37 Smart Choices To Tie A Scarf – Add Magic To Your Feminine Look!

A scarf is a symbol of style and femininity. Scarf is a beautiful accessory, you can have in closet. A perfect thing about scarf is that there is no particular season to wear it. You can carry it in any time of year, any party or at your workplace as well.

Scarves are available in different fabrics and colors. They range from trendy to simple and are also emblems of various cultures and traditions. You can wear your scarf in different styles and ways and get a different look of you every time.

37. French Knot


French knot is the most chic way to tie your scarf. You can look beautiful by trying this style in winters by your silk scarves. To carry this style, put the folded scarf around shoulders. Then pull the one end in the scarf loop. Repeat it with the other end piece as well.

36. Knotted Necklace


This is an easy way to those who always ask how to tie a scarf. Just cover the scarf after your neck. Then wrap one end of it over your hand to create a loose loop.

35. The Necklace


If you carry your scarf in necklace style, then there would be no need to put on jewelry around your neck. Just hold diagonal ends of scarf and give them a knot. Then hold it around your neck and knot again

34. Double Sided Twist


How to tie a scarf, this double sided twist is the fantastic answer to this question. All you need is to have two scarves. They can be of contrasting color and designs. Place them back to back and wrap around your neck. Join your favorite scarves together. Twirl the fabric so that both fabrics become visible.

33. Scarf Wrap


If you are getting late from your college or office, then there is no need to worry about how to tie a scarf. You still can have style with your scarf. Just hold the scarf all over shoulders and you will be done with it within no time.

32. Knotted Shawl


This is the great way to carry in winters. You will feel warmth and stylish at the same time. Carry the scarf around your shoulders in the same way as you carry shawl. Create a knot at the back side. You can carry it in a tight and loose way as well. This is the style most suitable for long scarves.

31. The Braid


This is just like you make braid at your hair. This can be best done with long scarves. Just fold the scarf to half its length. Make sure one end should be significantly long than the other one. Then form the loop using folded end and pass the non-folded end from the loop. Afterwards swirl the folded part so that it gets number 8 shape. Adjust the non-folded end into the loops and balance out the scarf for a final look.

30. The Bow Style


This is one of the wonderful style to people who always want to know how to tie a scarf in a different way. Keep the sides of scarf unequal. Bow will be created with the longer end of scarf. Make the loop in the ascending direction and create a bow. Then wrap the short side of the scarf with that bow.

29. Cowboy Bolo Tie


You cannot make this style very well with woolen scarves. Light summer fabric is best to create it. To have it, tie a loose knot at the center of scarf and wrap the remaining parts around your neck. Carry the ends of scarf to the front position.

28. Simple Tie


Among other solutions of how to tie a scarf, simple tie is the coolest one. Wrap the scarf around your neck and knot the ends. You can alter the height of the knot by your choice.

27. Half Bow


Keep the ends of scarf unequal. By pulling the larger end create a loop. Make sure it remains tight on the neck. You can have the bow either to the side or the center.

26. Cape Wrap


Fold the scarf in such a way that you come up with a triangular shape. Wrap it around your shoulders. And form a knot at the front for a better hold.

25. The Modern One Loop


This style is the most comfortable one and requires less time. Cover the scarf over the shoulders with one end longer than the other end. Loop the longer side around neck and fix both ends.

24. The Bunny Ear


It is not always about how to tie a scarf in less time but also about fun and funkiness in it. To make a bunny ear style, keep both ends abruptly unequal. Wrap the longer end around your neck twice. And then fit it decently over the second loop. Then knot the both ends together and adjust them with the loops.

23. The Turtle Neck


As the name indicates, this style is little sophisticated. To make this style, keep the two ends quite uneven, then wrap the longer end around the neck several times so that little fabric is left at the end. To deal with ends, tie them up and fix them in the loops.

22. The Infinity Loop


Among other explanations of how to tie a scarf, this style has got elegance in it. You can handle your favorite longer scarves with it beautifully. All you need to do is drape a scarf around shoulders. Then knot the bottom ends of scarf. Make sure the knot is not too loose, otherwise it will be opened soon. You will get the numerical 8 shaped by twisting it. Then drape this bottom shape across your head.

