Super Hilarious and Silly Truth or Dare Questions

1. Wear A Silly Hairstyle Till The End Of The Game

Wear a silly hairstyle

It is a particular success among girl our multi gender parties. Make sure you are daring a girl to do this. Boys don’t mind. Make her look super silly by ruining her hairstyle or giving her a comic one. If the girl is playing cool, wait. Another few minutes and the hairstyle will freak her out. That is when the fun begins and it lasts till the end of the game. For the next few rounds, she does the dares with the same stupid hairstyle. That makes the fun lasting.


Truth or dare questions prove also excellent pass time activity as a group. Whether you are on a camping trip and looking for some real fun around the fire, you just got bored at school, and gathered for some fun, truth or dare keeps the environment pleasant, and the humor flowing. You get lots of ideas about jokes you would like to make to people, some pranks to play or in the best case scenario, some dark secrets. On the alternative, you can test the other person’s confidence and abilities by making him do hilarious and funny tasks as dares.

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