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Top 7 Brands For Vegan Skin Care

Vegan beauty is certainly the new fashion, given the researches of the past decade proving many beauty ingredients to be carcinogenic. We see people adopt vegan skin care habits and start using brands they believe to contain healthy and natural ingredients. Here is a list of vegan skin care products that are trustworthy, and government approved for their ingredients. Hopefully you will find it very helpful.

7. Stark Skincare


This multinational brand is popular among ladies. It has a line of vegan skin care products that are approved by numerous skin experts around the world for Its benefits for skin health. These products also have the fruity smell that gives them the natural feel. You will enjoy using these lotions and oils.

6. SpaRitual


This brand has also come up with an impressive lineup of vegan skin care products to compete in the new emerging market. It features a vast variety of products like lotions, butters and scrubs, but the most eye catching is the nail polishes as a replacement to the usual chemical laden products.

5. Eminence


Eminence products are pricey, but they are worth every penny. The Hungarian Company is known for the authenticity of its ingredients. They have recently introduced a line of plant based skin care, which has cleared every test scientists and lab researchers threw at it. Use eminence for an assured natural product.

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Top 7 Brands For Vegan Skin Care