21. The Quick Toss


The style quick is toss is easy to wear but classy at the same time. You need only to drape a scarf around your shoulder with uneven ends. Then twist the longer end round your neck. The different thing in this style is the longer end wound not is fully around your neck. It will be extending from your back.

20. The Celebrity Loop


Just like its name, it will give you a celebrity feel creating a very smart look. Drape a scarf around shoulder and then loop the longer end thrice around neck. End of the scarf should be hanging down after third loop. Adjust the untouched end with the loops.

19. The Waterfall


The creation of this style is just like playing with your scarf. You must have one end longer than other end. Loop the longer one around neck just once. Then fix that longer loop into the top of neck. The unattached sides would like waterfall.

18. The Muffler


This is good to carry in winters. Fold the scarf in a triangle shape and wrap it around your shoulders. Knot the ends of triangle around the back.

17. The Scarf Belt


This is the most modern answer of how to tie a scarf. Wrap your matching beautiful colored scarf around your waist to create a funky look.

16. The Chain Knot


The scarf will be adjusted to that level as the chains around neck. Wrap the scarf twice around neck. You can make it thrice as well if the length of scarf is long. Then tie the ends at the back of head.

15. The Four In Hand


This style is the elegant one. To have this style, keep the scarf over the neck from the back with a loop on only one side. Then pass one of the ends from the loop and swirl it.

14. The Fake Knot


This style is no doubt fashionable and classy at the same time. Drape the scarf around your knot twice and create a loose knot of ends, then pass the other free end from the knot. Adjust it by tightening it.

13. Around Head


This is a diverse choice of how to tie a scarf. Instead of setting it around shoulder and neck, try it over the head. For this fold the scarf to lessen its length, then wrap it around the head over the ears. In winters it will also makes your ears warm.

12. Over Head And Chin


Fold the scarf to lessen its width. Then place it over the head and its ends setting below the chin. Criss cross the both ends to the back or make a bow of it.

11. The Axl Rose


This style is all about wearing your scarf like bandana creating a cool, classy summer look.

10. The Yacht Knot


This knot goes extremely well with loose summer dresses. To obtain it, loop the scarf with equal ends and make a low front knot. That’s it, and you will be finished with this style.

9. The Hat Bandit


How to tie a scarf, well, this option is all about variation in accessories! You can adjust the scarf over the hat like a band to create a wonderful stylish look. Longer scarves are not considered a good choice to make a band. You can also fix flowers or colored pins over the scarf.

8. The Frenchie


This style is good for small scarves. Or if your scarf is too small to create some style out of it, then you can also go with this style. All you need to do is, just wrap the scarf around neck and gather with a beautiful ring, bead or brooch. Your beautiful scarf as well as your brooch etc. will also help you to look stunning and prominent.

7. The Twisty Turban


To achieve a classy look, just twist the scarf in such a way around head that it gives the shape of turban. This is a very much in style now a days and mostly seen with summer designs carried by models on ramp.

6. The Faux Pony


This style is carried out with a bun or high pony. It is best to carry in college or party as well. After getting done with the pony or bun, just wrap the scarf around and let the ends to dangle freely.

5. The Cold Shoulder


This is one of the simplest way to carry a scarf, but still looks attractive. Just put your scarf over one shoulder to create this style.

4. The Sneaky Snake Belt


This is one of the most chic choices of how to tie a scarf. It is all about setting your scarf like a belt.

3. The Faux Mermaid


This style is carrying your scarf sideways but in a different manner. Fold the scarf to lessen its width, then place it over the head like a bans and knot the rest of the scarf by putting in sideways just like your hair. You can overall cover your head as well.

2. The Double Top Knot


Just handle the scarf by two knots. Make sure the knots come in middle. Two knots will give the appearance of a flower there. This style looks good when placed as band over the head.

1. Anklet Scarf


This style is to create more fun, drama and a signature look. Just tie a matching shoe color or contrasting color scarf around your ankle. You can by your choice can add scarf to either one ankle or both.

“Just like your other accessories such as jewelry, bags, dressing, scarves are equally necessary to enhance your appearance. But the important thing is how to tie a scarf. Your choice of style can get you noticed and bring appreciation from people around you. Apart from having style by wearing scarf, you can feel comfortable and protective with it. They strengthen your feminine grace and let you feel comfortable among people. There is also an air of maturity and serenity akin to scarves that make give a gorgeous boost to your personality.”

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