is under control.

Another cause which increases the threat of cardiovascular disease is tension in blood vessels and arteries. Due to which the circulation of blood is stopped to different parts of the body and stress is increased on cardiovascular system. Carrots contain elements of potassium to increase the blood flow in arteries by comforting the tension in them. Hence prevents yourself from cardiovascular diseases. Simply eat a carrot to fight against cardiovascular diseases. Carrot juice is equally beneficial in this regard.

16. Maintains Healthy Skin


In summer season, direct sun’s rays make the skin damage. Dehydration in summer season is also a cause of skin dryness and then damage to the skin.  In order to prevent your skin from damaging and black marks, the best solution is to use carrots in your diet. Carrots are rich in carotene and vitamin A which ultimately protects the harms of sun in summer season. In health benefits of carrots, this one is really amazing to make your skin beautiful. Carrots also nourish your skin to avoid different skin issues like acne and pigmentation etc.

  • Grind two carrots to make their paste.
  • Add honey to the paste and apply it on your face.
  • After it is dry, wash your face with warm water then.

15. Maintains Digestive Health


The digestive system is a group of different tissues who work as a team to convert your food into energy and other basic nutrients for your body. Food, which we consume, passes through a long tube inside the body known as the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). If something disturbs this tract you can face problems in digestion of food. Some problems related to your digestive system include Constipation, Jaundice and Portal hypertension.

The consumption of carrots can maintain your digestive health with help of many dietary fibers present in them. Fiber (Soluble or insoluble) helps prevent constipation by removing hurdles in the path of GI tract and food particles don’t stuck in the tube to create problems in digestion. Recommendation is to take use carrots as your regular food at breakfasts, brunch, lunches, supers and dinners. Do not eat food late at night before sleeping it can create digestion disaster and nothing can prevent that for you. Try to eat healthy food to be healthy.

14. Prevents Stroke


According to a study statistics calculated in US, the average number of people dying from stroke every minute are 4. This means we lose 8 lakh people every year. These strokes occur due to tension in blood vessels which causes problems or complete blockage in blood supply to the brain.

Carrots contain carotene and fibers to smooth this process and prevent stroke. Their effectiveness in preventing stroke is also one of the most amazing benefits of carrots. This claim is justified from the research community. According to another research conducted at Harvard University, the chances of stroke decrease a considerable percent for the people who eat carrots daily. Prevention is better than cure, so start eating more carrots from today to prevent stroke.

13. Diabetes Controller


The carrots contain high content of sugar this is why this issue is always under discussion whether the carrots are healthy diet for diabetics or not? Carrots may contain high sugar but we can still count on them as the healthy diet for diabetics. Apart from sugar, carrots contain carotene and alkaline which are very helpful to control blood sugar under control. So rather avoiding carrots completely you can consume a balanced amount of carrots to control diabetes. You can have carrots as snacks by grilling them or can add them to salads. Carrot juice is also very helpful in this regard.

12. Delays Aging


Aha! Something of a women interest! In fact this one is one of the most amazing health benefits of carrots you can find. Every woman is afraid of wrinkles and looking old. She can do anything to stop this effect from life. What if I tell you, it is possible to delay aging without much effort. Yes! You heard it right. Make your diet healthy and forget about the aging. When we say healthy diet, carrot is one of the world’s recognized healthy foods. Carrots have carotene which slows the aging of cells. Carrots also contains large amount of vitamin C which prevents wrinkles. Start drinking carrot juice daily or use carrots in your diet to maintain a youthful appearance.

11. Improves Dental Health


Oral health should be the first priority of any human because your food takes the start of its route to stomach from mouth. If your oral health is not good this will also affect the overall health. As we have discussed earlier that carrots are antiseptics to kill germs and keeps your body healthy. The same way carrots also prevent tooth deterioration by killing harmful germs in your mouth. Thus carrots are most beneficial natural product for your oral health. To consume a carrot chew it properly. Chewing will helps make teeth strong because it is a good exercise for them. Carrots are also contained some other nutrient properties like fiber and have a hard crusty surface which makes carrots different from other vegetables and removes the plaque from your teeth, when consumed.

“Just by following few of these tips and techniques you will feel fresh and enjoy good health. Always keep in mind “Health is Wealth” so if you want to live a long live full of comforts and luxuries start taking healthy diet from today and forget about all the junk in your life.”

10. Prevents Hair Loss


Hair is an important part of a human body which makes it attractive. Everyone wants best hair for their personality which ends up in obsession of using different hair products. Naturally human have good amount of hair on their head but for some reasons they start losing them and end up becoming bald. This is the worst nightmare of any human to look his/her hair loosing. But unfortunately this complain is growing in numbers day by day. There are different products available in markets claiming best solution of this problem but with excessive chemicals these products are actually the reason behind hair loss. You’ll be happy to know that making hair beautiful and strong is one of the most amazing health benefits of carrots. Carrots are considered as one of the many good remedies to prevent hair loss because of its containment of vitamins and minerals for hair. Start taking carrot juice in your diet for strong and health hair.

