15 Best Foods To Make Your Brain Stronger

Our brain is like the central processing unit (CPU) of our bodies and it is so that whatever malfunction occurs inside the brain it ends up affecting the working of the rest of the body. There are many diseases happening inside the brain that do not really give away a red signal and it is when things have gotten really far and low that the body alerts us regarding the issues that have been long suppressed. In order to keep ourselves active and activated 24/7 it is essentially needed that we have a much deeper look at our diets in order to find out what basically are we missing out that can lead to possible deficiencies.

It is indeed true that the food we take in, either for pleasure or for the sake of keeping ourselves alive has all kinds of effects on our health and activity. Often we don’t consider giving any regard to our diet and munch over all kinds of junk food and products with high sugar content; most of the time these hunger suppressing agents don’t let the brain and the body know what kind of harmful influences they are inflicting on our hormones as well as on our emotions and the end results often makes individuals getting addicted to such food cravings.

If you had been envying the ones who have been top scorers throughout your high school and college life and kept you thinking how they even manage to stuff all that inside their grey matter then we are here to bust that mystery for you. For a healthy and active mind there are plenty of foods in nature that if included in our diet on a regular basis will not only boost our mental health including stronger IQ levels but will also strengthen the immune system.We guarantee that while going through this article there will be lots of useful information that will result in a definite eye-opener.

“For a healthy and active mind there are plenty of foods in nature that if included in our diet on a regular basis will not only boost our mental health including stronger IQ levels but will also strengthen the immune system.”

15. Call Us Popeye Fans(Spinach)

spinachMost of us have seen and have been fan of the evergreen cartoon character Popeye the Sailor man. Does anyone remember what power did Popeye possess? He turned into this super, humongous man that could beat anything up and crack their heads open. This famous character got all his super powers after he gulped down a can of spinach.

There is no doubt about the power that is sowed into the roots of spinach and to add on this king of leafy greens in to our diet is similarto having a gold touch. The amazing benefits of spinach make it an extraordinary brain food. The vegetable might seem a burden to have on your plate but wait and read what it has in-stored for you that is known to pump up the neurons with some positive energy:

  • Heard about Vitamin C right? This might be a shocker but apart from oranges that are known to be hubs of Vitamin C, Spinach too has the vitamin in quite abundance.
  • Also, not only Vitamin C but spinach is also rich in Vitamin E, the vitamin that is known to make a great deal for your hair, nails and skin. These nutrients are known to beat up the cognitive functioning of the brain.
  • Plenty of researches have brought forward the collective result of positive effects of green on the mental health of individuals. Many researches’ conducted on older adults who have been devouring greens along with their regular mealshave been keeping diseases like dementia at bay.
  • We suggest you about the greens to look out for:
  1. Spinach.
  2. Kale.
  3. Broccoli.
  4. Sage.
  5. Swiss Chard.
  6. and Lettuce.

14. Munch On Those Nuts (Walnuts)

walnutsLearn how to improve memory using these amazing natural gifts. Kids are always sighted questioning parents about one or the other thing. Ever heard a child ask, Mom/Dad, why does this nut look like the brain? Walnut is the name of that nut that actually and very realistically looks like the human brain. Probably this would be God’s best way of signaling us. It is humorous to know that having a snack down of walnuts a day can actually save you from becoming nuts through the remaining stressful years of your life.

  • The high ratio of antioxidants, minerals including Vitamin E have been researched and proven to have highly optimistic effects on Alzheimer’s.
  • Walnuts are known to be super-foods since they are packed with healthy Omega 3 acids. It is doubted that deficiency in the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids leads to problems like depression and degenerated intellectual capabilities of the brain.
  • For people who are constantly in a row with obesity and getting fat, the best way to keep your cravings satisfied is to chew on a number of high in lean protein and full of polyunsaturated fats based, walnuts.
  • Insomniacs should better find a relief in this article because for their benefit walnuts have a handsome amount of nutrients along with all the happy go lucky stuff that raises the bar of stress relieving hormone-melatonin. Due to the increase in the level of melatonin many individuals enjoy undisrupted hours of sleep.
  • Why not try a one of a delicious smoothie that is not only easy to make but also boosts up those brain cells:

IQ Building Smoothie:

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

A cup of water.

1 ½ scoop whey protein powder.

6 whole walnuts.

2/3 cup blueberries.

1 banana.

1 avocado.

What’s next: Just pop all these rich ingredients in a blender and go with the flow. The more you blend; the smoother will be the drink!

13. Sea-Food And Eat It (Fish)

FishMost people have this strong dislike for seafood. Maybe they have had some scary past experiences where either the ordered or cooked seafood turned out to be smelly or tasteless. Quite a few people also run away from seafood due to high levels of seafood allergies. Though such allergies are not that common but the results for the ones who suffer are pretty disastrous.

Many elderly people suffer from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s that have a direct effect on the cognitive abilities of a human. It is thus necessary that adults should definitely include foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids into their diet.

  • Fish is known to improve memory, boost brain power along with the gray matter.
  • Fish is considered to be the healthiest of diet for children because this works in developing healthy brain cells just at the right age.
  • Pregnant women are also said to enjoy having fish during the 9 month long journey as the same effects occurs in the development of the fetus’s brain.
  • It is recommended to include fish in the diet at least once a week and the fish must be steamed or baked, rather than deep or shallow fried.

Types of fish to include in the diet:

  1. Salmon beats on the list to become the most favorable fish.
  2. Trout.
  3. Mackerel.
  4. Herring.
  5. Sardines.
  6. Pilchards and Kippers.

12. For The Love Of Berries

berriesWho on this planet Earth doesn’t love to eat some berries, there are all kinds of heavenly berries like, Strawberries, Raspberries or Blueberries. In fact there are so many sisterly berries associated to the mentioned berries that one might not even feel bored out of eating berries all day long. It has been reported that people who munch on a fist full of berries right after they eat food turn out to have faster metabolism and sugar digesting abilities. When there’s less mess in the belly, there is more time for the brain to think otherwise and be creative for longer periods of time. Blueberries are highly recommended to use regularly as an effective brain food.

  • Blueberries, proven to be nature’s finest candy are a rich source of antioxidants that work tirelessly to get rid of all those free radicals
  • The high ratio of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and fiber helps boost up the body and the brain, when consumed earlier in the morning
  • Many studies have proven that individuals who helped themselves with a bowl full of serving of these berries or took them in the form of a smoothie performed far well till mid afternoon than those who preferred having something else.

Quick Blueberry Pancake Recipe (Serves 4):

In order to help you make things work out in the morning, try out this amazing blueberry pancake recipe.


  • 150gm self raising flour.
  • ½ tsp baking powder.
  • 1 egg.
  • 200ml milk.
  • 100g pack blueberries.
  • Oil for cooking.
  • Syrup of your choice.

How to go about with it:

Just add the baking powder, a pinch of salt in a bowl. On the other hand beat the egg well with the milk and slowly pour it into the bowl. Mix all the ingredients well. Add on half of the pack of blueberries into the mixture and gently mix it up. Now in a non-stick pan spray some oil and add a tablespoon full of batter on the pan and cook it for about 2-3 minutes on each side. Take out in a plate and serve with the remaining blueberries and your favorite syrup.

“It is doubted that deficiency in the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids leads to problems like depression and degenerated intellectual capabilities of the brain.”

11. Chew On Those Carrots

carrotsThere’s a story that has been passed around for centuries which is to consume as much carrots as one possibly can because this is one vegetable that beats all kinds of problems related to the eyes. It turned out that carrots are not only good for issues related with the eyes and the sight but it has real positive effects on the brain as well.Consider regularly having a bowl full of scrumptious fresh vegetables to keep your mind sane for a longer period of time. If you’re wondering how to improve memory, just use carrots regularly in your diet

  • Luteolin, a compound readily found in Carrots is associated with good factors that if not stop but lower downs inflammatory properties of the brain that occur with age.
  • Many age related issues that occur within the brain especially,loss of memory are well tackled by the nutrients that are found within Carrots.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduces the risk of stroke.
  • Subject to the brain, it no doubt improves the eye-sight and is recommended to be given to young children to save them from issues like far/near sightedness.
  • Most people who are living literally over juicing tons of fruits and vegetables together recommend that carrots, apples and beets when juiced together not only give a great taste but boost up your energy right away,.

Note: Always prefer having a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables at least once throughout the day if you can’t manage to have it along with your daily meal.

10. Keep Yourself Caffeinated

CaffeineThis might be the best part for all the coffee and tea lovers because if we said NO to having any of these drinks people would have loved to commit suicide otherwise. Coffee and tea both are known and found to be good agents in keeping the mind and body alert in times of need. Young adults start getting addicted to coffee and tea right before the finals arrive because these drinks help them stay active during long hours of study.