9. Sun Protection


Due to damage in Ozone layer, some very dangerous sun rays also passes through the atmosphere and has their deadly effects on human body which includes sun stokes, skin cancer and dehydration. Carrots are Vitamin A rich that shields skin tissues against the sun rays and also helps them to heal fast.

Take considerable amount of Carrots through salads, soups or carrot juices in your diet. You can also apply the paste of carrot as skin mask for improved sun protection. Carrot juice is also highly recommended in this regard.

8. Hair Growth


We have already mentioned that carrots prevent hair loss but what we did not tell you yet is that they also help hair to grow. Yes! Carrots contain different vitamins including E and C to fuels the hair growth by improving the blood circulation in your head. The hair like Rapunzel is no more a dream now. Eat more carrots in your daily routine and your hair will grow like never before.

7. Strengthen Immune System


Immunity is GOD’s greatest gift to mankind, without the strength of fighting against disease human body is a total waste. Some people can even survive cancer if their immune system is strong. What if this immune system weakens because of inappropriate diet?

Add carrots to your diet to overcome this problem. Those who eat carrots regularly know that immune boosting ability is one of the many benefits of carrots they enjoy.Carrots are among some of the foods which can boost your immune system. Carrots contain Vitamin A, E, carotene and little amount of zinc which are among some useful nutrients to strengthen immune system and helps fight against diseases.

6. Treat Joint Pain


Joint pains or arthritis is a common problem in our society which leads to several disabilities. Joint pain is the start of all this process or should I say start symptoms of arthritis. When you are getting old, so does your bones and they start more stressing on joints while movement. There are many other remedies present to lessen this pain but carrots are also one of those healthy foods which prevents joint pain. Carrots contain some antioxidants for this purpose. You must increase the quantity of carrots in your diet. Rather adding carrots in salad only, try other things like carrot soup, carrot juice or smoothies.

5. Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an important stage in a women’s life, which must be handled with care. Pregnancy is about the life of two human lives instead of one so there are somethings which we needs to take care during this whole process. Let us discuss.

Women always had some questions in mind and they are more conscious about their food in these days which is actually good. I had seen some women misunderstanding that carrots contain excessive amount of vitamin A which is actually not good for fetus development. This all is not true; carrots do not contain vitamin A but carotene which is pro-vitamin A. In your body this carotene becomes vitamin A but only where needed. So let’s not fooled around and take carrots in your diet for better health and positive effects on fetus development.

If you are not feeling hungry even then you can consume carrots for betterment of your health. Take a carrot raw and eat it will not harm your baby. Carrot juice is also very healthy in this regard.

4. Better Healing Agent


Carrots are rich in vitamin, fiber, carotenes, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many others. With such level of nutrient power carrots are qualified as being the better healing agents. Especially the carrot juice is considered as the healing juice. It heals the wounds at your body and also acts as a protective shield against many diseases including cancer, stroke etc. With such benefits of carrots, promise yourself to add more amount of it in your diet.

3. Protects The Liver


Protecting the liver is one of the many health benefits of carrots. Vitamin A in carrots helps the liver to shield from deadly effects of different chemicals in environment. Different vitamins are contained in carrots to prevent infections of the liver. Vitamin A in particular, in combination of fiber helps flushing the waste and toxins from your body and washes the liver. Hence, carrots help prevent the liver diseases like hepatitis and cholestasis. Eat carrots daily to lead a healthy life.

2. Great Body Cleanser


Carrots can be a great body cleanser which helps clean your skin from dust and prevents from the sunburns.

To make a body cleanser from carrots you can follow these simple steps:

  • Take a carrot and crush it without peeling.
  • Take the carrot lumps and mix with 2 tbsp honey.
  • Apply this mixture to your face and rub across gently for 5 minutes.
  • Take this mixture off your face with water.
  • Don’t apply soups after this cleanser.
  • Repeat the same process daily after coming back from work to enjoy these amazing health benefits of carrots. 

1. Strengthen The Bones


The strength of bones is actually tour own health because bones are the main part of your skeleton. Bones helps you move. If they are not strong your movement will also stopped. We can make our bones strong with excessive supply of vitamins to them through health diet and proper exercises. But another things, explicitly, which can help our bones to get strong is carrots. They contain vitamins and antioxidants to make bones strong and prevent pains in joints. You must increase the quantity of carrots in your diet. Make sure to eat carrots or drink carrot juice to enjoy these benefits.

With such incredible benefits of this vegetable, who would want to avoid it in daily diets? I am definitely going to make a carrot soup for the evening. But, while consuming carrots in your diet try to remember some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid any kind of harsh circumstances. We have listed some Do’s of Don’ts that will help you understand the best and worst practices for using carrots as a food.


  • Try to consume more raw carrots in their harvest season.
  • Before eating, wash your carrots to remove pesticides.
  • For diabetes patients, try to grill carrots to balance the sugar level.


  • Don’t mix some artificial flavors while making carrot juice.
  • Don’t be afraid to lose the nutrient value of carrot after peeling. It contains the same nutrients and benefits even after peeling.
  • Don’t store carrot juice in fridges; it will remove the benefits of it.
  • Don’t fall for false news about the health benefits of any vegetable. Just does a little research before you stop consuming it further?

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