  • Studies have found that Caffeine, the leading part present inside Coffee and tea acts like a stimulant that targets the central nervous system more like kick starting the CPU of the body.
  • These two are known to wake a person up from a bad hangover. So always make sure you keep your coffee ready after a long night of partying.
  • People who prefer taking coffee and tea during the preparation period of the exams and also before attempting the paper have known to perform 40% better than those who attempted not to use these drinks.
  • Caffeine is a source of keeping the brain active and boost brain power in times of need like when someone needs to get back home from a night shift, or for those who have to work at night.

Tip: You can always make use of tea bags after they have been boiled well in water. Just take those used tea bags and let them cool. Finally clean your face and place those tea bags carefully over your eye-lids for a good 10-15 minutes. This tip is tried and tested to reduce dark circles from underneath the eyes.

9. Avocado The Alligator-pear

avocadoThere have been many complaints regarding Avocados being bland in terms of taste but for those who really know the worth of the goodness packed in this bundle of this fruit, it has become a life saving part of their lives. The fruit though known to be high on the ratio of fats has been falsely interpreted because the fruit is rich in all the good fats. For those who have been keeping their hands away from buying this fruit must add it up again in their grocery lists. This amazing brain food must be included in your regular diet immediately.

  • Avocado is rich in fiber and on the other hand is free of sodium and cholesterol.
  • Is a powerhouse for Omega 3 fatty acids, since it is a good source of mono and poly unsaturated fats.
  • The use of avocados is not only a brain boosting food but it also imparts positive energy to the brain and to the eyes.
  • It is a rich source of Vitamins (A,C,E,B,D and K) and Folate. The fruit has a high ratio of protein and low count of sugar as compared to the rest of the fruits. Thus, one might rethink calling it a fruit.
  • Avocados can be included in your daily diet in a large number of variations, some be like:
    • Cutting the fruit in half and then getting rid of the pit. While filling in the hollow with all kinds of dressings like herbed brown rice and crushed salad.
    • Adding up a bunch of avocados in a smoothie along with some other fruits and vegetables. Avocado will add in a creamy texture to the smoothie.
    • Some also like to present sliced avocados for a side served with a bowl of soup.
    • For morning boost and energy, mash up an avocado till the texture turns fine and then spread it like butter on a slice of bread or on a bagel. For extra taste, sprinkle it up with some herbs and spices.

Quick link = Benefits of Avocado

Note: Before you think about adding avocados in your diet keep this in mind that this fruit though high on good fats is still going to add up on pounds if not looked into. A small serving of the fruit can contain as much as about 25-30gms of fat which is equivalent to having a thick burger.

8. Grab Them Coconuts

CoconutIf you’re looking for the natural ways about how to improve memory, use coconut oil in your diet. You might have heard about the benefits about Coconuts somewhere from your grandparents and great aunts and uncles but thesedays most of the people have actually forgotten the essence of these foods. Sadly coconut is one of those long lost foods that are not practically used in the daily cooking. Coconut oil is not only good for your hair but the nutrients that are jam packed inside this hard shelled bomb are beneficent to the brain as well.

  • MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) found to be present inside Coconut oil have been tested and proven to induce a positive effect on older individuals who have been suffering from one or the other mental disorders.
  • Research has also proven that a single, small doze of only about 40ml struck a high rate of improved performance within patients suffering from Alzheimer’s as compared to continuous dozes of a number of other substances.
  • As compared to other oils Coconut oil has a high heat bearing ability thus the oil when used for sauteing and frying proves to be a better alternative as compared to the rest.

People of the West take Coconut to be a luxury unlike for the populations in the Far Eastern and Asian sides where Coconut is readily available and in fact Coconut water is a deal breaker during summers as it a great course of hydration just to beat the heat.

Note: The ground reality remains that because of the presence of MCTs there are a number of positive effects on the brain since it goes through a variably different phase of metabolism.

“Coconut oil is not only good for your hair but the nutrients that are jam packed inside this hard shelled bomb are beneficent to the brain as well.”

7. Go For The Whole Grains

WHOLEGRAINSYou might have always seen fitness freaks going towards the brown stuff rather than getting seduced by the white group, why? Because the proteins that are lavishly present in whole grains are processed out while producing the white stuff. White sugar, white rice, white flour are all variations and processed form of the whole grains that means, brown sugar, brown rice and wholegrain flour. That is why when people start moving towards a healthier, happier lifestyle the first thing they do is to eradicate all kinds of whites from their diet.Make sure to eat whole grains regularly to boost brain power.

  • Whole grains have lower GI levels means they tend to get digested easily and the ratio of sugar is well maintained within the blood stream.
  • These grains including whole wheat and brown rice have a huge impact towards lowering the risk of heart diseases.
  • When there is a healthy stream of blood flowing through the body all the organs will be achieving all kinds of goods from it, including the brain.

Note: Whole grain does not really mean that it will always fall lower on GI index; wheat at times is a source of gluten that gives it more of an elastic property. This gluten when discovered inside stomach is often misinterpreted and is fought against like an intruder. Hence, some people suffer indigestion and acidity on the basis of having gluten based foods.

6. Beat It With Broccoli

broccoliKids hate Broccoli, the moment they see a piece of Broccoli lurking somewhere on their plate they lose control and decide not to have their food completely. Mothers as much as they try and get their kids to eat Broccoli, some way or the other they try and win the battle.But this post is a great deal and should be shared with the young ones that Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin K. this vitamin is particularly known to enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain. This amazing brain food is highly recommended to improve your memory.

  • The cognitive abilities include the logical and rational thinking as well as decision making abilities.
  • Not only does it help to make the brain sharper but it also replenishes the memory.
  • Also a source of Vitamin C, Broccoli bets to elevate the scale of the daily dose of these vitamins. It is found that having just about a small cup of Broccoli provides more than 100% of the daily Vitamin C requirement.
  • Though having a whole cup of Broccoli seems more like a difficult task for the kids as well for the adults, the best way is to add Broccoli as a substitute in a lot of things. We can add it up in soups or as a side ingredient in fruit smoothies. It is definite that kids won’t be able to distinguish the taste because of all the sugary goodness.
  • High content of fiber within Broccoli is a great filler, only a small portion will make you as much full as a huge piece of steak.

Tips: Add broccoli in a chopped form in your morning omelet. Better to steam or bake it to preserve maximum amount of nutrients.

5. Get Brainy With The Beans

beansBeans are often heard to be the poor man’s food and that is infact true because beans are considered to be the staple food for many developing and under developed countries. Moreover for families who are comprised of large number of people beans turn out to be pretty economical and empowering in terms of energy factor. Beans are part of high protein diets where they come pretty close to providing the same amount of energy as meat but in far less amount of fat.

  • Just like other organs the brain is also dependent of glucose for smooth functioning and running.
  • With the passage of age the requirements either increase or they opt for another form. Instead of having artificial sweeteners that have a hundred other side effects one must opt for natural foods that are known to stabilize the blood sugar.
  • As mentioned earlier berries have also made their way on to the list but with beans it is said that they are much higher in nutrients comprised to affect the brain and far cheaper. Also, they are available throughout the year.
  • One can go for all kinds of beans but black beans have outnumbered both spinach and broccoli in terms of vitamins and fiber and these are really helpful for improving brain power.

Tip: one easy way to have beans more frequently is to stack on boiled beans in the freezer. Before use, take them out and defrost for a while. Add them in a bowl of fresh fruit or garden salad.

4. Whip Those Eggs

eggEggs are the all time favorite for kids. Right from the time kids start having soft foods; mothers make sure that they add one or two soft boiled eggs in their diets because this food is rich in proteins and a great source of Choline which is an important nutrient known to have a remarkable effect on the memory of the child.

  • Some people who are fitness fanatics believe that they should be staying away from the yolks and have being so for years.However, it is equally important for them to have a generous amount of yolks as well.
  • Pregnant women are highly recommended to have eggs with yolks for it has a very positive effect on the development of fetal brain.
  • Bethane a known chemical substance that is generated during the breakdown of an egg is known to have positive effects on the mood. Which seems like one can actually feel some sense of happiness while having eggs.
  • There are plenty of things that can be made using eggs, omelets, baked eggs with turkey etc. Also eggs are a critical part of many recipes like, cakes, pancakes, most of the batters that require some bonding agent.

Tip: Patients suffering from high cholesterol levels, it is thus suggested to keep their yolk intake checked and in a normal range.

“Bethane a known chemical substance that is generated during the breakdown of an egg is known to have positive effects on the mood. Which seems like one can actually feels some sense of happiness while having eggs.”

3. Turmeric The Ancient Therapeutic Spice

turmericMany brown mothers have known to have used Turmeric as an antiseptic agent which is in fact one of the greatest uses of this spice. A pinch of Turmeric on the affected area will not only stop bleeding but will also kill germs till proper medication has been provided. Some people add turmeric as a spice in their warm milk because it is known to make bones strong. If someone asks you how to improve memory naturally, simply suggest this miraculous herb.

  • This powerful healing property inside Turmeric is due to the compound named cur-cumin which is one of the best anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Thus addition of turmeric in your day to day spice usage will have not just a positive effect on the brain but on the rest of the body as well. It works like a natural therapeutic agent for the body.
  • On the basis of its antiseptic and therapeutic properties the spice is also known to aid the brain in increased level of oxygen intake and this factor thus provides better alertness and greater abilities to process big chunks of information.

Tip: Brown people mostly use Turmeric as an ordinary spice in their daily food. Having a pinch of turmeric in warm milk is a great drink for pregnant women.

2. Healing With Bone Broth

BONE BROTHWhat exactly is bone broth? This is an ancient name for what we call a soup, but the main and the core ingredient for this soup is meat. Themeat used should be low in terms of fat and more in terms of bone.Bone broth has been an ancient recipe to kill the harmful agents present inside the stomach. It is also a great source of energy because the broth that is taken out from constant cooking of the bones and the spices and herbs used makes it a full of the good fats needed to boost the energy.

  • The nutrients that become a part of the broth work high and strong to cure an abnormal gut issue.
  • Most doctors from the old school of thought also prescribe patients to have some of this in order to come out strong after being struck by food allergies.
  • The broth is also high in the level of collagen and not only does it reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestines but it also help to strengthen the immune system of the body.
  • Everything that works well in the body leads directly towards the well being of the brain. These same nutrients become a part of the brain as well and work towards making it stronger and sharper.

Simple Bone Broth Recipe:


250gms meat (chicken/mutton/beef).

One medium sized onion.

5-6 whole black pepper.

5-6 cloves.

A clove of garlic.

1/4tsp salt.

The key is to wash the meat neatly and use meat that is high in ratio of bones. Add up the ingredients in 4 glasses of water and cook it on high heat for about 10 minutes. Then lower down the heat to slow and the key is to cook it to bring the water down to about a cup and a half. Serve warm.

1. Pamper Yourself With Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateSuch a delight for women to know that dark chocolate actually possesses the quality to bring positive effects on the brain. It isn’t wrong to pamper yourself with some chocolate on the hard days of PMS because right after you have that chunk of chocolate you feel yourself to be more relaxed than before. This is because chocolate contains a number of nutrients that are known to target stress releasing hormones.

  • Caffeine again being a part of chocolate has more or less same effects on the brain as coffee.
  • Dark chocolate combats against a large number of free radicals because of its antioxidant properties. It is also known to boost brain power and improve memory.
  • The good food is responsible for the release of endorphins which is the sole reason why women get a sudden uplift in their moods right after they devour on a good chunk of chocolate.
  • Though not all chocolates are categorized in the same way but only dark chocolate is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and also keeps the blood pressure on the right score hence, saving up from strokes.

Note: The case with chocolate however, remains that ‘excess is always bad’.


  • Always remember to add nuts in your daily diet. It is a good habit to snack on as many a variety of nuts as possible.
  • Go Vegan! It might sound like a heart attack for all the meat lovers but to be honest try and be vegan for at least once a month and you will definitely see and feel the difference.
  • For parents who try their best encouraging their children to have all kinds of foods (exception of junk food) unquestionably experience much sharper kids right from the young age.
  • Along with all the foods that you might be adding into your diet, don’t forget the basic and the most important asset to keep the brain alive and that is water. Stay hydrated; drink as much water as possible throughout the day.
  • Nuts are also known to have the ability to lower the ratio of bad cholesterol, so better gulp down a fist full of nuts and make sure that all your levels are checked and maintained.
    Enjoy growing a home garden for there are plenty of vegetables that can be easily grown in your backyard.


  • Don’t forget that ‘Excess of everything is bad’; never go hyper on having anything in huge quantities because it might lead to your body shifting into a very abnormal state.
  • Vegan life style is not at all about only having the leafy greens. There is much more into a vegan diet than to just have green vegetables.

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